Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection New Shades Fall 2012

The Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection is now part of Rimmel’s standard collection. There’s a new spot in the Rimmel display for the lipsticks and new shades have launched in drugs for Fall 2012.

There collection consists of four new reds and one smoky purple shade that can be used on top of or under colors to intensify or lighten them.

There are now ten total colors to choose from and they run from $4.49-$5.19 depending on the drugstore you purchase at.

  • 7/2/12 14:03 Phyrra:

    Interesting collection. I don’t think I’ve seen these anywhere.


  • 7/2/12 14:43 Nikki:

    That purple shade is interesting….. I’m not sure how it would work.


  • 7/2/12 15:15 Suzanne:

    I have shade 06 and its a great pink red with hint of coral.


  • 7/2/12 18:00 Bora:

    Unfortunately I found these terribly drying on my lips. Every time I wore them, after a few hours my lips felt dry, dehydrated and started to flake and peel. The original colours are beautiful and the new one look good too but not on top of flakey lips!


    • 7/5/12 9:57 the Muse:

      same issue bora, same issue!


  • 7/2/12 18:48 cat:

    I’ve been seeing the purple/gunmetal shade 15 in magazines and on lots of other blogs. Still waiting on someone to do good lip swatches, especially over other lipsticks.


  • 7/2/12 21:57 18thCenturyFox:

    I saw these last night, And while I like Rimmel and love red lipstick I detest Kate Moss. I am strongly influenced by spokespeople for beauty products- well particularly if I *don’t* like them. Soo I just can’t. It still runs me the wrong way how horribly she behaved and how the Industry was happy to ignore what I consider fairly criminal (because she is responsible for another life). I have a long memory and am a girl of strong opinions 😉 I don’t even want to buy Rimmel mascara anymore because I find Zooey soo twee and annoying lol


    • 7/5/12 15:54 the Muse:

      i’m the same 18thcenturyfox…I avoided intergrate for ages b/c of Angelina Jolie lol! awww I thought zooey was cute ;-D she’s weird in that new show though, new girl


  • 7/15/12 5:35 Jenny:

    I just got some of the new shades (and some originals) , after trying out shade 12 from the original collection and absolutely loving it.
    I found that the new ones have a weird scent and the formula just weren’t as good as the originals :S not sure why though.
    Love the originals, I would give the new shades a pass if you dont like weird smelling lipsticks XD


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