the Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Love liquid liner? the Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner will be your BFF for sure then.

This precise, super thin tip even the clumsiest liquid eyeliner users can get on board to create a perfectly lined look in a flash.

Take a peek!

the Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner releases later this Summer and of course, like most Balm products it’s a win.

This a super thin felt tip applicator that offers precise, flawless lining in a snap. Even I can use it and I’m a complete klutz when it comes to liquid liner. The thinner tip of the applicator has an easy, smooth glide across lids and offers a super thin, precise line with every application. The formula is a rich, pigmented black matte that has a fast dry down.

This is one of those liners that needs a single stroke (no going over your line) as the formula has excellent color pay off.

And of course, to complete the deal, we get the Balm’s uber cute packaging to go along with a great formula.

Granted, I haven’t yet mastered a cat eye with this but it sure does make it easier to learn.

Overall, a great liquid liner if you’re a fan of lining with liquids! It dries down quickly to a smudge-proof finish that sticks around until you take it off.

I’m sure liquid eyeliner fans will be pleased with this one.

It’ll be available from shortly.

Are you a liquid liner user?


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  • 6/14/12 12:10 Ruth:

    I’m starting to really like the couple things that i have from the balm so trying this will def be on my list. There’s nothing like a fantastic black liquid eyeliner that makes my heart do a little tap dance *shuffle, hop, shuffle ball change*


    • 6/14/12 12:13 the Muse:

      ;-D and so easy to use too!


  • 6/14/12 13:11 meep:

    i wish we could have gotten a pic of how it wears :\


  • 6/15/12 0:58 Libby:

    I’ve always liked products by The Balm and I’m really interested in this but…I’ve been on a HUGE colored liner kick lately. Perhaps it’s the summer weather or maybe I’m finally embracing colors (yay!). I’d love to see this formula with different colors!

    Thanks for the review :) Watch me check this one out at Sephora despite already owning multiple black liquid liners, sigh.


  • 6/15/12 1:16 Ryou:

    This is a nice superblack liner and I’d totally consider trying it if I haven’t found my HG liquid liner from Dollywink. 😉


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