the Muse’s $500 MAC Makeup Giveaway!

Congrats to sara elisabeth who won this giveaway!

Note: Comments are moderated so if you don’t see yours, don’t worry, it’s there and will be approved when I get back from my vacation!

Yup, you read it right. $500 bucks worth of MAC Cosmetics!


Starting today through August 20th you’ll have two chances to enter to win $500 worth of MAC Cosmetics. Lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush….! You’ll get a variety of MAC products in this giveaway. The contents of the actual products is top secret but they’ll be some great products in there from both recent collections (as recent as the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection) and products from the general catalog as well as past LE shades and products.

You have two chances to win this huge giveaway.

Read below for details.

How do you win?

Leave a comment here.

Say hey, what’s up, tell me about your weekend plans. Whatevahs…type it and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

For a second chance to win just head over to Twitter, cut and paste and tweet the following:

Follow @musingsofamuse and RT to Win $500 of MAC Cosmetics!

That’s it!

You must be 18 years of age to enter and the giveaway is open to Worldwide readership. US residents, Canadian, Asia, Mars, wherever you are you can enter to win this huge haul. A random winner will be selected and alerted via e-mail or Twitter DM.

Good Luck!

  • 8/10/12 10:16 Lauren:

    I want to win $500 worth of MAC Cosmetics!

    • 8/10/12 16:53 Erin:

      I want!!!

    • 8/10/12 20:06 Pat:

      OMG! Crossing my fingers! Awesome giveaway!

    • 8/11/12 5:40 Shamar:

      What a great giveaway!! Hope to win :)

    • 8/12/12 2:05 Rini:

      Ooohh. I’m not the luckiest when it comes to these sorts of prize contests but I never stop trying πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed >.<

    • 8/12/12 23:45 Stephanie:

      OMG I NEED THIS!!! I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dream come trueee

    • 8/13/12 20:03 Stephanie:

      Have a wonderful holiday.
      I’ve never tried a MAC product ever. Boy would I love to get this home.

    • 8/13/12 23:00 justine:

      Id love to win, I’m spending the weekend with my dad at my cottage :)

    • 8/14/12 12:12 saundra daryab:

      What a wonderful giveaway! This weekend my daughter is flying in from Miami, and my husband and daughter just plan to spend some quality family time cooking some nice Persian food and going to our local farmers market and maybe going out to dinner for some nice Thai food.

    • 8/14/12 15:40 Ellena:

      My next weekend is all about getting home after a month’s absence. So I’ll probably have to clean the whole place and go shopping for some food as well.
      Have a lovely holiday!
      RT @TubbsBroonswick

    • 8/15/12 3:14 Lisa V:

      Spending the weekend working hoping I win ^_^

    • 8/15/12 4:33 Rach:

      This weekend I am going to watch movies, do laundry and clean.

    • 8/16/12 17:51 Zabrina:

      I’ll be working, so I can buy more make up

    • 8/16/12 19:33 Jill:

      Had a vaca last week, now im just ready for fall and everything that goes with it. (candles, decorations, starbucks pumpkin spice latte….:p)

    • 8/17/12 0:17 Joe:

      O I wanna win! O I wanna win!

    • 8/18/12 1:02 juliet:

      I am practicing violin this week. Also meeting my husband’s whole family for the first time….I just got married last week! I love your website and read it before I buy any makeup especially bb creams!

    • 8/18/12 22:09 Lindsey:

      Weekend plans are playing roller derby and more roller derby!

    • 8/19/12 20:56 Carla:

      Great giveaway!!

    • 8/20/12 8:57 sharron:

      I am going to the CCO!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:16 Jillybean:

    OMG wow…I hope I win! Thanks Muse!

  • 8/10/12 10:17 Lorraine ER:

    This is the best giveway ever and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win. I don’t have much in the way of a makeup budget anymore and this would make my year!!

    • 8/20/12 0:01 Shawna:

      I’ve always loved your site- read it regularly. This giveaway made me join! :)

  • 8/10/12 10:17 Emi:

    WOW, that is a fantastic giveaway!

    Also, I love coffee.

  • 8/10/12 10:18 Liz!:

    Hey Muse! Awesome giveaway! No big weekend plans for me, just work, squeeze in a trip to the gym and maybe see a movie Sunday night.

  • 8/10/12 10:18 grace:

    Hey Muse! Finishing up my last exam today so I’m soooooo excited! Was falling asleep on my notes til I read this post.. thanks for waking me up πŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting this too!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:19 Stephanie Carvalho:

    This weekeng I’ll jus sleep and sleep and sleep! I need a rest Muse! My marrige is coming and i’m tired for life! In my drems, I’ll receive your e-mail telling me I’ve won this huuuuuge giveaway and it’ll all be fine again :)

  • 8/10/12 10:19 Joyce:

    MUSE! How did you wake up this morning? I woke up to a monstrously loud bang of thunder. I’m pretty sure it shook my house. My dog fell off the bed!

    Anyways πŸ˜› thank you for this awesome giveaway ^.~

    • 8/10/12 10:20 the Muse:

      lol joyce damn…! we have rain but no thunder thankfully ;D!

  • 8/10/12 10:19 Sandy:

    Love reading your blog, thanks for the great giveaway! Nothing too special this weekend–probably some kind of unplanned makeup purchase will be in my future(haha there almost always is) :)

  • 8/10/12 10:19 Corisa:

    It’s going to be a sad weekend for me, the old black bean finally kicked in the bucket so I have to go car shopping. On the upside it’s still shopping, right? I think there are some dealerships near my Sephora… That’s a complete lie, there are none but I’ll find myself there anyway!

  • 8/10/12 10:20 Bao:

    Thanks for the giveaway and I do hope you have a good weekend

  • 8/10/12 10:20 Kaitlin:

    Daaaang, Muse! Thank you soooo much for the incredible giveaway! You’re the best! Hmm…weekend plans? My friend is coming up from out of town so we can go to a party woohoo! How about you?

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Pearl:

    Winning this would be like Christmas for me!!!! My weekend plans are to spend time with the boo!

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Alchemy:

    Would love a chance to win. I’ve been obsessing over the new Target exclusives for Nicole by OPI polishes.

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Maria Hernandez:

    I’m very excited about this giveaway! can’t wait to see the results! :)

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Lepi:

    I could use some MAC makeup :)

  • 8/10/12 10:21 bhumika:

    ooo..awesome..thats a fab giveaway possible..enter me :)
    I intend to see The Dark Knight Rises and some usual shopping over the weekend :)

    Tweeted here

    Thanks :)

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Ishah:

    Woot! This is an awesome giveaway πŸ˜€ Well, my weekend plans are to find some air conditioning since mine is on the blink. Hope you have a cool one πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 10:21 Christina:

    My jaw is still brushing the floor. What a wonderful giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 10:22 SiokLeng:

    Cold, windy and rain = miserable weekend. This can definitely cheer me up… πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 10:22 Littlecreek:

    Ooo…top secret eh? :) This should be fun!

