Maybelline Luminous Lights Expertwear Eyeshadow

Remember those deliciously sparkle un-named palettes that Target has gotten in stock a few weeks? Those would be the new Maybelline Luminous Lights Expertwear Eyeshadow Palettes.

I saw the display recently at my local Harmons and I must say these were rather tempting.

Take a look!

The palettes are available in four shades and were marked as $4.69. Each palette contains a base, lid, crease, and liner shade. Interestingly enough they are portrayed as far more shimmery in promo images.

I picked up two shades as I was curious as they seem to have a soft, silky formula. Review on the way shortly.


  • Rose Lights
  • Gold Lights
  • Opal Lights
  • Lavender Lights

I’m kinda excited about these, we’ll see what I think after testing.

Anyone see these at their drugstore yet?

  • 6/21/12 13:51 KC:

    I loooove the colours that the model is wearing!! Excited for the review!


  • 6/21/12 14:49 Kim:

    Looking forward to review, Muse. Too bad they aren’t as shimmery as the promo pic.


  • 6/21/12 16:09 Icequeen81:

    Im curious about the gold lights. Wich colors do they refer with opal shade?


    • 6/21/12 16:16 the Muse:

      sorry ice queen what do you mean which colors do they refer with opal shade?


      • 6/21/12 16:23 Icequeen81:

        Hi sowwwie :( I Knew the sentence did sound kind of weird.
        I mean the Opal Lights. What kind of shade/colors are they? whites, lavenders etc


        • 6/21/12 16:29 the Muse:

          it’s the first shade selection in the display icequeen, that’s the opal lights selection, kinda pastel lavender/creamy beige and yellow with brown accents.


          • 6/21/12 16:32 Icequeen81:

            Thanks for answering so soon and for the info :)

          • 6/21/12 16:33 the Muse:

            my pleasure :)

  • 6/21/12 18:45 Lemony Licks:

    I so want one! I have been looking for a new quad and Gold Lights seem to fit the bill.


  • 6/21/12 21:49 eldi:

    they look really powdery to me..


  • 6/25/12 15:29 Karena:

    Looking forward to your review! Thank you, Muse!!


    • 6/25/12 15:39 the Muse:

      coming this week karena :) <3!


  • 6/26/12 19:52 Katie:

    First of all, I wanted to say that I love your blog, as I’m a newly drug store cosmetics addicted individual (I LOVE the Japanese brands, esp. KATE).

    Anyway, I found these at a local Duane Reade on the Upper West Side of NYC. They were marked at $7.99 each. I bought the Opal Lights and the Light Sheer Tint BB Cream (because I couldn’t wait for Target to have them, despite the cheaper price), so I tried it out. The BB cream is nice (I usually use Lancome’s Hydra Zen; Neurocalm as a moisturizer, I’ve never used BB cream before). It gives me UV protection so it’s all good with me! It also helps keep the Maybelline FIT Me Blush in Pink Peony staying on my skin longer.

    The Opal Lights are VERY light. They actually make my eyes kinda ghostly looking, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get that look that the model is showing in the AD. Do you have any tips? This was my first Maybelline ExpertWear purchase ever.


    • 6/28/12 10:26 the Muse:

      hi katie sorry for the delayed reply!

      thank you so so so much! So glad you enjoy my babble ;-D I love KATE too! Did you see Fall 2012? Looks interesting ;-D

      damn that’s costly! I got mine at Harmons in NY and it was much cheaper :(

      Happy to hear you like the Dream Fresh BB. I thought it was nice as well but not a true BB Cream formula le sigh!

      gosh, I had issues with them too, did you read my review? It’s really hard to get any real contrast or definition from the colors since they are so sheer and all run together looking like one another. I feel like obtaining the model’s look would be challenging since the blue in her look is so defined but in reality you’ll never get that much vibrant from the shade. You might want to try a cream base under these to see if it intensifies the color also try packaging color on with the sponge applicators rather than a brush, see if that gets you more contrast from the shades.

      Other than that, I don’t have a ton of tips, the formula isn’t all that great sadly :(


  • 7/23/12 8:01 Liza Chung:

    I have this and the colors lack enough pigmentation for the color blocking effect to show up. It just all looks like a bunch of white shimmer (I got opallights)


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