20% Off Your Total at Sleek Makeup Thru September 5th

Ah here’s what I was looking for a few days ago!

Get 20% Off your total Sleek Makeup order at sleekmakeup.com from now until September 5th. You should be able to view the new website now as well with the cheaper shipping options I discussed with you several days ago.

No code necessary, just pop things in your cart, check out, and the discount will be reflected at this time.

Sadly, the shadows no longer ship to the US. Le sigh! But all else is good to go!

Have fun!

  • 8/28/12 16:00 JenJ:

    No shadows! Dag it! *arms crossed*


    • 8/28/12 17:45 Krista:

      Actually, most of them still do ship to the US, but some of them don’t.


  • 8/28/12 17:10 Molly D:

    hmmm…maybe that’s why it won’t let me place my order? i really wanted the au naturel palette but oh well!


  • 8/28/12 17:24 Crystal:

    Yay! This is big news. Heading to their website:)


  • 8/28/12 18:44 Nina:

    I really really want the Face Contour Kit in Light but it has been out of stock for ages! There isn’t an option to be contacted when they are back in stock either. Frustrating!


  • 8/28/12 21:34 Eileen:

    Ah drat, I was hoping *some* of the palettes might still be available… I think I’m just going to wait until I go to London or bribe a friend. Do the shadow pigments not follow US testing regulations or something?


    • 8/29/12 9:19 the Muse:

      some do ship eileen but most don’t due to some ingredient that’s not FDA approved I THINK?!


  • 8/28/12 21:56 Louise:

    Muse, what blushes do you recommend? I have several in my cart and I am trying to narrow it down. Also, are there any other products you can suggest to us Sleek newbies? Thanks for passing on this awesome deal!


    • 8/29/12 12:06 the Muse:

      um good question hun what sort of shade range do you want? I like rose gold, Pomegranate, and flushed (last two are BOLD be careful) and love blush by 3 in lace and pumpkin :) my pleasure! happy shopping!


      • 8/29/12 12:36 Louise:

        All the things you suggested were in my cart! :-) Thanks dear!


        • 8/29/12 12:49 the Muse:

          my pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy haulin’!


  • 8/29/12 0:49 Trillium:

    I actually ordered some shadow palettes just a couple of days ago, shipping to Texas. Some of the palettes can’t be shipped to the US, but many of them can. And shipping was amazingly cheap!


  • 8/29/12 6:26 Kiss & Make-up:

    Must… resist… offer…


  • 8/29/12 13:59 Louise:

    Ended up purchasing Lace, Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Suede, and the Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac! Can’t wait to try out this brand.


    • 8/29/12 14:02 the Muse:

      yay nice lousie! enjoy! stop back, tell me how it all is when it arrives!


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