Forsaken Eau de Parfum Review

Forsaken Eau de Parfum, inspired by HBO’s hit series True Blood, is a newly launched HSN exclusive fragrance that will bring out your inner vamp.

This ravishing scent had me skeptical at first. Mmm a perfume based on a TV show? How good could it be? But after using it I absolutely adore it.

Take a look!

I admit the idea of Forsaken Eau de Parfum had me slightly wary. Anything celeb related or inspired by in the fragrance world isn’t always a great adventure for me. That’s not to say that some celebrity fragrances are the bomb dot com but others, well others aren’t exactly fabulous.

A perfume inspired by a TV show does sound a tad gimmicky but don’t let this one fool you. Even if you aren’t a fan of True Blood you can still enjoy this incredible scent.

I expected something cheap, something possibly strong and overwhelming…but what I got was sensual, sultry, and every so slightly sweet.

The scent opens with fruity notes in the form of dark blackberry pear, and blood orange. It dries down super quickly though and goes a bit rose on me at first with edgy notes like night blooming jasmine and sheer violet playing at the background. Although it does have patchouli to it you can barely smell the note thanks to the addition of vanilla and a strong note of ebony wood. It’s terribly difficult to explain as the blend is quite complex upon dry down but I get sweetness with a wonderful sophisticated edge that’s almost unisex-like. It’s positively addicting. I must have spritzed myself five times alone today.

It does have a strong alcohol base however, it has a great linger and just enough throw that people will lean in and ask, “What are YOU wearing?”

Forsaken comes in a bottle inspired by vampire “fashion” with sexy black flora embellishments on the bottle. The glass reflects ddeep red lines that seem to swirl like blood as the bottle is turned and two ruby red beads drop from the bottle’s neck like dripping blood suspended by a silver chain. The True Blood custom label graces the front corner of the bottle with the custom Forsaken label at the center.

Forsaken is a delightful little surprise. I expected dark, I expected overpowering, and I expected to be overwhelmed but instead I got a unique fragrance that reeks high end.

I loved this.

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

I think you’ll be surprised how beautiful it smells.

Available now today only with Free Shipping and the introductory price of $49.95 at

Well worth picking up particularly if you love unique perfumes.


Did you get anything from the Forsaken True Blood Collection that launched at today?


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  • 8/9/12 15:40 Tigress:

    I thought that said foreskin. What a relief.


    • 8/9/12 16:22 Alanna:

      if there was a perfume named that I’d probably think it was funny enough to buy it LOL


  • 8/9/12 20:26 Eliza:

    So excited for this! I ordered it earlier this morning and can’t wait for it to arrive.


    • 8/10/12 9:22 the Muse:

      can’t WAIT to hear what you think eliza!


  • 8/9/12 23:50 K:

    The box reminds me of Kat von D’s perfume!


  • 8/10/12 21:10 Violet:

    I’m intrigued but the bottle looks incredibly tacky in my opinion. Puts me totally off :'(


  • 8/13/12 17:23 Aging_Beauty:

    I read this as “FORESKIN Eau de Parfum Review”. LMAO!!!


  • 8/16/12 15:59 shirl:

    Sickly, sweet, overpowering aroma; not good.


  • 8/18/12 0:43 Lise:

    Will it be sold anywhere else other than hsn?


    • 8/20/12 13:08 the Muse:

      no lise, it’s exclusive to


  • 8/20/12 20:07 Donica spencer:

    I love this fragrance too and received compliments. I also got the fang candle and reed diffuser. I’m going to need backup of perfume though.


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