  • 8/10/12 10:22 Amber H.:

    What a wonderful and kind giveaway! This would be an awesome prize to win. :)

  • 8/10/12 10:23 Sydney:

    I am actually excited to start classes again. I like school!

  • 8/10/12 10:23 Michelle:

    I think I only owned one MAC item my entire life! Poor me!

  • 8/10/12 10:23 geri:

    this weekend I am planning to spearhead a relief operation drive to my fellow Filipinos who were devastated by the recent flooding in our country

  • 8/10/12 10:24 SJ:

    This marks the first occasion in my life where I am actually sad for not having twitter!

    As for my weekend plans, I’m probably going to have to study (post-traumatic stress disorder =( ) but I might go see the Napoleon exhibit in my rainy homecity Melbourne, Australia!

    Even better, might get the boyfriend to come with!

  • 8/10/12 10:24 Linda:

    WOW! What a great give away, I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 8/10/12 10:25 Corey:

    Love Mac! You have a holiday coming up, no? What products do you bring in your diddy bag, muse?

    • 8/10/12 10:25 the Muse:

      girl my traincase is packed to the gills with stuff ;-D it’s surreal!

  • 8/10/12 10:25 Sweta Rupani Avarsekar:

    Hey, this is great..wish to win it too…ur blog brings a smile on my face..:))keep up the good job..thumps up!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:25 Molika:

    Wow thank you!! i’ve never tried any mac products before this would be great! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 10:25 ladymoonlight:

    I’m sure I won’t win cause I never do but I’m happy for the lucky one who will cause it’s a great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 10:26 Ester:

    Wow, how crazy! What an exciting giveaway!! I have no luck but I’m hoping!!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:27 Sweta Rupani Avarsekar:

    Well my weekend plan is just vising docs…:( super unwell..this gets sum cheers on my face..:))

  • 8/10/12 10:27 Jessica W:

    Hopefully this weekend involves napping and maybe painting my nails. I really need to recharge so NO stress!

  • 8/10/12 10:28 Laura S.:

    Hi, love your site! Was about to load steam and get my gaming on but couldn’t resist visiting your site first, GLAD I DID!

  • 8/10/12 10:28 le:

    wow that is massive. I have no plan for this weekend beside skyping with my family in Vietnam, the weather is horrible with raining all days long

  • 8/10/12 10:28 Zadidoll:

    My plans are to stay home to take care of a three week old kitten my daughter brought home. Poor little dear’s mother was killed last week and other people took home her siblings but left her behind so my daughter brought her home since we’ve raised cats from birth (but never without the Queen). This last week has been challenging but rewarding since she’s bonded with me. Her cat carrier is sitting right next to me on my desk so she watches me the whole day (when she’s awake and not eating). I have a feeling this little girl is going to be like a puppy with me.

  • 8/10/12 10:28 christa:

    what an awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 10:29 LOLA:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW! this is amazing ! My weekend plans is deciding on a college, and one of these colleges is in Greece! Which im excited for and terrified about! Hope i Win this! Thanks for all your reviews its greatly appreciated. XD

  • 8/10/12 10:30 Anne:

    So awesome! I’d love to win because MAC is normally too expensive for me.

  • 8/10/12 10:31 Jessica G.:

    Wow, you’ve outdone yourself Muse! I retweeted you from my twitter account, EsqInEyeliner!

  • 8/10/12 10:31 shusheshe:

    I am going to go swimming this weekend!

  • 8/10/12 10:31 Polly:

    I’m planning to study for the written test to get my driver’s permit!

  • 8/10/12 10:32 Nina:

    I have work and some serious grocery shopping to do this weekend!

  • 8/10/12 10:32 lilu:

    Wow thats super generous! Amazing, thank you!

  • 8/10/12 10:33 Anita:

    OMG.. this is the most generous giveaway ever. My weekend plan is to reorganize my closet and do some pre-fall/end-of-summer clear out of my room. :) I hope I win! Love your blog btw :)

  • 8/10/12 10:33 Dalia Santana:

    Plans for this weekend is spending it with the family love them so much!!
    Thank for the awesome giveaway it a jaw dropper fingers crossed !

  • 8/10/12 10:33 Sasha:

    My son’s 9th birthday party is tomorrow night! We are headed to a baseball game with 7 of his friends.

  • 8/10/12 10:34 anna:

    Wow $500 that’s super generous of you Muse.

    On Saturday I am going to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth removed -_-. And then on Sunday I am going to the Greek Theather to watch Andrew Bird perform.

  • 8/10/12 10:34 Caitlin:

    I am going to Belize on Wednesday! SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!

  • 8/10/12 10:35 evo:

    wow! what a way to give back! :)

    i’m hoping for a relaxing weekend. last weekend was way too busy.

  • 8/10/12 10:36 Tatjanochka:

    I think this is absolutely unreal competition! I mean really, stuff like this doesn’t happen…and never to me, that’s for sure…Good luck everyone!

  • 8/10/12 10:37 Emily:

    This is an awesome giveaway! That’s a lot of MAC!

  • 8/10/12 10:37 Michelle:

    I love reading your blog … what an awesome giveaway. It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend so I’m looking forward to some time at the pool.

  • 8/10/12 10:37 Lisa Brown:

    I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend, and that’s how I like it :)

    Tweeted –

    Thank you!

  • 8/10/12 10:37 Bridget:

    This weekend my plans include: writing a paper for my grad class about my experience at Camp Fatima, going out to dinner with my grandmother, and going shopping with my guy friend to help him pick out a certain special accessory for his lucky lady! I hope you have something fun and exciting to do!

  • 8/10/12 10:37 Anjie Scheuren:

    Wow… This is a crazy awesome giveaway! Thanks!
    I just found out that I don’t have to work this weekend, so I plan on doing a lot of relaxing. :)

  • 8/10/12 10:38 Mikichigo:

    I’m planning on eating. Eating and sleeping because I have no life. xD

  • 8/10/12 10:38 Holly:

    What an awesome giveaway! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  • 8/10/12 10:39 Bethany:

    Wow! What a giveaway! That will be days of fun playing with all the make up for whoever wins!

  • 8/10/12 10:39 Carolina:

    Wow…i would like to win…whish me luck…

  • 8/10/12 10:40 LouAnne:

    Hey… I am recovering from gall bladder surgery! Winning would make me feel better!

  • 8/10/12 10:40 Diana:

    Wow! Great contest thanks!

  • 8/10/12 10:41 Nina:

    Hi Muse,

    This weekend I plan on spending time with my nephew who is visiting from TX. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  • 8/10/12 10:41 Jasmine:

    This weekend is full of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and then maybe top it off with a WIN?!?!

  • 8/10/12 10:41 Sandi:

    What an amazing giveaway! I just had surgery on Tuesday, so nothing fun for me this weekend. I do, however, get to enjoy being the one being taken care of for a change. :)

  • 8/10/12 10:42 Lindsey:

    Awesome, thanks so much!

