MAC By Request Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

The MAC By Request Collection has launched online at already. This is a selection of fan voted favorite shades and products that were brought back for a limited time.

Did you indulge?

I actually didn’t see anything in the batch I absolutely needed.

Let’s take a look at a few of the MAC By Request Eye Shadows and see if you need them.

You can’t really knock what people like. I might love something, you might not, that’s life. But I gotta say some of these shades that were introduced with MAC By Request seem terribly boring. I thought that something way popular and way nicer would be voted back.

But hey….I just got into MAC about 5 years ago? So these shades might have been something I’d roll around in fits of joy if I was an older MAC fan. I don’t technically own any of these shades and I don’t remember the hype surrounding them.

Guacamole is a light green with subtle golden accents. I wouldn’t call the gold sparkle or shimmer but more pearl-ish. The shade does have a frost finish but it’s surprisingly lightweight and doesn’t have a cakey, too sparkly look on my lids. The shade is pretty subtle in the pigment department but builds up to a nice grassy green on my lids. It’s probably one of the better frosts I’ve tried from MAC.

Jete is quite a nice shade which I don’t own. This is a sandy pink with a veluxe pearl finish. Again, color pay off was a bit subtle but it has a nice smooth finish on lids that gives off a little bit of a metallic finish. I liked how it seemed to reflect a little champagne, a little pink, and a tiny peach on my lids.

There is one other shade that was brought back with the collection which is Moth Brown. I didn’t try this color.

Although nice shades I’m unsure of the hype surrounding the colors. Perhaps I’m just too much of a MAC virgin to appreciate these come backs. I’d personally love something like Stereo Rose to make a return.

But hey, to each his/her own right?

Anything you LOVED from the MAC by Request Collection?

Remember these shades?

Do share!


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  • 8/8/12 13:03 Sara Elisabeth:

    I’m loving Jete. It is new to me, though.


  • 8/8/12 20:30 Winni:

    Moth Brown is the bomb dot com. Just sayin. The rest is booooooring tho.


  • 8/8/12 20:45 Michelle:

    From what I’ve heard about Moth Brown it’s supposed to be a HG color that every MAC junkie and their mother swear by. Kinda the same following that Satin Taupe has.


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