Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc My Next Dark Spot Savoir!

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc is a powerful brightening range that corrects damage from the harsh summer rays and prevents future damage.

I can’t wait to try!

Missha is having their Semi-Annual Big Summer Sale with everything online 30-50% OFF until August 10th at www.misshaus.com including the Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc Collection.

Review upcoming!

  • 10/19/12 18:06 Jenna:

    Any idea how much niacinamide is in this line of Missha’s products? I am guessing probably not since even with US bands, the percentage can be considered proprietary and doesn’t have to be disclosed (also with US skin care, ingredients do not have to be listed in order from greatest to least amount). Anywho, I was wondering how it compares to say, Olay’s Regenerist Serum that has around 2-3% niacinamide (though I haven’t tried it yet because I’m not a fan of Olay products). I want niacinamide to help with early, early signs of aging and with skin texture, not for lightening as I have no dark spots (knock wood!).

    Your blog is so wonderful to come and get lost on, I should be doing so many other things right now! LOL!


    • 10/22/12 11:01 the Muse:

      I’m not sure so sorry jenna I can’t confirm! You might want to contact them directly as they probably will be a better source of info! aw thank you SO so MUCH!


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