L’Oreal New York Nudes Fall 2012

As you know L’Oreal has introduced a six shade selection of Color Riche Nail Polish entitled New York Nudes. Along with that collection they have a brand new display featuring a selection of products for both Lips and Tips, embracing the matching lips and tips trend for Fall 2012.

Take a look!

Displays include LE shades of Color Riche Nail Polish, Color Riche Le Gloss, and Color Riche Lipstick in themed groups named after popular New York landmarks such as Wall Street and Chelsea.

Sadly, most of the displays I saw were stripped. I really wanted to see all the Le Gloss shades since I’m a big fan of the gloss but I was only able to come across two shades, both of which, weren’t terribly appealing.

Most of the colors are nude, beige, or bronze-y browns.

Anyone see the display?

Any must have colors?

Do share!

  • 8/21/12 23:32 Kathleen:

    Oh, I hope one of my stores gets these! I’m a sucker for “nude” colors! Midtown Hustle looks nice!


  • 8/22/12 0:17 SJG:

    um L’oreal, how about making a deeper brown shade of the Colour Riche Balm, instead of pimping out Bronze Coin for the ookabillionth time. grrr.


  • 8/22/12 5:43 Kiss & Make-up:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but then again, Belgium is always a bit behind on things… :-(


  • 8/22/12 12:37 Lara:

    I want the polish next to the LeGloss named Harmon! It looks so nice! Id get the lip gloss too. I’ll stop by today and see if I spot them <3


  • 8/22/12 15:10 Tiffany Martin:

    I want the chocolate nail color and literally every nude gloss. I want to experiment and see what I can pull off.


  • 8/23/12 3:23 katrosado:

    I picked up hudson sunset. Our walgreens only had the nail polishes. I want to pick up some of those lippies too.


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