Stila Lip Glaze New Fall 2012 Shades

You’re either on Team Stila Lip Glaze or you’re not. Some folks love it some folks hate it. Most of the time I hear rants about the packaging, lip brush, etc…

As for me?

Team Stila Lip Glaze all the way.

That’s why I’m terribly excited new shades are launching for Fall 2012.

Check ’em!

Shades (pictured above top to bottom):

  • Kaleidoscope
  • Roseberry
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Seashell

These don’t technically seem very Fall-like to me outside of Roseberry.

What do you think?



Available now at

  • 7/2/12 14:44 Saffron:

    Oooh! I’ve never tried these but the $12 sets look so tempting. I’ve read all kinds of takes but can’t find a consensus – what’s the stickiness like on ’em? I can live with bad packaging but not my boyfriend’s whining if I kiss him with sticky lipgloss… 😛


    • 7/4/12 10:26 Aging_Beauty:

      They’re VERY sticky….but that’s why I love them; they last a long time and one can tell if they need to retouch because the sticky is gone!


  • 7/2/12 15:00 breyerchic04:

    I’m on team $12 set, not team full price (though i’ve splurged on one that workedd well for me).


  • 7/2/12 16:10 Kim:

    I like Stila lip glazes but I’ve never bought one at full price.


  • 7/2/12 20:43 Cassie:

    alskdjflmwowolaskd ROSEBERRY MUST BE MINE!!!!!
    As much as I hate the packaging/applicator of these, I’m still team stila lip glaze all the way :)


  • 7/2/12 21:13 Suzi:

    I agree, not very fall like colors. I love the $12 sets. It seems like after a while they get gummy. But, I love the smaller ones. When it gets icky, it’s time to toss and loo don’t feel guilty!


  • 7/2/12 22:53 Noochie:

    I’m pretty sure I already have seashell. I think it was in the “cool” $12 set which I purchased in sept 2011. Definitely Team Stila Lip Glaze. The packaging is fun & they come in a bazillion colors.


    • 7/5/12 15:54 the Muse:

      could be noochie! have to check my stash now ;-D


  • 7/4/12 10:24 Aging_Beauty:

    TEAM STILA! I adore these sticky, shiny glosses.

    I totally agree with you – Pink Lemonade, Seashell…for Fall? How silly, such summer names!

    But I love the look of Roseberry!


    • 7/5/12 9:12 the Muse:

      roseberry is a go but aging beauty I def agree pink lemonade? eh? lol!


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