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  • 6/4/12 22:01 Nat:

    Oh noes, the url and the title say “Smasbox” instead of “Smashbox” heehee

    Off topic – thank you for mentioning HBO’s “Girls” in a previous post – I am addicted to that show now! 😀


    • 6/5/12 10:37 the Muse:

      oops sorry nat! :) LOL me too! Did you watch this weeks? adam is SO weird! LOL!


      • 6/5/12 22:31 Nat:

        OMG YES what a roller coaster ride that guy is! I kept thinking, “wow, this will be over fast” and then he does something that she finds amazing and then I think, “well, maybe they will last a little while”. Too crazy for me; I’m a white bread kind of girl when it comes to men, lolz. I’m glad my hubby is predictable and sweet. :)


        • 6/6/12 9:55 the Muse:

          he is SO weird but in some aspects I’m thinking “aw that’s cute…” he stopped treating her like a one night stand and suddenly got all BF with her, which is cute…but still he’s nuts lol! and so is she! gosh I wish I can say the same, I’m always attracted to freaks, nerds, and geeks ;D


  • 6/5/12 17:38 Phyrra:

    I ended up getting that new palette, the Shades of Fame. Couldn’t resist. I was unhappy that, while they offered samples of their bb cream, they didn’t have the palest shade :/


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