  • 8/10/12 10:42 Makedonka:

    Holly smokes! :)

  • 8/10/12 10:42 Annie:

    Such an awesome giveaway you’re doing! Way too generous of you! πŸ˜€
    I’m planning to do some back to school shopping this weekend.

  • 8/10/12 10:42 Katy:

    Whoaaaaaaa! How awesome would that be to win! I am so glad I found the Muse! It all started with my quest into BB creams and now I look forward to all posts and reviews! Thank you so much for all the great info :)))))

  • 8/10/12 10:42 Lindsay:

    Wow! What a great giveaway. Consider this my entry…thanks!

  • 8/10/12 10:43 sarina:

    Hey Muse! I’m going to stay at home and catch up with the numerous dramas that have just begun! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 10:46 Cindy:

    Wow, awesome give away!

  • 8/10/12 10:46 Marcia:

    I want it!

  • 8/10/12 10:46 Lily:

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway!

    My weekend plans are really boring. Sitting home getting caught up for school and doing assignments due on Monday.

  • 8/10/12 10:46 Mary Lira:

    My plans for this weekend is to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. I hope hubby takes me out to eat, then it’s off to my neice’s 12th birthday party, her birthday is also tomorrow. Then plan for my son’s 4th birthday next weekend. Want some cake?

  • 8/10/12 10:47 auroragyps:

    I hope to catch up on chores around the house this weekend. The past couple of weeks have been super stressful and way hot & muggy, so I’ve been slacking. Once I’m caught up, I plan to have a horror movie quadruple feature along with Chinese take out & junk food.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway, Muse.

  • 8/10/12 10:47 DAWN:


  • 8/10/12 10:49 Shellie:

    Love MAC but there are no stores where I live!!! (Montana). Ordering online when it comes to cosmetics and colors is so tough, would be awesome to be able to play without having to worry about returns, etc!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:50 Claire:

    I would love to win this giveaway so I can share it with my mum for her fiftieth!!!

  • 8/10/12 10:50 Suzanne:

    I don’t have any weekend plans, i’m boring like that! I’ll probably go play with my make-up πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 10:52 Clarayim:

    wow this is an awesome giveaway! thank you so much!

  • 8/10/12 10:52 Christina:

    WOOT! Love this giveaway. Thinking of hiding permanently inside to get away from this humidity we’ve been having!

  • 8/10/12 10:53 Kristyn Sellars:

    I am eating pizza and it has made my day exceedingly better just like your blog <3

  • 8/10/12 10:54 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Wow, amazing giveaway! I actually have plans this weekend lol. I am leaving in a few hours to Ocean Shores to attend a wedding for a friend.

  • 8/10/12 10:54 Mrs Gaeul:

    Holy moly, great giveaway!! You are the best. πŸ˜‰

    My weekend is super stressful. I start student teaching on Monday so I’m going to spend the weekend hitting the books to review a curriculum model and organizing all of my children’s book and teaching materials so that I can find them easily. Last year during school I just threw them all haphazardly on my bookshelf so it is a hot mess. Yay for procrastination!!

    Hope your weekend has something more exciting in store. <3

  • 8/10/12 10:54 Danielle Carter:

    I think this has to be the most exciting giveaway I have ever seen!! Good luck everyone!

    Danielle xx

  • 8/10/12 10:55 LINDARRAGNAR:

    LOL what a massive giveaway!!! Thank you so much Muse!! You are too kind!

  • 8/10/12 10:56 Miriam:

    This is an amazing giveaway. I’d share it with my 14 year old niece. She’s starting high school and if I knew then what I know now is, makeup is an instant confidence booster. I never had anyone to teach me or buy me makeup when I was growing up and I think every girl should feel like a princess at least once in their lifetime. I’d also probably go around applying makeup on everyone I knew if I won :-) Would be loads of fun that’s for sure.

  • 8/10/12 10:56 Kaylani:

    OMG! Awesome! I’m in πŸ˜€
    Here’s a link to my tweet:


    • 8/10/12 11:01 Kaylani:

      Oh, and my plans are just chilling with my boyfriend, tomorrow a play and make-up day with my sis and that’s it :)

  • 8/10/12 10:56 Cassandra:

    Hey!! I hope you have a great holiday this week. My birthday is Sunday, so I plan to spend the entire day on the couch eating cupcakes!!

    I visit your site several times a day, seriously! Love the straightforward reviews.

    If I had a twitter, I’d RT. But I dont know how to work it :/ (Took me forever to learn facebook)

  • 8/10/12 10:56 Brittany:

    I start school next week. I’m anxious & nervous all at the same time.

  • 8/10/12 10:57 Ly:

    Hi. w’sup, this weekend I’m going to a wedding with mom :p

    thank you for giving us a chance to win.

  • 8/10/12 10:57 Brooke @ BlushingNoir:

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

    This weekend starts off good, but will likely be pretty tame… bday party tonight and then just chilling… Enjoying the drop in temperature haha

  • 8/10/12 10:57 cindy b:

    taking my new boat out on the water! woohoo! thanks for the fab contest!

  • 8/10/12 10:57 Laura Fitzgerald:

    Muse! Thank you for the exceptional giveaway! I’ve never won anything in my life, but a girl can dream can’t she? Love your blog so much, check in every day. Thank you for being our guinea pig. :) I’ve discovered many a product because of you!

  • 8/10/12 10:57 androgynes:

    top secret? :)
    this must be the best giveaway ever in AGES
    i wish good luck to everyone :3

  • 8/10/12 10:58 Irena:

    What a fantastic giveaway! The fact that all the products are secret makes it even more fun! Hope you have a wonderful Friday :) I’ll be watching tennis this weekend πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 10:58 Rai:

    I love MAC! <3

  • 8/10/12 10:58 C R Williams:

    Thanks for an amazing chance, would love this!!

  • 8/10/12 10:59 Katriina:

    Hi Muse, here’s your longtime reader (lurker) from Finland! :) Your posts always brighten up boring workdays, so it has become a habit to check your page out at least once a day… Now you’ve just finally prompted me to announce my presence! Wow what a great giveaway!

    Anyways, thanks for great product reviews (I’ve been very satisfed with what I’ve bought because of you) and keep up the great work!

  • 8/10/12 11:00 Bailey:

    Weekend plans are to just hang out and enjoy what’s left of this awesome summer weather!

  • 8/10/12 11:00 mon:

    Thanks so much muse for the awesome giveaway! I hope you have a lovely vacation!

  • 8/10/12 11:00 Twirishlady:

    Love you Muse! Have a great vaca! We will miss you :)

    • 8/10/12 11:02 the Muse:

      right back atcha twirishlady ;-D <3!

  • 8/10/12 11:02 Sara:

    This would soo great for I am but a poor student with limited funds. Okay so weekend plans – visiting my folks and siblings, love those guys always a treat to watch my sister and brother take out aliens together in Halo

  • 8/10/12 11:03 the Muse:

    thank you SO much for all the beautiful comments guys! I can’t answer them all but I just wanted to shout out and say I am reading ;D <3!

