E.L.F. Essential Primer Eyeshadow

Taking a note from fellow brands like Covergirl and Too Faced, E.L.F. has introduced an Essential Primer Eyeshadow that acts as both a primer and a color cream eyeshadow.

I’m always terribly confused by products like this. Are they meaning for it to be a cream eyeshadow with a built in primer so that shadow lasts all day? Or are they meant to be used with shadow on top, which kinda defeats the purpose of a color base wouldn’t you agree?

Either way these are cheap as chips and could prove nice for the cream eyeshadow fans out there.

E.L.F. Essential Primer Eyeshadow promises a rich eyeshadow color formula that has a built-in primer for long-lasting wear. Well at least they defined the product well as Covergirl kinda doesn’t!


  • Coco Loco
  • Sultry Satin
  • Misty Mauve
  • Sexy Silver

I find the shade selection a little weak. Give me a few more natural shades and I’d be inclined to indulge.

What about you?

Available now for $2 each at www.eyeslipsface.com

P.S. I’m busy catching up True Blood. Looks like another lame-o season! I found myself falling asleep on an episode or two.

What do you think?

But at least Lala is still as fabulous as every! I love me a Hawk on a man but I’m happy he did away with his, I wasn’t feeling it last year.

  • 7/23/12 18:27 Tammie:

    I probably won’t go out of my way to get these from the website, but if they ever pop up at Target I would get them all but the silver!

    As for True Blood I devoured all the books and the first several seasons but I haven’t even bothered watching the last 2. What a waste.


    • 7/24/12 9:20 the Muse:

      aw sorry tam, you aren’t missing much though, it kinda went off the tracks!


      • 7/24/12 12:23 Tammie:

        Yeah, that’s why I haven’t even watched one episode haha. I was hoping people would say that this season was back on track but no dice…oh well~.


        • 7/24/12 12:28 the Muse:

          no way…it gets more boring imho! the story lines are off the track imho!


          • 7/24/12 12:46 Tammie:

            I wish they’d get their s**t together, I really want to watch more Erik, but I feel like the show is really unwatchable >.>;;.

          • 7/24/12 12:54 the Muse:

            they show erik a lot but they also have all these smaller plots that I’m terribly uninterested in!

          • 7/24/12 13:19 Tammie:

            I just don’t think I can sit through all the junk to get to the Erik bits haha. I’ll just have to be content with seeing gifs on tumblr xD

          • 7/24/12 13:35 the Muse:

            ha I hear ya!

  • 7/24/12 0:27 Carrie:

    High-as-a-kite-Bill getting a piggy back ride from high-as-a-kite-Eric? Epic.

    Also, I don’t mind colored bases, but they’re tricky because too much color in the base ‘swallows’ the color you put on top. And those four colors are just odd choices to me.


    • 7/24/12 9:17 the Muse:

      ooo I’m behind haven’t gotten to that yet carrie ;-D me too, not into the shades at all :-/


  • 7/24/12 1:09 Angieluv:

    Oh, Lala is so cute! I am never going to look at another ELF product again without hearing him say “Bitch Please…”.


    • 7/24/12 9:16 the Muse:

      LOL angie ;D!


  • 7/24/12 10:52 Cindy:

    I can NOT agree with you more on this season of True Blood! It is SOO boring! If it wasn’t for Lafayette calling someone a hooker every once in a while, I don’t know if I could stomach watching this season. TB has jumped the shark in my opinion!


    • 7/24/12 10:56 the Muse:

      *nods* past three reasons (counting this one) is really boring…! just not that great at all.


  • 7/26/12 0:42 Ronnie:

    i love these so pretty im gonna try em


  • 8/31/12 0:56 mj:

    I have the Sultry Satin and I love it…quick and easy for daily wear, doesn`t crease, wears all day. I have also used a powder shadow on top and it looks good that way also. Gotta love the price too!


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