Avon Lip Stain Marker Review & Swatches

Now that Summer is here my lip and cheek stains like to come out and play a good deal more often than they do in the Winter. Recently a shade of the new Avon Lip Stain Markers passed by desk and I decided to test it out today.

Take a peek!

Avon Lip Stain Markers are pretty much your standard felt tip stain marker that many brands are embracing lately. These use to be such unique product but nowadays everyone is releasing their own version so it isn’t as amazing an idea as it once was.

However, it still remains terribly convenient for travel and long wear color.

I tried it out in the shade Berry Bitter which is a crushed berry wine shade with a hint of purple. The shade isn’t as natural as a finish as you’d expect from a stain such as this. It goes on more vibrantly and intense giving lips a vampy look particularly when clear gloss is applied on top. I like the shade a lot, it gives a dramatic finish to lips and pairs well with a smoky eye. Natural is nice but sometimes revving things up is even nicer and this gives a more intense look.

This has a fruity scent and flavor that’s quite subtle after application. Like most lip markers it has a fairly good wear time and stains for around four to five hours of wear however, I took notice that if I drink during that time it does shave off of that wear time. As with most lip marker it sadly does dry out lips during the wear. This isn’t a moisturizing lip product so a little gloss on top keeps things nice and hydrated.

At $4.99 they are considerably cheaper than what you’d get at drugstores so there is a value to be had here however, they are sadly lacking in variety and are available in a mere four shades.

Overall, Avon Lip Stain Markers are a nice little way to stain lips for long wearing color. If you’ve never tried a product like this before they make an excellent choice for Summer wear when you’re outside considerably more and want something lighter on lips that will wear longer.

Available now at shop.avon.com

Do you stain your lips?

Which are your favorite products to use to do so?

Do share!


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  • 7/10/12 18:43 LaLa:

    I like the Tarte Stains because of the texture and the fact that it doesn’t stain to the point where I can’t take it off it’s just the right amount with out the bleeding out look. But markers and gels dry my lips out real bad so I stay away from those.


  • 7/10/12 19:10 Icequeen81:

    the color is nice :)


  • 7/10/12 23:51 Rebekah:

    The only lip stain I have really loved is Stila’s Cherry Crush. I generally don’t wear much color on my lips…it always seems to make the rest of my face look red if I do. :/

    But the Cherry wasn’t too bright on my lips and it was a flattering color on me, which is nearly impossible, it seems! I usually stick to colorless or VERY sheer balms.


  • 7/11/12 12:17 Musebeliever:

    Very cheap ! But it doesn’t look very shiny. I think I prefer the Gemey Maybelline tint. 😉


  • 7/26/12 0:43 Ronea:

    i prefer my EP beetroot lip and cheek tint


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