Technical Issue: Disppearing Pages

Hey there!

There seems to be a little issue with disappearing pages when clicking read more. I think this is an ad issue and hopefully will be cleared up shortly.

If you’re experiencing it please feel free to e-mail me using the contact form, comment here, or Tweet me. Reloading the page will clear it, if not, reload again….I know not a great solution but this is temporary! :)

Any other issues, by all means, let me know :)


  • 8/25/12 13:57 JoElla:

    Ruh Roh.. We got hit slammed with the last virus that attacked, and now my system is running wonky again. I may have to contact Viper (best customer service out there IMO!) to remote with me again.


    • 8/27/12 11:03 the Muse:

      aw good luck getting it all sorted JoElla!


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