Missha The Style Eye Makeup Speedy Remover Stick Review

Missha The Style Eye Makeup Speedy Remover Stick takes boring old q-tips to a new and exciting level.

I dunno about you but I make a hecka mess when applying eyeliner or sometimes if I do too many coats of mascara I end up with some on my upper eye area.

Yeah, not pretty.

Mistakes happen during makeup application that’s a fact but for easy clean up a Q-Tip always comes in handy or better still Missha’s Speedy Remover Stick.

Having a problem getting your liquid eyeliner on without smearing it all over the place? Mascara ending up on the top of your eye? Under eye liner smearing? Concealer creasing under your eyes?

Want a quick, effective way to fix these little makeup dramas?

Missha Speedy Remover Stick is a cheap way to get things back in order again.

This handy little chubby pencil removes smudged eye makeup in a snap. Made of a lightweight, moisturizing wax this is a dome shaped pencil that you can glide onto your mistakes and easily correct without screwing up your entire eye look in the process. The moisturizing stick glides across the delicate eye area clearing up goofed up lines, eyeshadow fall out, or creasing concealer in a snap. The formula is a moisturizing blend of Lotus Flower and Bo Tree Extract.

The pencil comes with a refill as well so you’ll never have to depend on a q-tip for clean up again!

$12.99 for two refills and the casing at www.misshaus.com

Muse Approved for purchase!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 7/24/12 22:46 Cassie:

    Oooooo I don’t know why but this little guy is just SO appealing; makes me wish I screwed up my makeup more often so I had a reason (excuse) to buy this haha.


  • 7/25/12 13:49 Caitlin:

    I hate to go all cheapy on you, but elf makes a makeup removing pen that works fab for something like $3. I recommend it. 😉


    • 7/25/12 14:01 the Muse:

      I know I reviewed it Caitlin :) it really is great! good price too!


  • 7/28/12 9:34 Alex Jhocson:

    I need this!!!!


  • 7/28/12 9:37 Alex Jhocson:

    As of July 28, this is on sale at their website for only $7.79!!


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