MAC X Azealia Banks Yung Rapunxel Lipstick

MAC collaborates with rapper Azealia Banks for Fashion’s Night Out with a new, limited edition lipstick shade entitled Yung Rapunxel.

Yung Rapunxel ($15) a deep plum, cream Lipstick with an amplified, semi-matte finish, is named after Banks’ alter ego and boasts a color as bold as its inspiration.

This launches on September 5th, within the US only, at and in all NYC MAC Stores on September 6th through the 20th.

  • 8/24/12 10:23 Debster:

    That’s a colour I’m definitely interested in, mainly since it’s not apart of the typical brick reds/flush pinks I lean towards.


  • 8/24/12 10:25 evo:

    ooo…but US only? what about canada? booooooo!


  • 8/24/12 13:28 Laura H:

    only in the us? i hate when mac does that considering they are a canadian company ! i love azealia !


    • 8/24/12 14:37 Tiffany:

      It sucks, although TECHNICALLY MAC isn’t a Canadian company anymore. Since they’re not owned by EL, their headquarters are now in NY and not in Canada.

      (Not trying to nit pick, just clarifying)


      • 8/24/12 14:38 Tiffany:

        Since they’re NOW* owned by EL


      • 9/5/12 20:18 divinem (Melissa):

        They should never forget from whence they came. I hate how unfair they are to non-US customers. It’s ridiculous.


  • 8/24/12 14:11 JenJ:

    This will be mine…oh yes!


  • 8/24/12 14:39 breyerchic04:

    I know that people are always saying they wish there were more LE amplifieds, so i will be happy for those people. But I want a lustre that is a dark purpley shade, so it’s at least sort of sheer.


  • 8/24/12 23:59 SJ:

    I want this on my lips nooooow.
    Stupid mac and their testing on animals….
    Ah, but I do have pots to Back to MAC… Hm…


  • 8/26/12 12:29 Nicole:

    Is this worth getting if I already have Cyber?


    • 8/27/12 11:00 the Muse:

      not sure nicole, I don’t own cyber so I can’t really compare!


  • 8/27/12 2:27 Kate:

    Film Noir and Cyber were two of my first MAC lipsticks, so I think I am interested! This sort of looks similar.


  • 8/27/12 10:57 Majick:

    I would love to have this one but I’m not so sure my 52 year old lips could carry it. I can get away with certain colors but this one I would def have to try before I buy.


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