Tony Moly Ice Queen Crispy Tropical Pack Review

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Tony Moly Ice Queen! I couldn’t resist, I had throw a stupid rhythm in there somewhere.

Korean brand, Tony Moly created these little Ice Queen Face Packs so that we’d all fall over and squeal in joy. Come on, how can you resist a facial mask packed into a little ice cream sundae packaging? Oh em gee!

However, like most of the Ice Queen Collection the cuteness stops at the packaging because what’s inside isn’t anything to rave too hard about.

Tony Moly has an entire range of Ice Queen products however, most are a bit on the gimmicky side including this Ice Queen Crispy Tropical Pack. I dunno about you but the combination of the cute packaging and the name “Crispy Tropical Pack” gets me terribly excited.

But I digress…

Don’t get too excited because the contents aren’t all that amazing.

“Pack” is generally a reference to a facial mask in Korea and that’s exactly what this is. Inside you’ll find a formula that resembles blended up gelatin. It’s a chunky gel-like mess which you apply to your face and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. It has a citrus-y almost grapefruit-like scent, so much for tropical eh?

After the time is up simply wash off however, fair warning I always have issues with this formula, it’s just so damn bitchy to remove so I have to get out a washcloth to rinse all those “chunky” pieces away.

Supposedly it has anti-aging benefits and includes Vitamins A, B, and C with AHA that buffs away dead cells and leaves skin whiter and brighter.

It doesn’t do much of anything for me sadly other than make my skin a bit tighter after use.


Far be it from me to knock Tony Moly as I typically love their line but these masks are rubbish.

Tony Moly is sold at however, I purchased this mask a LONG time ago and I’m not sure if they even sell it anymore so just beware you’re getting the freshest product if you buy it elsewhere.

Tried it?

Do share!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/14/12 19:42 Tammie:

    Yeah I can’t find any of this line on eBay or anything, doesn’t sound like much of a loss.

    Something with a similar weird texture (but with the real fruit seeds inside) are these 2 wash off packs from The Face Shop that I like a lot. A kiwi one for brightening and strawberry for moisturizing. I don’t know how well kiwi brightens but they are both really great for moisturizing and feel nice and cool when they are on…but like you said they are a bitch and a half to remove. Luckily I like those ones a lot so it’s ok, but it’s a pain…I have to pretty much stick my face under the faucet!


    • 6/15/12 10:47 the Muse:

      REALLY? I see a ton of listings for tony moly girl! where you lookin’? ;-D ugh it’s the worst and even after you washed up and dried off sometimes your peeling a piece or two of the jelly from the side of your nose or behind your ear or something lol it creeps everywhere!


      • 6/15/12 13:03 Tammie:

        Sorry, I meant the Ice Queen line xD;;. Tony Moly in general there is plenty of, but not Ice Queen stuff. I saw the cream that you DID like for like $80 a while back but that’s it lol.

        Haha yeah, I don’t have too much problems with the one from The Face Shop, you should try it some time! I do sometimes find some of the gel in my hair though xD;;;;


        • 6/15/12 14:45 the Muse:

          oh true true! yesstyle carries it…! I haven’t been keeping up with tony moly lately but I don’t think they even sell the ice queen like anymore but don’t quote me there. $80!? whoa which one was that?! LOL that’s the same thing with this it creeps all over the place.


          • 6/15/12 15:54 Tammie:

            I think the one I saw was either the sleeping mask or the day cream, not one of these gel concoctions. Leaning towards the day cream because I vaguely remember it being brown..

          • 6/18/12 11:51 the Muse:

            day cream is brown, good stuff, lightweight, smells nice, absorbs fast ;-D

          • 6/18/12 12:20 Tammie:

            Yep that’s the one! It sounds lovely, but not $80 lovely lol

          • 6/18/12 12:21 the Muse:

            jesus where did you see it for that?!

          • 6/18/12 12:25 Tammie:

            eBay lol

          • 6/18/12 12:26 the Muse:

            dem crazee evil bayers!

  • 6/14/12 20:46 Flavia Signori:

    Awww what a cute design! The big problem (or not) of Korean cosmetics brands is that they catch you by your eyes, like, doing this damn cute package *3* But sometimes the product inside isn’t that great x.x

    I never tried Tony Moly Ice Queen and, as you said, it’s not something that amazing x.x Just the package attracts me xD



  • 6/14/12 20:58 HapaGirl:

    Oh, Tony Moly, when will you learn that pulverized jell-o is not a good texture to put on the face, or anywhere? Yuck.

    Muse, can you help me understand what this whole placenta thing is about? I got some sheet masks as a gift that claim they are full of placenta. WTF? What does that mean? Thanks dear!


    • 6/15/12 10:41 the Muse:

      LOL hapa amen sis! LOL tell me about it girl….it’s a huge rage right now. from my understanding most of the placenta is marine based not animal or god lord human lol! most of it is from fish, salmon in particular ;-D it’s kinda like the snail craze…just a gimmick really imho as I really don’t believe placenta has amazing anti-aging benefits :-/


      • 6/15/12 16:33 HapaGirl:

        Interesting! Well thanks for letting me know — I guess salmon placenta cells are a bit less gross than human ones.


        • 6/18/12 10:41 the Muse:

          my pleasure :) yeah kinda sorta?! :)


  • 6/18/12 14:29 jenna:

    ice cream packaging is irresistible! those Avon scrubs got me good


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