Does Anyone Rememer L’Oreal Pinch of Colour For Lips & Cheeks?

Remember L’Oreal Pinch of Colour for Lips and Cheeks?

Dude, I still have it.

Love this stuff! Way nicer than Benefit.

  • 7/10/12 18:27 Icequeen81:

    what a beautiful color, I wish I could sat I did remember it, is the first time I see it.Is a shame is really pretty


  • 7/10/12 18:48 Stephanie L.:

    That looks amazing! I had a similar color made by Estee Lauder back in the day; it was a roller ball. I don’t remember when they stopped making it, but I remember running around to all of the counters some years back trying to track it down.


  • 7/10/12 20:26 Chels:

    It looks like beet juice!

    (….wow. Can’t believe I just typed that. Ha)


  • 7/10/12 20:30 lizzy:

    I do!!! Walk down memory lane!!! I completely agree that the formulation and color far exceeded that of benetint… they should bring it back!


  • 7/10/12 21:14 Comrade Garlic:

    I was looking at this and thinking, I swear L’Oreal made this before and I bought it, in every shade they made. I think there was at least two. A Benetint dupe and a bronze. Maybe there was a pink? That had to of been at least 4 moves and two states ago. Didn’t Revlon Street Wear also have a liquid blush? Or was that Maybelline?


  • 7/11/12 3:33 Kelly:

    Awww man, I never actually got to try that. I got into skincare and makeup a couple of years ago and maybe I missed it. I really wanted to try it because I like Benefit’s benetint and a lot of Asian brand lip tints lol which can be a pain ordering online. I really haven’t seen that in stores, is it still out there somewhere?


  • 7/11/12 22:27 Lorraine ER:

    That looks kinda awesome and I don’t remember ever seeing it because I would have picked it up. It looks like drugstore benetint. Was it any good??


  • 7/12/12 0:52 Rebecca:

    Interesting.. they don’t sell this anymore?


  • 7/12/12 22:33 Lisa Marie:

    Way back in the day, circa 1987 max factor had a rose water tint for face and lips. I LOVED that stuff.


  • 7/17/12 2:28 liveforlove13:

    i got really excited thinking loreal was releasing a new cheek tint….lol. *fail*


  • 7/17/12 11:32 Cj:

    But are they better at nipple tinting.



    • 7/17/12 11:33 the Muse:

      LOL! yes, obviously! ;-D


  • 9/21/12 21:17 Njn:

    I still have mine and i’m getting worried bc it’s getting low. Tried benefits but it’s just not the same.


  • 1/21/13 6:09 Yourfoxiness:

    Wow! I still have & use mine! Great product!


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