My Scheming Slim Face Beauty 3D Lifting Mask Programme Set Review

My favorite E-bayer, AlphaBeautyUK, has gotten in new My Scheming Mask Sets for $8.95. These sets include a range of different facial sheet masks from Taiwanese Brand My Scheming.

I’ve tried a few bits and bobs from My Scheming but never their sheet masks. I was drawn to this set because it includes seven masks in a variety of formulas. My Beauty Diary and a few other brands do these variety style sets. I like these because they allow you to try several formulas before committing to a single formula in a larger box.

Take a look!

I typical hate 3D Asian Sheet Masks as I’m not fond of having it wrapped around my neck. It reminds me of a turtleneck and honey, I won’t get into a major rant about those but just know I hate turtlenecks with a passion.

Lately, I’ve been really keen on these though as I find they are easy to sit around with as the mask isn’t slipping off, it stays in place easily and allows the essence to absorb more fully.

Basically it’s the same traditional sheet cotton sheet mask saturated in essence that you may already know the only difference is it has extra cotton that wraps around your neck and ear loops that allow you to secure the mask on your face.

The masks fit perfectly on my face, not too big, not too small, a perfect size. They also are nicely saturated with essence, soaking wet if you will which is great as I like my masks like this.

This set is $8.95 plus $4.80 shipping. That’s considerably more than you’d pay for retail but NOT too bad a price overall for a seven piece set in my opinion.

You get:

  • L-Ascorbic Acid & Ellagic Acid Brightening Double Lifting Mask (2 sheets)
  • Bamboo Charcoal & Cryste Marine Mask (1 sheet)
  • Tranexamic Acid & White Truffle Double Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
  • Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask (1 sheet)
  • Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask (1 sheet)
  • Milk Extract Brightening Mask (1 sheet)

At some point sheet masks start running together and fail to become impressive outside of providing intense moisture to skin but occasionally you find a formula that stands out and you want to stick with.

So far I’ve only tried one of these masks and was quite delighted with the results. I’m hopeful the others will prove just as good, if so, I will be indulging in full size boxes.

I tried the Bamboo Charcoal & Cryste Marine Mask which was highly moisturizing and did ease dullness leaving behind a brighter, healthier look to skin.

Overall, this is a nice little deal. I’ll be picking up a few more boxes of the variety packs like this if they other masks in the set are as nice as the Bamboo one. This is a great introductory kit to My Scheming or Asian Sheet Masks in general and such a friendly price as well.


Muse Approved for purchase.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/20/12 22:35 shiu:

    I am a big fans of my beauty diairy! Last time when I went to Taiwan, I got myself 3 boxes of my beauty diairy masks. (bought another 5 boxes for my friends in Canada). They have new products coming out all the time which always makes me wanna buy more.


  • 6/21/12 18:14 Tiffany Martin:

    How does these stand up compared to other MBD mask sets? Glad you like em, and yeah the neck pieces are weird lol, I enjoy the mask to make me feel relaxed (:


  • 11/1/12 4:26 Sam:

    I love sheet masks, especially ones that have the ear loops. Makes it a bit easier to go about with things without worrying about it slipping off my face.


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