Hello Kitty Head Of The Class for Fall 2012

Oh Joy!

Much to my relief I’m able to share Hello Kitty Fall 2012 with you today! Phew!

I thought perhaps Hello Kitty would be going the way of Tokidoki for Fall but I’m happy to report new products have popped up for Fall 2012 and from what I see so far, Imma likey!

Hello Kitty Hello Pretty Makeup Bag $29
A stylish and bright makeup bag drenched in Hello Kitty charm.

Hello Kitty Head Of The Class Palette $36

  • Red and Pink
  • Black and White

Hello Kitty 3 Piece Brush Set $35
An adorable brush set for eyes topped with Hello Kitty charms.


  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Crease Brush
  • Eyeliner Brush

Hello Kitty Head Of The Class Compact Mirror $19

  • Argyle (pink and gray)
  • Check (black and white)

I’m not a fond fan of the palettes I’ve tried from Hello Kitty Beauty as they are a little too frosty but I’m loving the blush in these!

I also really adore the little geeky glasses on each palette! The mirrors are totally cute as well, too bad they didn’t put glasses on those as well eh?

Anything you love?

The brushes are a hit with me as well but a bit pricey! Ouch!

The entire Head of the Class Collection is available now at Sephora.com

  • 7/9/12 21:30 Cindy:

    Oh my word those little eyeshadow quads are too adorable! It appeals to the nerd in me!


  • 7/9/12 23:21 Libby:

    I’m usually not entirely crazy about Hello Kitty but these are far too cute! I love the nerdy little glasses on the palettes (and if I buy for that reason alone, no one else has to know!) and while I’m not sure I’d use the colors much…I really do like the patterns of the blushes too. Hm, I wonder if it’s just an overspray or if it’s like that even after the first couple of uses hehehe.

    NOW I DEFINITELY MUST GO TO SEPHORA! Ah, my wallet is not going to be happy after my recent MAC purchases too (finally picked up the volcanic ash exfoliator! and I’m definitely liking it xD)

    Thanks…I guess xD


    • 7/10/12 9:38 the Muse:

      prob overspray libby, was wondering that myself ;-D lol sorry!


  • 7/9/12 23:47 Quinctia:


    But all the HK palettes seem to suck.


    If they just put them on the mirror, I could buy the damn mirror and have something functional! Now I have to debate buying something practically useless for the packaging.


  • 7/10/12 0:46 Phyrra:

    The plaid is frightening.


  • 7/10/12 4:17 Rainbow:

    Ok I HAVE to have one of the palettes now. The nerd glasses packaging is just screaming my name!!!


  • 7/10/12 7:52 dina:

    The bag is kinda cute and love the brushes but def will wait for them to be on sale! Not so much a fan of the argyle and modified houndstooth here but the glasses are so freakin cute 😀


  • 7/10/12 8:58 Kim:

    So cute. I too was not a fan of the palettes due to the frostyness. Maybe they’ve improved? I love the glasses!


  • 7/10/12 8:59 Sarah S.:

    I think these are the cutest yet! But I’ve also had a couple of the palettes in the past, as well, and find them way too frosty also!


    • 7/10/12 9:04 the Muse:

      yeah me too plus these shades are repetitive!


  • 7/10/12 11:54 Christina:

    The only thing I ever purchase from this line are the mirrors and the Hello Kitty dolls/brush set. Totally useless, of course, but they’re super cute and they always go on sale. I like the mirror and the brush set, but I have the Tokidoki ones and never touch them. The dolls at the end make them a bit heavy to wield properly. I wonder if these will do the same.


  • 7/10/12 17:13 Comrade Garlic:

    Wait, that’s the same bag that came out with Big Pink Bow.


  • 7/10/12 22:41 Stellar:

    How I want those mirrors! I’m a sucker for that kind of print.


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