24 Hours of Beauty on QVC This Saturday!

Beauty that’s our game isn’t it? How about 24 straight hours of it?

24 Hours of Beauty on QVC is upcoming this Saturday so set your Tivo dears.

For a special day of pampering, tune in to QVC for “Beauty’s Best,” a 24-hour broadcast event dedicated to the celebration of beauty. From today’s leading beauty newsmakers to the latest high-tech innovations, “Beauty’s Best” features the top trends and the hottest products in cosmetics, fragrance, and cutting-edge skin, body and hair care.

Join QVC on Saturday, August 25 for a full day of best-selling brands and customer top-rated products, as well as the announcement of nominees for this year’s QVC Customer Choice Awards. Try out new trends and stock up on essentials with brand new items, QVC exclusives and super-sized products with special event prices during “Beauty’s Best” on QVC.

Some hot items making their debut on QVC this Saturday can be found below!

There are a TON more offerings as well like the new Mally in the Buff Palette! Who doesn’t want that one? Love!

Tune in tomorrow or head to QVC.com to check out the latest beauty offerings.

Happy Shoppin’!

Do share your purchases in the comment box!

  • 8/24/12 15:49 diane:

    i’m gonna try and restrain but i’m sure i’ll wind up caving. hope mally’s nail system tsv sells out early so we get one time onlys. hehe


  • 8/24/12 15:49 blue:

    that BM brush looks a lot like the new Sigma F88. i wonder if sigma is annoyed or flattered that BM thinks its a great enough brush to copy (shape-wise at least).


  • 8/25/12 13:54 JoElla:

    It seemed the BM Ready made all the models look yellow last night, and I am a yellow undertoned girl.

    The only thing that perked my interest was the IT Blush stains. other than that.. same ole same ole.

    And why would I want to order the Blue Plasma when it won’t even ship till early October? I really hate when QVC does that.


  • 8/25/12 15:14 Jessica:

    Oh man! BE Ready Foundation, Perricone Blue Plasma and a TON more, I’m sure…..ey ey ey…..<3 it!


  • 8/25/12 17:43 anna:

    Has anyone tried the Blue Plasma? I know it’s pricey, but it sounds so cool!


    • 8/27/12 11:01 the Muse:

      it does indeed anna! I was tempted to order!


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