  • 8/10/12 11:03 LauraUve:

    That would be the ending of my life. My extreme happiness, there’d be anything better in my life after winning that! Hahaha
    Thanks, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 11:03 Sierrablue:

    This is a great giveaway. Today is my birthday so I decided to hide out at home over the weekend haha.

  • 8/10/12 11:04 Maria H:

    My weekend plans are to relax and pack all my stuff before i move to my new school! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 11:04 Alison:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Enjoy your vacation, Muse :)

  • 8/10/12 11:05 Anat:

    Wow! you really do have the most lovely giveaways! I always hope to win :) maybe this time!
    I love your blog and i visit every time you upload something new via my Google reader it’s so easy like this!
    May you have the most lovely vacation and tons of fun!
    Take photos for us!

  • 8/10/12 11:07 Steffany R:

    omigosh! i would love to win this amazing giveaway! thank you so much! ^_^ <3 my twitter name is steffyblondell =)

  • 8/10/12 11:08 Maiju:

    Loving your giveaways and your blog of course.

  • 8/10/12 11:08 Deeds:

    Whoa! I want in.
    And have a lovely, vacation Muse! You certainly deserve a break.

  • 8/10/12 11:08 saffron:

    Holy cow, thanks for the great contest and I hope you have an awesome vacation!

  • 8/10/12 11:09 Grace:

    EXCITING giveaway! Love your posts, Muse. You’re my DAILY cup of happy/joy. I will surely miss your posts next week but happy for you you’ll be on a much deserved break. Enjoy every minute.

  • 8/10/12 11:09 piscolabis:

    wowww $500 at MACΒ΄s, itΒ΄s the best giveaway I have ever seen *.* thxx

  • 8/10/12 11:09 Nesita:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! =)

    I’m really looking forward to fall/winter. I hate summer time and wish I lived somewhere colder!

  • 8/10/12 11:09 Jody:

    Hi muse, thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. Lots of good information here! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 11:09 kumiDi:

    Thank you so much for your generosity! This is an awesome giveaway

  • 8/10/12 11:10 Sophie:

    Wow! This weekend I’m hoping to go to the beach :)

  • 8/10/12 11:11 D. Co:

    ooh my! hope i’d win this giveaway! i do have a soft spot for MAC! i’ve heard somewhere that Karen Gillan loves using these products (?!?!) and i’ve been wanting to look like amy pond since forever altho i can’t bring myself to splurge on that much!!! thanks Muse!!

  • 8/10/12 11:12 Jacqueline:

    You truly are amazing!!! I check your blog every day and it just makes it a little bit better. Nice to know other people love makeup just as much as i do! <3 Keep up the good work.

  • 8/10/12 11:12 Sujin:

    it’s payday!!!!

  • 8/10/12 11:13 Lily:

    Wow, this is amazing. Thanks so much!

  • 8/10/12 11:13 Icequeen81:

    woowowww what nice ,secrets hehehe that makes it intereseting

  • 8/10/12 11:13 Connie:

    excited to not work this weekend:)

  • 8/10/12 11:14 Robin:

    Do want! I’m going on vacay this week too! Seeing the sights in Montana/Yellowstone Nat’l Park.

  • 8/10/12 11:14 Sandy:

    I hope you have a lovely (both in rest and in beauty) vacation! Thanks for such a great chance to win these MAC products.

  • 8/10/12 11:15 liltandweave:

    I’ve been taking care of my 3-year-old niece all morning, but I want to take a moment to enter!

  • 8/10/12 11:15 Theresa:

    Birthday picnic with friends this weekend :)
    Really love your blog, keep up the good work!

  • 8/10/12 11:16 Melissa:

    YAY! an awesome giveaway that’s international! I’m from Canada and I just spent my morning buying Urban decay from Hautelook, but i was a little disappointed with the selection of eyeshadows :( But still glad that i could get some things way on sale.

  • 8/10/12 11:17 Suri:

    Amazing contest I hope I can win!! Enjoy your vaca!! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 11:17 Hannah:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway Muse!!

  • 8/10/12 11:17 Candice:

    This would be a pretty sweet win

  • 8/10/12 11:18 Jenna:

    Thanks for doing this! I’d love to win!

  • 8/10/12 11:18 Jen:

    This weekend I’m cleaning house. Also sorting out my makeup collection and trashin expired items. I hope I win so I can restock my make up! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 11:18 Mallory:

    This would be a great back to school surprise. :)

    Thanks for throwing this giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:19 Tiffany:

    OMG addicted to your site… have gotten in trouble multiple times at work for viewing it LOL- IM ADDICTED! And now THIS! I LOVE M.A.C!

  • 8/10/12 11:19 Christina:

    Love your site and reviews…would love to win, too! Enjoy your vacation.

  • 8/10/12 11:20 Alicia:

    Wow! Great giveaway! Have a wonderful vacation!

  • 8/10/12 11:20 Jamie:

    OMG!!! I would love to win!!! By the way, your blog is my favorite!! You are always staying on top of reviews, and I like how you review many different products.

  • 8/10/12 11:20 Alexandra S:

    Woohoo, I am headed on vacation this week too! I am a big fan of your site (in fact, I’m a little disappointed that I will have to go a week without – but hey, you deserve a vacay too!) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:22 Crystal:

    Awesome giveaway! :) Thank you!

  • 8/10/12 11:22 Mary:

    hey muse!!! I’m going to a baseball game with my family should be a lot of fun I look forward to the hotdogs haha

  • 8/10/12 11:23 Rachel:

    amazing! you are the coolest

  • 8/10/12 11:23 Kasey c:

    Wow this giveaway is awesome! Thanks for having it. Oh and this weekend me and a friend are going nail polish hunting! Woohoo!

  • 8/10/12 11:24 Susan K:

    Past le items, what could be in there??!! Thanks for giving me a reason to actually check my email lol

  • 8/10/12 11:25 Debbie S.:

    Believe it or not, I only owe one MAC product. Crazy, right? I have my eyes on several products now as I want to expand my MAC collection. It would be great to win this giveaway! Anyway, enjoy your vacation and hope you return fully rested and relaxed. :)

  • 8/10/12 11:26 deana:

    Thank you for the chance to win a giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:27 Kula:

    Oh my God! This would be a dream!I have to work this weekend :o( Wish you all the best and greetings from Germany!

  • 8/10/12 11:27 Kate:

    Thank you for such a generous give away, Muse! My weekend is “unplanned” at this point, but it will be fine, I’m sure. Just read that you are going “on holiday” for a bit. Have fun, be (mostly good), and stay safe!

  • 8/10/12 11:30 Ivy:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I’ll be spending my weekend between working and relaxing…you know, the usual.

