Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Lotion Review

As you know from my prior posts I’ve been sneaking in some reviews of the new Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Collection this week. I’ve already reviewed the mist and decided to break out the Aqua Placenta Lotion.

I’ve been using the lotion for the past two months or so? But I actually have to put it away for Winter at this point because it’s TOO moisturizing…!

Take a look!

Lotion or Essence is a step prior to moisturizer in Asian skin care. Unlike our own toners, lotions are a thicker sometimes gel-consistency that preps skin prior to applying moisturizer. In some cases, “lotion” can be used as your moisturizer if you like since it’s lightweight yet very hydrating.

Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Lotion was created to be used prior to the Aqua Placenta Moisturizer but I’ve found it SO hydrating that you can easily use it as a moisturizer all its own if you so choose.

The placenta in this is supposedly marine derived and extracted from the Hokkaido Salmon but as I mentioned in my review of the mist I’m kinda sorta skeptical about how much placenta is actually in the formula.

The lotion is a thicker gel-like consistency that absorbs easily into skin but does leave behind a tacky, slightly sticky finish. I use it in the evening only because of this issue and also because it has such a high hydrating finish that my skin feels like it slipping off my very face. As you can see this wouldn’t be the best moisturizer for AM use (even for dry skin) due to the high content of moisture it provides.

Unlike the mist I thought this was more moisturizing than the original pink series lotion. This is super slippery and really lives up to the Hyaluronic Acid in the formula as it seems to create new moisture and helps to retain it it as well. I find it VERY nourishing.

The original pink series contains 1000mg of collagen and the Aqua Placenta line does as well. However, collagen technically can’t be absorbed into the skin so not sure how effective or beneficial this is to the formula. It also contains three types of Hyaluronic Acids as well as Glycerin for added hydrating benefits and Acerola Berry Extract plus honey which add translucency to skin and aids in easing dullness.

I apply it using the traditional Asian palming method rather than using a cotton pad. To do so simply apply some of the lotion into your hands and press the palms of your hands onto your face. Do this with firmness and allow the product to warm up and absorb fully into your face. Move your palms around by pressing them to your face, not massaging.

I’d also like to mention I’m enjoying the snap close, squeeze bottle versus the older pink series bottle which you had to shake to get product out of. Now you can squeeze the lotion out which is much easier.

Overall, Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Lotion is an excellent skin prep for very dry skin. Use it overnight and you’ll feel smoother, softer, and much more hydrated in the AM. I’m deeply impressed with this one.

Muse Approved for purchase.

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  • 6/14/12 20:16 Tammie:

    Ohh, might have to try this…I hate shaking the lotion from the other one!


    • 6/15/12 10:41 the Muse:

      ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I struggle with it ;D!


      • 6/15/12 13:11 Tammie:

        Yeah, it’s quite the pain in the butt!


        • 6/15/12 14:10 the Muse:

          sitting around shaking it looking like an idiot=no likey


  • 6/14/12 21:50 Grace:

    Oooh this sounds great for my currently dehydrated yet strangely oily (??) skin 😀


  • 6/15/12 0:55 Libby:

    Oh! Another one I should check out then!

    I’m currently using the Hado Labo lotion and I love it to bits. Would this be more moisturizing or are the same? Haha, I suppose I should probably wait until my Hado Labo’s all used up but…so tempting! Darn!

    Thanks for the review as usual :)


  • 6/15/12 8:16 Bells:

    Hi! I’m a new reader from Hong Kong and I’m loving all your reviews!! Thank you so much for writing them, especially for the asian brands :) and as much as this lotion sounds disgusting (placenta?!?!) I will be buying it if I come across it since I’m on the lookout for good lotions!


    • 6/15/12 10:21 the Muse:

      haha bells I know right? snail is another one that makes me go HMMMM! ;-D it should be available in your area already, good luck finding it, I think you’ll like it, placenta aside lol! thanks so much, glad you enjoy Musings ;D!


  • 6/15/12 14:26 Grace:

    Hi ! I’m from France and I’ve just discovered your blog ! Let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE it ! All of the reviews, swatches are very interessant and useful ! You have such an amazing collection of make up ! Such a lucky girl lol !
    Thank you for your reviews, thank you so much !!!
    Excuse my bad english, I think I made many spelling mistakes lol !


    • 6/15/12 14:29 the Muse:

      aw grace you’re fine!!!!!! thank you for the lovely comment! I’m so glad you enjoy Musings of a Muse so much 😀 hugs!


  • 6/16/12 0:07 Tiffany Martin:

    My skin is not so dry so I think I’ll stick with pink, but it’s good to know the placenta lotion is so good (:


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