It Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging 5 Piece Collection QVC Today’s Special Value July 2012

Super size me! Especially on products like It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer! It Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging 5 Piece Collection launches later this week as a Today Special Value on QVC (Friday, July 27th, 2012) and includes five full size products (one of which is SUPER sized).

Let’s take a quick peek!

This is a gorgeous introductory to It Cosmetics if you’ve never tried the brand before. It includes three full size makeup pieces and two full size brushes for application.

You get:


First off, might I say, just for the concealer alone the set is well worth it. This is a whooping 1 oz concealer! A typical tube is 0.28 oz for $24.

The 1 oz size will last you into the next millennium as it’s so crazy pigmented a little will goes a very long way. It’s currently my HG (holy grail) concealer.

This is an absolutely incredible deal and will be available as a one time special value for $59.94 this Friday on QVC using item number A228718.

Learn more about It Cosmetics by visiting

Review and swatches of the set on the way later this week.

Are you a fan of It Cosmetics?

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  • 7/24/12 19:00 Melissa:

    Thanks for the post.. i’m debating. Lush makeup was my plan for this weekend. I’ll have to evaluate my budget afterwards :)


  • 7/24/12 19:01 The Peach:

    I may have to pick this TSV up! Thanks for the heads up. The it cosmetics concealer alone is amazing!


  • 7/24/12 19:12 Sara:

    Ooooh, can’t wait to see swatches. :)


  • 7/24/12 19:42 Carrie:

    I have this kit and I love it! Do you know if the face disk will have different colors in the 2nd shipment?


    • 7/25/12 12:04 the Muse:

      I don’t think there is an AD on this Carrie


    • 7/25/12 12:20 AmyK:

      There is an auto delivery option for this set. I saw it in the Inside Q magazine and also in an email I received last night. I thought I saw in the magazine that you get a different lipstick color but I can’t remember if it said anything about the face disc.


      • 7/25/12 12:41 the Muse:

        thanks amy will check on this 😀


  • 7/25/12 1:14 Sara Elisabeth:

    I’ve never tried It Cosmetics before. I don’t use concealer or bronzer, so I don’t know if this would be as great of a value to me. How are the brushes?


    • 7/25/12 9:31 the Muse:

      the brushes are quite good, full review is upcoming shortly.


  • 7/25/12 7:38 Majick:

    I’ve never tried this concealer but the kit looks interesting to me. The lip product reminds me of one I had as a kid, it was the same color and tasted like pink lemonade. I think it may have been one of those cute Avon kiddish things they used to have a millennium ago. Lol
    I’m a brush ho so I’m drooling over those as well.
    The compact is nice (can’t wait for swatches) because you don’t need to carry 3 products.
    I’ve been really spending lately, I hope I can resist. LOL


    • 7/25/12 9:30 the Muse:

      the concealer is amazings! my hg of the moment ;-D


  • 7/25/12 7:53 Raquel Santos:

    Hi there^^

    I’m portuguese ( and LOVE your blog!!) Do you know if they deliver in Europe – Portugal?



    • 7/25/12 9:30 the Muse:

      hi raquel me too :) they don’t sadly :( so sorry dear!


  • 7/25/12 8:11 JenJ:

    Never tried It Cosmetics but of course I’m curious. So much pretty and so little time and money lol!


  • 7/25/12 10:37 Twirishlady:

    What…no foundation??!! Tee Hee 😉


    • 7/25/12 10:41 the Muse:

      they actually use the concealer all over the face by buffing it on with the brush! I haven’t tried it but in all the presentations they do it looks incredibly flawless!


  • 7/25/12 13:33 Diane:

    I love it cosmetics!! This tsv is such a crazy good deal! Supersize byebye undereye makes me happy. I love everything about this kit. The it brushes are my all time fave brushes! Its also become my favorite bronzer bc its not shimmery. Thenja ne ses quoi is perfect pink lip color. This is on a-d next lip colormis damsel


    • 7/25/12 15:16 Majick:

      Hi, maybe you can help me, I am light/med with yellow undertones and pink cheeks. I usually wear medium in Tarte maracuja concealer and just got medium in the latest foundation…but it’s summer.
      I think med is a better undereye thing because of the blue/dark circles. How do the colors run on this? SHould I stick with the medium or go with the light?
      I’ll also wait for swatches and the presentation if I can stay awake.


  • 7/26/12 17:05 jody:

    I wasn’t going to order this, but who am I kidding. And i almost forgot about this kit.

    I like to use the concealer mixed with my primer and just set with something like a light dusting of the celebration foundation or mac careblend. It goes on so easily and really conceals.

    I have several it cosmetic items, but only one brush. I have never tried those discs,and really have enough blushes and bronzers for a whole village, but I am getting this for the brushes and concealers.

    Thanks for the reminder Muse!


    • 7/27/12 10:24 the Muse:

      my pleasure jody ;-D I never tried it all over but was tempted to combine a drop with my moisturizer!


  • 7/27/12 14:31 kiwikiwidragon:

    Dear Muse,
    This is testing my makeup/money diet. This set looks amazing.


    • 7/27/12 14:35 the Muse:

      lol jenn sorry girl ;D!


  • 8/2/12 11:44 June Zimmerle:

    I just received this kit from QVC and was in shock at the quality of these products. Not only is the packaging top quality the actual products are awesome. I am 60 and have been on the hunt to find the best products for my aging skin and I hit a home run here. You would not believe how silky smooth the bronzer, highlighter and blush is on the skin and while the concealer runs on the light side to use as a foundation it is silky smooth under the eyes. The only thing I would change about this kit is I would go a little lighter on the blush color in the medium kit as I have to blot it on tissue before applying to the cheeks. The disk colors are very pigmented but with a light touch it goes on beautifully. I give it *****Stars!


    • 8/2/12 11:48 the Muse:

      aw june that’s SO fantastic to hear!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy and wear in health 😀


  • 8/2/12 11:50 June Zimmerle:

    PS….Almost forgot”the brushes are to die for too”!!!!!


  • 9/22/12 10:12 saundra daryab:

    The brushes are great!


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