Maybelline Fall 2012 Scene from the Runway Color Studio Nail Polish Collection

Along with the Maybelline Fall 2012 Scene from the Runway Color Collection, Maybelline has also launched a limited edition run of dark, rich shades of Color Studio Nail Polish.

Take a look!

These are stunning colors. I’m not a nail girl at all but I’m loving some of the richer, warmer colors of burgundy, brown, and green launched in this collection!

I saw the display

  • 8/21/12 19:03 Jane:

    I bought the Avante Green because it looked so incredibly pretty in the bottle, like a cooler version of Peridot and with more blue in it. It’s fine, but it’s pretty sheer and might be best as a layer over another green. I did four coats and was nowhere near bottle color. In north facing rooms, the color pulls way cool, very teal blue, and in south facing rooms, a warmer color that is so light catching! Worth it, but be aware!


  • 8/21/12 22:56 Cindy:

    I am really loving these dark shades for fall, but I’ve had such bad luck with this polish! It chips within 1-2 days with a top coat! I want to love these more!


  • 8/22/12 7:28 sataa:

    All the shades are so pretty , perfect for fall and winter season


  • 8/22/12 10:10 Kaitlin:

    Maybe I’m crazy…but does something look off with the girl’s nails in the promo image? Like, they’re really, really long looking but you can see they’re flush with the end of her actual finger. I think that’s some bad, bad Photoshop because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with fingernails like that! PLUS, don’t her finger look incredibly stumpy for the size of her face? I mean…her middle finger looks tiny!


    • 8/22/12 11:28 Cindy:

      Nope, you’re not crazy! It does look a little off! I feel a lot of nail polish displays are Photoshopped these days. Or else they’re finding very strange hand models.


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