Jill Stuart Patisserie Sugar Glitter Eyes Swatches

Sugar Glitter Eyes are a selection of five limited edition cream eyeshadows from the Jill Stuart Patisserie Collection.

After swatching these I find they quite remind me of Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color with a thinner consistency and a new package, even the shades are kinda dupes of past shades of Jelly Eye Color. They also remind me of Visee Shower Eyes so the concept of a sparkly liquid/cream shadow with a sponge applicator isn’t a terribly new idea.

Even though they aren’t terribly different from products I already own I still LOVE this style of Japanese Eyeshadow. It’s actually the type of formula that got me hooked on cream eyeshadows.

Let’s take a look!

Jill Stuart packaging is always terribly elegant and these are no different. The white packaging really does give me a dessert vibe for some reason.

There are five shades however, I skipped out on one and hauled the other four.

Framboise Sugar and Rose Sugar

Honey Sugar and Caramelized Sugar

I’ll be reviewing these shortly!

As soon as a retailer becomes available in the US I’ll be sure to update with that info.

  • 7/10/12 22:54 Christine:

    Cute! I’m heading to Japan in 3 weeks, hope these are still in stock :)


  • 7/11/12 1:00 Boone:

    Are these a similar product (or type of product) to the Canmake Eye Jellies you reviewed recently? I Tried two of the Canmake jellies, my first Asian eye color cosmetics, and FLOVE them! I like that they are sheer and sparkly without being disco-club glittery. I actually frequently wear the Canmake jellies alone (over primer) to work–it gives me a subtle “bright-eyed” look that is still completely appropriate for my office (I’m an attorney at a large corporate law firm). I’ve typically skipped over Jill Stuart products in the past due to the hefty price tags, but might consider splurging if these are similar to my beloved Canmake jellies! Looking forward to the full review!


  • 7/11/12 6:04 plue:

    darling! did you accidentally switch the names for Honey Sugar and Caramelized Sugar? I saw swatches of Caramelized Sugar in some other blogs to be darker. :)


  • 7/11/12 19:46 Cassie:

    Oooooooo Honey Sugar looks like SUCH a gorgeous nude color! And honestly, what cute packaging!!! I wish the states had stores(/malls) dedicated to Japanese brands :(((


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