BSC 5 in 1 Whitening & Moisturising Crystal Mask Review

BSC makes a great range of crystal gel masks that I absolutely adore. These are always Buy 1, Get 1 on Sasa too so you can get your savings on when repurchasing.


They kinda suck.

This is an innovative transparent facial sheet mask made of a gel-like material that has a slippery, wet feel. Unlike traditional cotton sheet masks this actually feels like jell-o. I’m unsure exactly what the mask is made of but it’s interesting to say the least.

They are SUPER saturated so they have a wet, slippery feel when you take them out of the package. They actually come in two separate pieces. One for the upper half of your face and one for the lower.

If you’ve never tried a traditional Asian sheet mask before these work in a similiar fashion. Simply place them over your face and wear them for 10-30 minutes allowing time for the essence to soak into skin.

This mask is supposed to “melt” as you wear it while tightening skin, whitening it, minimizing pores, moisturizing, and allowing for skin cell turn over. For me it eases dullness, brightens my skin, and hydrates it very, very well. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after use.

The problem?

OMG they are just such a pain to use. Where as a regular sheet mask can be worn easily and you can walk around in it or sit at your computer as you wear it, etc…BSC masks have to be applied while you’re laying down. You can’t move about with them in place and laying on your back ensures they don’t slip off. If you move or sit up they’ll slide right off your face. UGH! I’m a multitasker by nature and simply have no time to sit still for 30 minutes as I wear the mask. You have to lay on your back as you wear them otherwise they’ll slip and slide around and even laying down they do this.

Le sigh!

It’s a damn shame as they are a nicely effective mask for easing my dullness, brightening my face, and moisturizing. I didn’t experience the other benefits of the mask but just those three things are enough to keep me happy however, the slipping off automatically put them on my do not buy again list.


Available now at (BOGO applies at the moment).


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 8/6/12 19:36 Tammie:

    You might want to try the gel masks from The Face Shop, they stick quite well just like normal sheet masks :)


  • 8/6/12 20:48 Phyrra:

    eek! i hate the idea of using something that would slip off.


  • 8/7/12 8:42 Kiss & Make-up:

    Looks scary :-/ I’m planning on placing an order with Sasa, but I guess I won’t need to add this mask to the list then.


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