  • 8/10/12 11:32 Amanda:

    Oh wow this is super generous! I spend my weekends teaching dance classes and this makeup would be put to very good use lol

  • 8/10/12 11:33 Jill:

    I’ve never owned or tried anything MAC so this would pretty awesome to win. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:33 Judith van bemmel:

    Wow, what an amazing give away!
    And cool that it’sworldwide, I’m from the netherlands in Europe

  • 8/10/12 11:34 Kiss & Make-up:

    Oh em gee, can’t breathe…! I’m already fantasizing about what I’d do with all those delicious MAC goodies! If I win this I swear I’m walking to Scherpenheuvel! (our version of the Mecca pilgrimage ;-))

  • 8/10/12 11:34 Jean:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to make a trip into the city this weekend! Awesome giveaway, btw!

  • 8/10/12 11:34 Annie:

    Just bought your hg, biore aqua rich for my face and I love it! I came back to check out your latest recs when this post caught my eye. Going back to Uni in Boston soon and I would LOVE to add the products in this amazing giveaway to my face-wardrobe.

    <3 you muse πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 11:36 Marika:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway :) have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 11:36 Esther:

    Wow amazing giveaway! I ‘ll be @ the beach throughout the entire weekend!

  • 8/10/12 11:36 Maguire:

    what a generous giveaway! :)

  • 8/10/12 11:38 Nar:

    That’s an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:39 Michelle:

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway! I would love soooooooooo much to win this. I have never owned any MAC products because I just cannot afford them. But I always go to the MAC store and drool over everything. This would be so great to win because I would finally be able to own some of MAC’s amazing products! Thank you so much for the giveaway and I hope so very much that I win!! :)

  • 8/10/12 11:40 paula:

    Awsome giveaway ! Could only come from a muse

  • 8/10/12 11:40 Chesca:

    I wish i could win this! I want to build my MAC collection.. I only have a few lipsticks. Anyway, thanks for doing this, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 11:40 Erika:

    I recently started reading you blog and I absolutely love it!! Please keep up the amazing work.

  • 8/10/12 11:40 Amanda:

    wow!! what a great giveaway!! thanks for doing this!!

  • 8/10/12 11:40 Megan:

    I’m cracking open my nursing texts this weekend! This is an incredible giveaway, wow! I use makeup as a stress-reliever during school :)

    Thanks for this!!

  • 8/10/12 11:40 Marrilee:

    This weekend my husband and I will be exploring some of our beautiful Nova Scotian parks…that we have never actually been to! We started yesterday and discovered a jewel of a park right in the city! It used to be the private gardens of Prince Edward (father of the future Queen Victoria ((Queen Mum)) )and his mistress Julie St. Laurent. The park is called Hemlock Ravine Park which includes a heart shaped pond.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation Muse! (and hope that I win this amazing MAC giveaway πŸ˜‰ )

  • 8/10/12 11:42 Stephanie:

    wow, awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:44 Genevieve:

    Its a rainy week-end so plans are to watch as much as horror films as possible. Good ones, bad ones … anything from everywhere. Have anice vacation and thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:44 Jo:

    Waw, amazing giveaway. Studying for exams, system in belgian university is making us study in summer :(

  • 8/10/12 11:44 Alyssa:

    Amazing giveaway… I only own a few MAC products (I have a whole lot of Urban Decay, Benefit, etc, but mostly shop at Sephora) but have recently been getting more into MAC — I adore the Dazzleglasses! I’m fair and Extra Amps and Funtabulous are, well, funtabulous! This weekend I’m having a bunch of friends over for tacos and margaritas… can’t wait!

  • 8/10/12 11:45 Robyn Brooks:

    Would love some MAC!! Great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:46 Rachel:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ll be spending this weekend packing because I’m moving in to my new apartment on Monday. =]

  • 8/10/12 11:47 Neha:

    I am going on a vacation after 3 long years…yes, you heard that right :)..these three years gave me my two kids, my 48lbs lighter body…I am going to India to meet my entire family..I come from the oldest living city in this world..its the Venice of India…I just can’t express how excited I am …this giveaway will be an extra India, having MAC cosmetics is at par to celebrity status…yeah..hehe..thanks for this awesome giveaway..I really hope I win..


  • 8/10/12 11:47 Joyce:

    Oh my goodness! Whoever wins this giveaway probably doesn’t have to buy makeup for at least a few years. =) I’m excited to know what limited edition products will be included!

  • 8/10/12 11:47 Elizabeth:

    This would be amazing!!!! :)

  • 8/10/12 11:48 Jessica:

    Amazing! That is a lot of product. Can’t wait to try them all out.

  • 8/10/12 11:49 Regina:

    Who doesn’t love free makeup? Winning this would make my year!

  • 8/10/12 11:50 Dovey:

    Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway! I’m hoping to do a little shopping this weekend:)

  • 8/10/12 11:50 Katelynn:

    Woooo Mac! Fun giveaway πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 11:51 Stephanie:

    This is so awesome, thanks Muse! I would love to win! :)

  • 8/10/12 11:51 Rachel:

    Hey Muse! Going on vacation myself! 7 day Caribbean cruise August 12-19!!! Hope I win! :-)

    • 8/10/12 11:53 the Muse:

      awesome rachel! Which ship are you taking?!

  • 8/10/12 11:51 Aylin:

    hopefully not staying at home for the weekend.. thats my plan lol ..

  • 8/10/12 11:51 Kprice:

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 11:52 Cindy:

    Wow! Thanks for the chance to win this! And as for my weekend… I’ve gotta work Saturday evening/night. Complete bummer, but that’s retail for you! I’ll try and salvage my Sunday Funday. :]

  • 8/10/12 11:52 Traci:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I hope I win! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 11:52 Maggie:

    What a kick-ass giveaway :) Thanks! My weekend isn’t going to be too exciting – I’m working all weekend. Oh well, them’s the breaks, right?

  • 8/10/12 11:53 Jellyfish:

    Awesome giveaway! I’ll be spending the weekend at the beach thinking about how much I hope I win! :)

  • 8/10/12 11:53 Lynne:

    Wow, count me in Muse!

  • 8/10/12 11:54 Liz:

    So excited for this giveaway,I love MAC! Just working this weekend and doing some shopping for my trip to London this fall! Thanks Muse!

  • 8/10/12 11:55 Nikki:

    hi Muse, how are you? ^_^
    I just read your vacation post and hope your vacation is a lovely one! I’m really curious as to where you’re going, hopefully you will share it with us once you come back :DD
    It will be interesting to see who wins the giveaway, I wish I could see their reaction once they find out! hehe!!!

  • 8/10/12 11:55 cait:

    What an incredible giveaway!!

  • 8/10/12 11:55 Prairie Peg:

    Please, oh please, let me win!!!!

  • 8/10/12 11:56 Jennifer Ryder:

    Unfortunately my weekend plans are for a 6 hour each way drive to my aunt’s memorial service.

  • 8/10/12 11:57 Melanie:

    Fingers crossed!

  • 8/10/12 11:58 Kelly:

    Wow what a great giveaway! My train case seems to be licking its lips in anticipation! πŸ˜€
    Hope you have a great holiday – look forward to hearing who the lucky winner is!

  • 8/10/12 11:59 peacelovepanic:

    I really hope I win!! Thanks for the opportunity Muse!

