Softymo Makeup Remover Sheet Review

Softymo Makeup Remover Sheet

I recently purchased a box of Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets since I’m such a huge fan of Softymo’s Airy Whip. I dunno why everything Softymo releases gets narrowed down to the awesomeness of Airy Whip but that it does.

I should know better than to indulge in these makeup sheets as they are typical blah for removing waterproof mascara.

Perhaps these are different?

Softymo Makeup Remover Sheet for Face

Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets for Face ($10-$15) are pre-saturated makeup remover wipes in a snap close pink case. You get a total of fifty rectangle shaped sheets for makeup removal.

These have a soft, subtle fresh scent and are made from a thinner cotton fiber. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend these for purchase as 1. they are terribly dry and 2. they do a rather poor job of removing waterproof mascara.

Softymo Makeup Remover Sheet 5

Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets

On the positive side, if you wear lighter makeup (not a ton of mascara, eyeshadow, etc…) they do a fairly ok of removing makeup quickly without leaving skin dry or too greasy.

However, if you’re anything like me and sport a full face daily that includes BB Cream, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow, etc…they do a rather rubbish job of getting it all off.

As of now they make a nice little container of wipes for swiping away swatches when I am doing a review but for makeup removal I’d say they were a fail.

No likey!

Tried ‘em?

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