Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Extender Review & Swatches

Mally Evercolor Eyeshadow Extender Primer had me quite curious when I saw it pop up on QVC recently. I sound like a broken record but I’ve been trying to find a shadow primer as good as my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion which isn’t as great as it once was. The formula changed dramatically since they introduced the tube packaging and I haven’t been able to get the greatest hold ever after that.

Recently Make Up For Ever Eye Primer crossed my path and I’m loving it but I’m always up for something new and exciting which is why I decided I’d give Evercolor Eyeshadow Extender a try. What could it hurt?

Well, it changed my life. Like blew my mind.

You NEED it.

At a glance this looked like one of those shadow base slash primers that brighten eyes up and can be worn alone. But actually, it’s completely transparent so it is indeed for shadow priming only.

At $26 for 0.25 oz I was a little scared of the price because hey, I pay $20 for Primer Potion and that’s 0.37oz in size. But I assure you, it is worth the extra money particularly if you have oily lids.

Mally is fond of calling her makeup bulletproof and let me tell you, Evercolor Eyeshadow Extender is indeed bulletproof. Nothing is getting passed this. It will hold eyeshadows, loose pigments and minerals, and cream shadow for 24 hour straight if that’s what you need. This stuff is amazing.

The formula is a lightweight beige that applies transparently. The texture is somewhat similiar to Primer Potion or even Make Up For Ever’s Primer but it has a certain tackiness to it. Don’t worry, the tack isn’t a bother at all and the primer blends perfectly well on lids. The glue-like feel of it mattifies the eye amazingly. It’s as if you’re coating your lid and completely sealing off the area and creating a waterproof “skin” for shadow to adhere to. I had my sister try a little of it since she has super oily lids (mine are drier) and she was absolutely astounded with how well it mattified them. I don’t have oily lids but even I can feel how it seals moisture off the area and creates a perfect base for powder.

Needless to say it wears strong and long and allows shades to remain crease-free and fade proof until you’re ready to remove them.

Overall, it’ll set you back a little bit more than you might be used to paying for your regular primer of choice but to me it was well worth it. I hate to say it but this is taking the place of my MUFE Primer immediately. I think I’ve finally found my HG (holy grail) Eyeshadow Primer again. I won’t be without this one.


You NEED it.

Obviously Muse Approved for purchase.

Tried it?

Do share!

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  • 6/12/12 10:35 Cj:

    Lol! Don’t you hate it when you find a product that’s total HG status and then in less than a week you find a better one? 😛 I’m loving the Edward bess eyeshadow base btw


    • 6/12/12 10:43 the Muse:

      ALWAYS! but it’s so fun too isn’t it? hehe! damn I want that base, need an excuse to shop at sephora ;-D


      • 6/12/12 10:48 Cj:

        Well it is Tuesday? Will that work as an excuse lol!


        • 6/12/12 11:20 the Muse:

          yeah, that’s plenty of motivation! ;D


  • 6/12/12 19:01 Melissa:

    I found the MUFE primer to be a disappointment, shadows faded in 4 hours or so. I might have to splurge on this one. thanks for the review@


    • 6/13/12 9:23 the Muse:

      aw really melissa? It was golden on me. dry or oily lids?


  • 6/12/12 19:07 Michelle D:

    I have oily skin and none of the primers I’ve tried have worked for me. I’ll have to check this out.


  • 6/12/12 22:19 Diane:

    I want it!


  • 6/13/12 9:59 Crystal:

    I’m so glad to hear its good. I went a little crazy Mally shopping last night while she was on QVC and I have a bunch of stuff coming but next time I’m adding this to the shopping cart!


    • 6/13/12 10:00 the Muse:

      ahhh! whatcha get!? ;D


      • 6/13/12 10:40 Crystal:

        I got the Earth Angel eyeshadow trio (was $50 on special for $35! w/free shipping) and I got the Perfect Bright Lip 2 piece sets in Sexy Siren and Frisky Fuchsia. I can’t wait till I get them:)


        • 6/13/12 10:50 the Muse:

          ugh I WANT that shadow palette but I was good and refrained…I also love those two piece lip sets…I’m being good, tell me no more less I cave ;D


          • 6/13/12 17:02 Diane:

            Earth angel trio is my fave shadows EVER! Oh muse, u so silly to pass it up! I almost got a backup bc of the price lol. I have a youtube review on it! Crystal will u please let me know how u like the frisky fuscia bright lip?? I was drooling over it. I caved and got the illuminizer

          • 6/14/12 10:29 the Muse:

            stop making me lem things! bad! bad! ;-D

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