  • 8/10/12 11:59 Lissan:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway:) This weekend I am going to see the new Will Ferrell movie and hit a Renaissance Faire. I hope you have a good weekend.

  • 8/10/12 12:04 Stephanie:

    This would be an awesome treat to share with my friends!

  • 8/10/12 12:04 Alexandra S:

    Awesome! I love the surprise aspect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • 8/10/12 12:05 MJ:

    Mmm, spending time with the family this weekend since both mine and my brother’s b-days are coming up. We usually do a little something at the same time to celebrate them together. :3

  • 8/10/12 12:05 Barb:

    I’ve deleted other bloggers to follow only you! (why waste time when you find the perfect one?)

    • 8/10/12 12:08 the Muse:

      lol barb NOW that’s freaking awesome lol!

  • 8/10/12 12:05 jade:

    hey Muse!
    this weekend i’m going to my cottage with my parents, it’s two and a half hours away. i’m bringing my four cats with me! it should be fun!

  • 8/10/12 12:06 Stephanie:

    My weekend plans are to stay inside as much as possible. It’s soooooo hot here!

  • 8/10/12 12:07 Laura:

    We are going on Vacation this weekend too! 4 days of camping in Calif! Whoop Whoop!

  • 8/10/12 12:07 Shelby:

    Wow, so much makeup. πŸ˜€
    Saturday my boyfriends Grandma is turning 90 so we’re having a little get together.

    I wasn’t sure what to tweet so I tweeted the tinyurl link and also retweeted your tweet about the giveaway.

  • 8/10/12 12:07 Kristine:

    thanks for the opportunity and i hope i win! i’ll be at work all weekend but will make time to go swimming with my pup!

  • 8/10/12 12:07 Rebecca:

    Hi Muse! This is an amazing giveaway πŸ˜€
    I’ll just be trying to do things in between the bouts of thunderstorms this weekend ): I’m kind of miffed about the rain on my parade (literally!).

  • 8/10/12 12:07 Marisa Payne:

    Wow! Thanks. This is my last free weekend before I start my new job!

  • 8/10/12 12:08 Hannah:

    I would like to win, please! Thanks!

  • 8/10/12 12:08 Angela:

    Awesome give away! Good luck all!

  • 8/10/12 12:09 Jamie:

    I hope I win :)

    On another note, I hope you have a fantastic, safe vacation! Do share details once you come back!

  • 8/10/12 12:09 Mylie:

    Wow, nice contest! Thanks for the giveaway! Have a nice vacation! :)

  • 8/10/12 12:09 Li:

    Have a great vacation! I never win anything but I still would like to try my luck. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:10 Lannet Samson:

    I have a makeup gig this weekend and just wnat to enjoy the beautiful sunshine here in seattle. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:10 Tiffany:

    O_O So generous! memememememememe wantwantwantwant! And of course gluck to everyone else πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 12:12 Kristina:

    Wow this is a beyond awesome giveaway! I love MAC products, but often can’t find myself pulling the trigger to order some of the high priced items.
    College starts back up a week from Monday!

  • 8/10/12 12:12 Jordan:

    this weekend I will be relaxing and spending time with my family! thanks for such a generous giveaway !

  • 8/10/12 12:13 Kristen:

    Thanks for the giveway!! Weekend plans is work, work and more work. :( Enjoy your vacay!

  • 8/10/12 12:13 Alissa Anderson Cady:

    Hey Muse! This weekend were going to scope out a pick your own fruit place since it finally won’t be 1234859 degrees! Have a great weekend! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:13 jennifer:

    Have a great vacay!
    What a GREAT prize!

  • 8/10/12 12:13 Tiffany:

    I need this in my life!

  • 8/10/12 12:13 Vietta:

    I read your website everyday!

  • 8/10/12 12:15 Stacy:

    Hi Muse! Thank you for this giveaway! I love your blog and read it almost everyday! Have a great vacation! : )

  • 8/10/12 12:17 Janna:

    Awesome giveaway…what a great way to end Summer!

  • 8/10/12 12:18 Saira:

    Hi Muse!! Thanks for the giveaway!! Im making a mural for my niece this weekend so that’ll take up all my time but i hope you have a great trip!! :-)

  • 8/10/12 12:19 DΓ©ja Trueheart:

    OMGosh OMGosh!!! What a fantastic Give-a-Way!! Thanks for the opportunity
    to win a ton of lovely make-up goodies!!!!

  • 8/10/12 12:21 Kelly:

    AMAZING! This could definitely add to my mac deprived collection!!!!

  • 8/10/12 12:23 Ali F:

    Wow, look at all these ppl! I usually don’t win anything, but you never know! haha. Thanks for the heads up on the confusing world of cosmetics. I really enjoy your reviews and have purchased products purely because of them. Have a great vacation.

  • 8/10/12 12:24 LMC1971:

    Lovely giveaway, thanks!

    This weekend is all about relaxing, the weather is calling for lots of rain and grey skies…so it’s all about cuddling down with some movies and my 2 favourite guys (DH & 4 yr. old son)

    Retweeted @LittleMama71

    Cheers, Lisa

  • 8/10/12 12:25 Nina:

    wow! love mac giveaways! thanks.

  • 8/10/12 12:26 Amy:

    This weekend I am getting my roots done. This platinum blonde is rough to maintain.

  • 8/10/12 12:27 Harshleen@BeautyTidbits:

    Wow….what an awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:27 Angel V:

    YES! Lovely giveaway ~ Thank you so much Muse. I’m going to visit my boyfriend’s parents this weekend, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Hope you have fun on your trip. :’)

  • 8/10/12 12:27 Jennifer:

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:28 Nora:

    This summer has been so hot!!

  • 8/10/12 12:29 shannon zhu:

    thanks for this giveaway! I’m looking through all of your muse approved products today because I’m heading off to college soon, and my mom is making me clean out my makeup drawer :( but that’s alright because now I can go buy new stuff :)

  • 8/10/12 12:30 Tamara:

    This would be seriously amazing to win!

  • 8/10/12 12:30 sataa:

    It’s my mother’s birthday on this weekend so we are going to celebrate it :) I am going to bake her favorite chocolate mousse cake ( she loves my cakes) I saved up my pocket money and bought a designer handbag for her I can’t wait to give it to her and see how she feels about it :)
    Thanks for the giveaway it’s the best giveaway I have ever seen I hope I win I have seen everyone raving about MAC products I would love to try them too.
    I tweeted here:

  • 8/10/12 12:31 Crystal:

    Nothing much going on this weekend, hitting up some sales, etc..

  • 8/10/12 12:31 Tu Chau:

    Omigosh! You just made my day!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! This weekend I’m just going to spend it together with my precious family, it’ll just be me and them making memories. ^^ xoxoxo

  • 8/10/12 12:32 Jennifer:

    Awesome giveaway! Hope I win :)

  • 8/10/12 12:32 Janette:

    Hi muse! My plans for this weekend are spending my time with my daughter as single teen parent she’s my everything she’s such a great kid!. Thanks for your give away Thank you for the opportunity.

