Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener

Need a little brightening under your eyes? The new Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener ($22) might be just the illumination you crave.

Take a look!

Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener diffuses the look of dark shadows while reducing the appearance of fine lines over time. The formula provides an instant illuminating effect that aids in brightening the under eye area with a little dab!

This is available in four different shades.

I’m a little scared to try it to be honest as I don’t do well with concealers slash brighteners. Placing illuminating anything under my eyes ends up aging my eyes rather than making them look perkier.

But hey!

Ya never know.

Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener is available now at Ulta and

  • 7/25/12 22:32 Lauren:

    Oh Muse you will love these!! We had a viewing event for these and the concealers at the boutique I work at, and I have a sample of Luminous 2 that I use every day! The luminous finish they’re talking about it very subtle, but it definitely counteracts the darkness. Plus they’re incredibly creamy and almost turn into skin, I haven’t had a problem with it creasing in the lines under my eyes like other concealers do!


    • 7/26/12 9:31 the Muse:

      what a relief lauren! I was curious if it would have too much of a glow to it ;-D! sounds great now! thanks!


  • 7/25/12 23:47 Stephanie:

    I got an email from Bare Minerals last week or so when they first released it and I CANNOT wait for reviews to start popping up. I think I’ll need it (or the concealer- it looks awesome!).


  • 7/26/12 9:18 Aida:

    This is another BE product I can’t wait to get. When I got the preview sale event alert, I chose the creamy concealer, because I was afraid a liquid concealer/brightener would be too sheer for me. But yesterday I saw swatches of all four shades on a beauty blog and they are A LOT more pigmented than I imagined. So now I really wanna try the brightener also ;).


    • 7/26/12 9:29 the Muse:

      aida, I wasn’t sure on it either, little scared about the “glow factor” :)


  • 7/26/12 11:11 Kiss & Make-up:

    Is it me or they they all look kind of dark for a “brightener”? Except for the first one then. Not a fan of the sponge applicator either. I’m sticking with my YSL Touche Eclat :-)


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