Rosette Hello Kitty Strong Mint Wash Review

I’m obsessed with all things mint in the Summer (and the Winter for that matter). That cool, tingling feeling you get in the shower when you’re using some fantastically minty shower gel (my favorite, Bliss Shock Therapy).

You might recall Japanese brand, Rosette, teamed up with Sanrio to launch some rather cute Hello Kitty packaged skincare goodies. One of the more recent products to come out of that launch is the Rosette Hello Kitty Strong Mint Wash.

Take note people, they really mean STRONG!

This is a charcoal black minty wash that’s super thick and creamy. If you’ve used Asian collagen washes before this pretty much has the same texture and consistency as any collagen wash or cleanser you’d buy from a variety of Japanese, Korean, etc..brands. It’s very thick, it’s very creamy, and it lathers to a super thick foam with a slippery feel as you clean.

Although thick and black it actually works up into gray-ish foam. Dude, believe you me, minty is an understatement. If you’re sensitive in any way, shape, or form avoid buying this. It’s SO cool, so tingling, and so minty on skin! Phew! I have drier skin and this is really meant for oily/acne prone skin but since I typically have oily areas during the Summer I decided to give it a whirl. And man it wakes me up! It’s like rubbing toothpaste on your face. Seriously, the minty fresh tingle is wicked. It cools my face as it cleanses. After use my skin feels quite soft, not too matte, and no tight, dry feeling. I was a little worried it would over strip but I didn’t have an issue which makes me feel comfortable recommending it to a variety of skin types.

It contains Marine Clay and natural ingredients like mint, that cleanses and mattifies skin by rinsing away dirt and oil. You can also use it on your feet or under your arms (I haven’t done so but the option is there).

Just be warned…it’s intense! Holy minty freshness Batman!

I absolutely loved this one. It’s a cool, refreshing tingle in the AM for cleansing my face and waking it up! Wow!

Just don’t get any in your eyes, it burns in a major way!

Muse Approved for purchase but sensitive skin be aware, it’s intense.

Available at for $7.70.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 8/9/12 15:49 kiwikiwidragon:

    You would totally love the Dr. Bronners peppermint liquid soap. Ah ma zing!!!!


    • 8/9/12 16:06 the Muse:

      what who? what’s dat?! tell me more! I texted you just now, so sorry for the delay, been SWAMPED today!


      • 8/9/12 16:07 the Muse:

        ps is texted a word?


    • 8/9/12 16:19 Alanna:

      LOVE me some bronners. We used it as camping soap growing up, and I’ve kept a big bottle in my shower ever since. It leaves you feeling chilly even after you get out!


      • 8/9/12 16:21 the Muse:

        what is this fabulous minty stuff I know nothing about!?


          • 8/10/12 9:26 the Muse:

            i muzz try this!

        • 8/10/12 6:17 HapaGirl:

          Girl, I swear by the Bronner’s stuff! They have peppermint, eucalyptus, and even lavender flavors. My 1 year old nephew uses it as a bath soap. :) I use it when I travel to wash up, clean clothes, scrub feet, wash water bottles, you name it. It’s a jack of all trades! Available at Target, Whole Foods, I think even Trader Joe’s. Pretty much everywhere! And I LOVE this review – I’m a huge fan of the HK Rosette line and the next time I see this wash in Japan I’m scooping it up!


          • 8/10/12 9:15 the Muse:

            i need to try! I’ll have a look when I’m at TJ or WF! ;-D I LOVE love love the HK Rosette line too! So happy they keep releasing new washes/products.

  • 8/9/12 16:02 Tina:

    You just made my day Muse-ster! I love Bath and Body Work’s True Blue Spa Mint Scrub when they had it last year and I stocked up on it. I have 2 or 3 of the trial tubes left and they went and discontinued it because I can’t find it anywhere! I just love minty scrubs because of the cooling sensation on my face after a wash.

    I need to try this one. Thank you so much!


    • 8/9/12 16:06 the Muse:

      my pleasure tina but girl be careful it’s WAY more powerful than the True Blue Spa Mint OMG ;-D I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! let me know if you try it ;-D curious what you think!


  • 8/10/12 0:58 Flavia Signori:

    OMG! I loveee mint stuff! I use mint shampoos and I love the refresness it gaves… well, it makes me feel the water is cold when it’s not, but that’s okay xD

    Mint + Hello Kitty = LOVE <3 Gonna buy it for sure! *-*



  • 8/14/12 18:21 robynleigh333:

    ..dang, out of stock…i really want this,lol


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