  • 8/10/12 12:33 Caitlin Higgins:

    hot damn a MAC giveaway! we worship you muse :) i’ve never owned a MAC product in my life but i constantly drool over your MAC reviews! Maybe this would be an excellent way to start my inevitable MAC addiction!

  • 8/10/12 12:33 Bommi:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hello! Wish everyone luck! :))

  • 8/10/12 12:34 Keya Millionie:

    This is awesome, I love Mac!

  • 8/10/12 12:36 Telly9009:

    Just one comment? Well that’s easy! Thank you for this great opportunity to win! You’re the best Muse!

  • 8/10/12 12:37 gabriela:

    Hello muse nice giveaway..really shocked..Well what im going to do this weekend is enjoy every minute with my kids. They start school on im going to try to take them to chuckee cheese just me and my two kids like always..And to also have a little picnic to the park..since my daughter likes pretending..thats preety much and well my day routine be a stay home mom..Thank you for this apportunity..
    wow the person who is going to going to be so happy..lucky

    twitter @1chynna

  • 8/10/12 12:37 Nina:

    Oh what a great giveaway to start fall off right! This weekend is full of football (both college and pro) for me. Can’t wait!

    I need to update my collection and this is obviously such a great start. Thanks for giving us all a chance :) Happy Friday indeed.

  • 8/10/12 12:38 Laura H:

    this weekend i have to work :( i work as a lifeguard at a pool !

  • 8/10/12 12:39 Sara:

    Awesome giveaway! I’m relaxing by the pool this weekend. Taking a day off from life.

  • 8/10/12 12:39 Ckaye:

    hey hey muse! I’ll be going on a little road trip this weekend. Despite the rain and gloom coming my way.

  • 8/10/12 12:40 Michelle:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would absolutely love to win!!!!

  • 8/10/12 12:41 Hannah:

    The MOST INSANE giveaway yet! Thank you so much, and have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 12:41 Dalia:

    Coooll package!!!! Im going out with friends this weekend and spending time with the family

  • 8/10/12 12:41 Ecobeaut:

    Hi! I did the retweet πŸ˜€

    Also, I’m kind of freaking out. I’ll be in Chicago for the next year and how will I deal? Tearing me away from NYC, the taxis, the thin crust pizzas, the hot dogs with KETCHUP?! I don’t know Muse! GYAHHHH.

  • 8/10/12 12:42 Jasmine:

    What a dream it would be to win all this stuff!

  • 8/10/12 12:42 linette:

    We’re taking my mom to a fancy birthday dinner on Saturday night and using a Miami Spice deal!

  • 8/10/12 12:44 Wendy:

    That would be a wonderful way to end summer!!!!

  • 8/10/12 12:44 Jen F.:

    What a great contest–thanks, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 12:45 Kim:

    My plan for the weekend is going out and watch movies.

  • 8/10/12 12:45 Zee:

    Woooooooooooweeeeeee!! I would love to win. I am newly into makeup and this would really help me grow my makeup collection. I check your site regularly and always try the priducts you approve! Your so thorough and helpful and this giveaway is the bomb!! thanks for this chance to win!

  • 8/10/12 12:45 jen:

    hey muse! thanks for this :)

  • 8/10/12 12:46 Randee:

    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Enjoy your vacation.
    This weekend I’m unpacking. Just moved across country. So excited for a new start.

  • 8/10/12 12:46 Bethany:

    Wow. Awesome giveaway. o _o Expect 600000 comments. xD Haha. I’m going out for Chinese food with my family for my birthday this weekend. Then I’m going to study on Sunday. Maybe. >_> Enjoy your vacation, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 12:47 Anna:

    Wow, great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 12:47 Nydia:

    No big plans for this weekend for me but my dog will be thrilled that my boyfriend’s away and he will get to sleep on the bed with me! LOL!
    Great giveaway!!!

  • 8/10/12 12:47 Kerri:

    Working all weekend :( but winning 500 bucks worth of MAC would make it much more pleasant. :)

  • 8/10/12 12:48 melissa soto:

    Wow!!! A $500 give away would be my dream come true. I am planning on going to beauty school to become a makeup artist. Thanks muse you are the best!!! Hope u have a great vacation time :)

  • 8/10/12 12:48 Sarah:

    Its payday and friday wohoo

  • 8/10/12 12:49 Marie:

    Just got home from a long walk in the country to see this. Awesomes πŸ˜€ xx

  • 8/10/12 12:49 stef:

    I want to win! and i’m superjealous of your vacation

  • 8/10/12 12:50 Linda Bundrick:

    I am heading to the Hamptons this weekend for a little fun in the sun~ hoping for some good beach weather ~ Cheersw to a great weekend :)

  • 8/10/12 12:50 BlessedRebecca:

    Holy MACtastic!

    Spending the weekend shopping for birthday gifts for my little man who turns 2 in 16 days : ) Love him to death and he totally makes the 30 hours of labor worth it ; )

  • 8/10/12 12:50 Jaa Maurer:

    This is awesome !!

    It’s been really really hot here, can’t wait for fall !! =D

  • 8/10/12 12:50 Stephanie C:

    Awesome giveaway Muse! This weekend we are mooing for the 2nd time in the past month – wish I could say it was something more fun!
    Hope you have a good one!

  • 8/10/12 12:50 Gina:

    Hey Muse,

    Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway!! My birthday is on the 22nd and this would just be the BEST GIFT EVER… next to my son’s macaroni art of course :)

    Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend because I know mine just got a little better thanks to you!!


  • 8/10/12 12:51 terry:

    hehe i went to the beach yesterday and cycling today so i’m definitely on a fitness kick!!=DDD

  • 8/10/12 12:51 Dianna:

    I am so excited that the weekend is here!! Heading out to the pool to beat out this so. cal heat!

  • 8/10/12 12:51 Christina:

    My routine in the morning – eat breakfast, read paper, go on-line: 1) check email 2) check Facebook and 3) read your blog! :)

  • 8/10/12 12:52 Monica Pinon:

    Hey!!! the summer here in Mexico is so rainy!!!! I want to win $500 worth of MAC Cosmetics to make my life a little bit sunnier!! :)

  • 8/10/12 12:54 Let:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Sounds amazing!

  • 8/10/12 12:56 Michelle:

    Holy moly…thats a lot of make-up! Sign me up! :)

  • 8/10/12 12:56 Emily W:

    Hey Muse!! What an amazing giveaway! Hope you get a set of your own!

    I’m heading up to camp this weekend (cottage in Northern Ontario dialect) for a mini family reunion. My first one! I’m so excited!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 8/10/12 13:00 Jennifer:

    love your blog!

  • 8/10/12 13:00 Bianca:

    This is so awesome! Just moved to Washington State… Winning this would bring the Southern California sunshine back into my life πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 13:00 Andrea Jarosh:

    I hope I win! I’m long overdue for revamping my makeup supplies!

