Missha Real Essential Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid Review

It’s too bad Missha Real Essential Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid is such a poor fit for my face because I’d totally rave it.

Dunno about you but the most irritating thing in the world is buying a box of sheet masks or in this case a single sheet mask and having holes for the eye sockets that are large enough to fit a fist through! Ugh not cool.

But I will say this one is effective as hell but they need to rethink the fit and fast so I can indulge again!

Missha Real Essential Sheet Mask is a typical Asian sheet mask that’s made of durable cotton fiber and saturated in a Hyaluronic Acid formula that not only hydrates skin but also seals it in.

The formula is honestly like no other Hyaluronic Acid mask I’ve tried before. It really does help to seal moisture into skin as it hydrates. After use my skin feels super soft with flaky, drier areas appearing and feeling smoother and softer. The Hyaluronic Acid seems to penetrate quite well because days after use my skin seems to still feel quite soft and retains moisture from my daily night and day cream.

Sadly, the formula does contain parabens so that might be a deal breaker for some.

On the down side, I disliked the mask because of the poor fit. The larger holes for mouth and eyes was borderline absurd and I couldn’t get the mask properly adjusted to fit the contour of my face.

Overall, Missha Real Essential Sheet Mask have a good sheet mask going for them here that’s available in a variety of formulas but I think the poorer fit and the parabens in the mix might make folks second guess the need for a purchase.

$2.99 each at www.misshaus.com


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/25/12 14:07 meep:

    I bought some of their other masks (the ones with the decorative/colorful pictures on them) and they smelled really chemically! >.< maybe i need to check these out~~


    • 6/25/12 14:08 the Muse:

      this has a rose scent, nothing chemical thankfully!


  • 6/25/12 22:58 Tiffany Martin:

    I want them to fix the mask, I love hyaluronic like you wouldn’t believe.

    I don’t understand the freak-out about parabens. They’re in blueberries, for crying out loud.


    • 6/26/12 9:16 the Muse:

      me either..lol! I’ve read so many materials on parabens that my eyes have crossed…I really don’t get what everyone is in an uproar about…!


  • 6/26/12 15:28 Mai:

    I’m totally addicted to sheet masks ever since a friend from Asia gave some to me. I agree though sometimes the holes are spaced a bit funny, but I guess everyone’s features are spaced differently and it would be difficult to fit everybody perfectly.


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