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These super serums are your perfect partner for creating younger looking, perfect skin

Lancome Génifique Concentrate is the brand’s award-winning activating serum targeting radiance, vibrancy and softness. Génifique will give you visibly younger skin in just 7 days.

Lancome Visionnaire is the brand’s award-winning correcting serum. In just 4 weeks, Visionnaire radically improves the appearance of wrinkles, pores and uneven texture, leaving your skin visibly transformed. The result: One out of two women tempted by a cosmetic procedure decided to postpone it. (After 4 weeks of consumer use. Consumer evaluations of women 35 to 49 years tempted by hyaluronic acid, laser or chemical peeling. Results not equal to a medical procedure).

You can use both together as a powerful anti-aging duo to perfect skin and reveal more youthful skin. Simply apply one to three drops of Génifique to cleansed skin and follow up with two pumps of Visionnaire when layering, prior to applying your Lancôme moisturizer. For best results, use Génifique and Visionnaire together in both the morning and evening.

Do you use or have you tried either Genifique or Visionnaire?

Do share your thoughts about these serums in the comment field!

And don’t forget to get your coupon to try a free sample of either one at www.lancome.com


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  • 7/16/12 21:23 Avalith:

    Visionnaire smell is too strong for me to use, but I loved Genefique. I don’t know about making a HUGE difference but it definitely kept my face hydrated (not greasy), and feeling super soft. After using up the smallest bottle they sell, my skin somehow felt improved somewhat. Really lovely product.


  • 7/17/12 12:20 Majick:

    Ive used Genifique and it made my skin “clearer and brighter”. I”m not sure how to describe but I did look good, hydrated, and refreshed.

    I tried a sample of the visionaire and really couldn’t figure out it’s purpose. I still have some Genifique but probably won’t repurchase. It’s very expensive and I’m not sure it did enough to warrant the cost.


  • 2/18/13 13:48 Shawn:

    I just began using these two products together a few days ago, after reading numerous rave reviews. I have been using them the recommended two times per day. I am 41 years old and have fine lines around mouth as well as a fairly pronounced frown line between my eyebrows. I will say that I am not seeing any difference at all in the lines, but then again, I have only been using the combination for three days. I have been told that the Visionnaire is what works for lines and that I should give it a month. What I am seeing, is very beautifully radiant, soft skin. My skin seems tighter, and I swear that some of my sun spots are already diminishing and dark areas under my eyes are beginning to lighten up. My pores are already greatly diminished, as well. The redness that I naturally have to my tone also seems to be slightly diminished in the few days of usage. :) I really wonder what I will see in time with these two products together, but so far, I admit that I am excited. The two drawbacks of these products are the cost and the slight, but annoying fragrance.


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