Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquers Fall 2012 Metal Mania & Beyond Blacks

Available this August Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquers for Fall 2012 is a selection of colors inspired by Paris as Tom Pecheux and Constance Jablonski explains in this short film.

Jump ahead.

Estee Lauder Beyond Black Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($20)

  • Caviar Gray
  • Bete Noire Purple
  • Blue Blood Blue
  • Black Plum Plum
  • Viper Green

Estee Lauder Metal Mania Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($20)

  • Nouveau Riche Gold
  • Explosif Taupe
  • Chaos Gray
  • Smashed Purple
  • Fiery Hot Red

The collection launches on Estee Lauder counters on August 2012 and online at

They look stunning don’t they?

  • 7/24/12 16:18 Sarade:

    I honestly want these E.L. nail polishes just for the packaging. They’re gorgeous bottles and shades!


  • 7/24/12 18:19 Seagulls:

    I am sporting five of them on my nails right now, having gone the teensiest bit overboard swatching at the counter. Viper, Bete Noire, Blue Blood, Chaos, and Explosif. I will probably be buying Viper, Chaos and Explosif – so friggin pretty.


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