Avon Hawaiian Shores Eau de Toilette Spray Review

I was sitting with my friend last night and he turned to me and said, “Summer feels over…” WHAT?! Dude…what do you mean?

I guess in a way he’s right. Particularly since the whisper of Holiday Collections is already on the horizon. Le sigh.

But never fear, rejoice in Summer joy with a little Avon Hawaiian Shores Eau de Toilette Spray. It’s so not going to make you feel like Hawaii, for that you need to grab your bikini and hop a plane but it does feel like a warm hug.

Avon Hawaiian Shores
Eau de Toilette Spray doesn’t exactly inspire tropical drinks, sandy beaches, and the ocean for me. I expected coconuts, maybe some vanilla, a little fruitiness with a creamy smooth base. For me, that’s Hawaii.

But that isn’t to say it isn’t lovely, it’s just not Hawaii but I still like it.

This has a faint unisex feel to it which is one reason I like it. I love fragrances that give you the feeling of getting a warm hug from your boyfriend or husband. Avon Hawaiian Shores Eau de Toilette Spray has some of that warmth.

This is a mix of sparkling starfruit, exotic island pumeria and white amber. I think the white amber is what gives the fragrance depth and and a bit of heat. The fruity and floral notes play delicately in the background and allow the white amber to envelope you in a comfortable, soothing hug, kinda like wearing your boyfriend’s jacket or shirt.

Avon Hawaiian Shores ($9.99) isn’t exactly the tropical concoction I expected but it still manages to win me over with it’s seductive, comforting warmth.

It’s worth a try if you like blends that have a unisex edge to them.


Available now at shop.avon.com


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  • 7/19/12 10:58 Stephanie:

    i wish there were ways to test avon products before buying them..since they’re mainly online :(


    • 7/19/12 11:26 the Muse:

      stephanie they have an avon rep locator.
      you can call the rep in your area and ask for a catalog or a sample of a fragrance and order online :)


  • 7/19/12 11:44 stef:

    summer feels over?? that’s crazy! we’re not even a month in and i feel like it’s never ending! but this scent does sound divine!


    • 7/19/12 11:52 the Muse:

      I think as a blogger it ends earlier for us ;-D we are already on holiday *head desk*


  • 7/19/12 14:45 JoElla:

    ooh I think I shall sniff this! I am lucky to have a Avon store in my local mall.


    • 7/19/12 15:00 the Muse:

      jo do so and let me know what you think? I’m kinda digging it at the moment! It’s such a warm comforting scent!


  • 7/20/12 1:22 Ruth:

    I get how your friend feels, there’s never enough fun crammed into summer when you have to work and take classes part-time. (stupid obligations interfering with fun!)


    • 7/24/12 15:10 the Muse:

      mmm true :( plus it just seems to run away when it rains daily…just seems not Summery at all this year! lately, thankfully, we’ve had decent weather!


  • 7/25/12 4:07 sumaira:

    i havent seen that over in the uk yet. I just bought miami party from avon i am loving it for this summer. reasonably priced and smells delicious and summery lol. Im thinking of getting another one called tahitian sands i think.


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