the Balm What’s Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara Review

As you know from some of my past posts the Balm has introduced their new What’s Your Type? Mascara for Summer 2012. This includes Tall, Dark, and Handsome Mascara for adding length to lashes and the Body Builder for volumizing lashes.

I recently reviewed Tall, Dark, and Handsome for you and last week I was using The Body Builder’s formula.

Let’s take a peek!

the Balms Whats Your Type The Body Builder Mascara gives promises a formula to strengthen lashes and build volume so lashes appear fuller, fatter, and longer.

The inky jet black formula gives lashes a slightly stiff, crunchy finish but thankfully no breakage occurred during application, dry down, or removal. Sometimes “crispy lash syndrome” ends in broken lashes but the formula was easy to remove sans any breakage.

The formula isn’t the only thing different about The Body Builder when compared to Tall, Dark, and Handsome, the applicator is also unlike it’s brother in the fact that it’s a narrow plastic applicator with shorter, spikier plastic bristles and a slight dip in the middle of the brush.

Although I love the amount of length in the completed look I didn’t see much volume. I was surprised considering this formula was the one marketed towards volume.

Overall, the Balm’s What’s Your Type? Tall, Dark, and Handsome Mascara probably remains my fav of the two releases. The Body Builder didn’t quite give me the volume I craved. Since my lashes are already fairly longer I do desire a volumizing mascara to give them a fuller appearance and sadly, The Body Builder didn’t quite give me the finish I was hoping for. My next try I’m heading in and trying both mascaras at one time, perhaps I’ll get longer, fatter lashes combing the two!

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  • 12/30/12 12:15 Janjan Sun:

    This is my favorite mascara! Interesting how this didn’t add much volume for you. On me this mascara adds so much volume it occasionally clumps if I don’t apply it right.


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