Bath & Body Works Light-Up Pocketbac Holder Halloween Bat

I know it’s a little early but I couldn’t resist picking up this cute Bath & Body Works Light-Up Halloween Bat Pocketbac Holder ($7.50)!


He has an on and off switch which allows his eyes to blink on and off or remain steady.

I put one of the several new Halloween Pocketbacs in him which was Ghoul Friend a berry scented anti-bacterial gel. I swear to God it was the only one I hauled. I was tempted to get more but I have so many laying around it’s starting to become obscene.

This little guy was available at my local store. Seems that Bath & Body Works Halloween is slowly trickling into stores.

What do you stores have so far?

  • 8/6/12 20:39 Jacquelyn:

    I WANT THIS! despite the fact you only REALLY need ONE sanitizer holder in your life, i can’t help but need this!!! haha


    • 8/7/12 9:16 the Muse:

      lol true jacquelyn you only need one but who can resist?!


    • 8/7/12 16:10 Icequeen81:

      can u convince me that I need just one? I think I have 4 and needing more and still dont know why. Actually is one I really like but that holder and that scent just call my name love alll with bats and berry’s and halloweeny


      • 8/7/12 16:33 the Muse:

        can barely convince myself haha!


  • 8/6/12 20:44 Icequeen81:

    ohhhhhhhh soooooooo cuteee


  • 8/6/12 20:53 Phyrra:

    I think this little bat is adorable! I love love love cute bats.


  • 8/6/12 22:49 Nala:

    I must pick this up! And if there is a ghost, pumpkin, or a witch I have to pick that up, too. And all the PocketBacs! I’m going to be broke!

    I reeealy hope BBW releases a million lip glosses like they did last year! So fun! :)


  • 8/7/12 4:23 Alina:

    This is too cute!


  • 8/7/12 8:47 Michelle:

    “I swear to God it was the only one I hauled.”

    Yeah, right. One can never have too many Pocketbacs. My local mall is doing some major renovations and the B&BW is closed (hopefully not gone forever) and so I missed out on the SAS and can’t get in the store and browse all of the lovely new stuff. That bat looks so adorable!


    • 8/7/12 12:05 the Muse:

      LOL Michelle I have too MANY! aw hope that it opens up soon!!!!!!!!


  • 8/7/12 8:54 Michelle:

    OMFG – too cute! I would totally get this if I didn’t haul way too much from that darn Urban Decay sale…oops! Now I’m in make-up abstinence for a little while :(


  • 8/7/12 9:46 Monica:

    I’m not really a fan of the pocketbacs, but that is just too cute. I may even wear it year-round!


  • 8/7/12 11:40 Dee3yint:

    Neeed this I love the lights eyes


  • 8/18/12 18:29 Michele:

    I bought him too. One of my favorite BBW halloween items is the Bat scent-bug (I loved those, where did they go) they had a couple years ago.


  • 1/5/13 13:58 Kate:

    I love him (and bought 7 JUST IN CASE 1 broke ha) but I really wish they would have just re-released last years and I thought it was all around cuter without the light up eyes, etc!


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