  • 8/10/12 13:01 CIndy KC:

    Heading into the heat in search of some Summer! We haven’t had much hot hot hot weather so I am going to it instead. I know the rest of the country hasn’t had this problem but I still have my down comforter on my bed, lol.

  • 8/10/12 13:01 18thCenturyFox:

    Holy Schniekies! So many comments! Out here in the Biggest Little City it’s Hot August Nights so we will be taking out the hot rod and hitting the drive ins!

  • 8/10/12 13:01 Nancy:

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway and I plan to paint the town red this weekend for my birthday!

  • 8/10/12 13:01 nira:

    Have a fun and relaxing vacation, you deserve it!

  • 8/10/12 13:02 Andrea:

    I’m working all weekend. Winning this would def cheer me up

  • 8/10/12 13:03 Andrea:

    Oh you do know how to get a girl to take notice, don’t you! MAC makeup giveaway–woo hoo!
    Love it, thanks.

  • 8/10/12 13:04 tikiera:

    I don’t actually own any mac yet. This would be an awesome way to start.

  • 8/10/12 13:04 carm:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks Muse. Long time reader but this is my very first comment EVER. I am having a nice family weekend; hosting my son’s 9th birthday and watching the Olympics. Would love to score some MAC.

  • 8/10/12 13:05 Hayley:

    I’ve never bought anything from MAC so this would be a dream come true way to be introduced to the brand! Thanks for the amazing giveaway, I love your blog Muse!

  • 8/10/12 13:05 Amanda:

    Looks like an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:06 Elizabeth:

    but will they blend?

  • 8/10/12 13:07 Linda:

    I love your blog, Muse! Thank you for this generous giveaway. I hope you have a great time on your vacation!

  • 8/10/12 13:07 origami:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 13:08 Nina:

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m excited to go hiking in the Hollywood Hills, weather-permitted :)

  • 8/10/12 13:09 Amanda Elisabeth:

    Wow, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    My plans? I finally get to go home for my 2 week “summer break” and get to play me some Skyrim!

  • 8/10/12 13:11 Tracy W.:

    Best. Giveaway. Ever!!

  • 8/10/12 13:13 Denise:

    Love your blog! And I can always use more makeup!

  • 8/10/12 13:14 Tamara Boling:

    AHH!!! WHat a treat! a awesome giveaway! This weekend I will be heading to the Zoo with my family. Not excited about all the walking, cause after awhile it gets old, but hey, its worth it.
    I retweeted. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  • 8/10/12 13:16 Jenny:

    Weekend plans: puppy-proofing the house! New little fella coming home soon.

  • 8/10/12 13:16 AmyK:

    Wow Muse!! Crazy awesome giveaway! I’m just now getting into Mac profmducts. I love their brushes! I’ve started a blush palette. Hope your have a great vacation. I’m kinda bummed I won’t get to read new posts for awhile though!

  • 8/10/12 13:18 Janet:

    Wow, thanks Muse! What a giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:18 breyerchic04:

    Have fun on your vacation, I’m also about to go but I don’t leave until the 16th and I’ll be home the 21st. I’ve been figuring out which makeup items need to go, which is fun. But insane.

  • 8/10/12 13:19 Lucy Hollander:

    Hey muse! I would love to win’

  • 8/10/12 13:20 amy:

    This weekend we’re taking a ride into the Poconos! Been raining here for 3 days and we’re hoping for some sunshine!

    Have a great vacay and thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:21 Amy:

    Wow..Thanks for the generous giveaway Muse.I plan to have some fun in the sun this weekend :)

  • 8/10/12 13:22 Anne Marie:

    Your giveaways are always amazing, but this one… is just unbelievable !!!!
    WOW !!!

  • 8/10/12 13:23 Jen:

    I’d love to win this giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:24 Miranda:

    So much MAC!! I have nothing from MAC, so here’s to hoping I have good luck for once. Let’s see, my weekend plans, for once I’m not working this Saturday and I’ll actually have a chance to sleep in :3 that is cause for celebration.

  • 8/10/12 13:24 Rosanna LaPier:

    I would love to win $500 worth of MAC!

  • 8/10/12 13:25 Paige:

    Thanks for the great opportunity. Have a great Vaycay….

  • 8/10/12 13:25 Christin EnstrΓΆm:

    I so wanna win this :-)

    My weekend plans is going on a cruise with my little sister.
    Going to be lots of fun :-)


  • 8/10/12 13:25 J:

    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  • 8/10/12 13:26 Iris:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway! I’m a college student on summer break so every day’s a weekend πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 13:27 Priscilla P:

    This weekend I am going to my first bachelorette party, for a friend whom I’ve known since middle school. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:28 Lisa:

    The most exciting thing going on for me is a movie tomorrow. Have a great one!

  • 8/10/12 13:28 Diane Redcay:

    I would be in make up heaven if I win this

  • 8/10/12 13:29 SushiSushi:

    This weekend I’ll probably be camped out on the couch nursing a chronic back injury caused by carrying around my two delightful but heavy kiddos. I’ll have AC, crosswords, and lots of Studio Ghibli to keep me company. Great blog, great giveaway, crossing my fingers!

  • 8/10/12 13:31 Steph.:

    I’ve never used MAC before! This would be totally awesome!

  • 8/10/12 13:31 Souly:

    Hanging w/ my boys (hubby & son)

  • 8/10/12 13:33 Monica:

    Mac Baby!

  • 8/10/12 13:36 annie:

    love your blog :)

  • 8/10/12 13:37 DC:

    I love that this is open to Canadians!! And this definitely brightened up my rainy Friday!! Have a wonderful vacation!!

  • 8/10/12 13:37 Stephanie:

    Wow! Amazing giveaway! Hope I win :)

    Tonight im having a night in with the girls with lots of carb loaded food, shots and playing cards and tomorrow im off to a fancy pants hotel for the night with my boyfriend :)

    :) x

  • 8/10/12 13:37 Free Bingo:

    OMG! I am drooling right now! MAC MAC MAC! With that much make up I can already be a make up artist. I’m a really good one I just don’t have the money and time for it.

  • 8/10/12 13:38 Stacey:

    Thank you so much Muse!! I just came back from a trip to Phuket and dare I say I really missed all my makeup? LOL

  • 8/10/12 13:39 Ally:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m probably going to stay in this weekend, cleaning the house and watching Let’s Plays on Youtube. Yeah, I party hard~

  • 8/10/12 13:39 Janey Graves:

    FANTASTIC giveaway! Going to enjoy the last bit of summer with the family — a cookout and a jaunt to the beach. Love a weekend with no concrete plans or “have-to-dos”

  • 8/10/12 13:42 Monica:

    Wow. Amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:43 Daisy:

    Awesome giveaway!! :)

  • 8/10/12 13:43 J.:

    This is definitely one of the best giveaways I’ve seen in a really, really long time! I sooo hope I win! and if I don’t, that you’ll have another giveaway similar to it again :)

  • 8/10/12 13:45 J.:

    Tweeted about this amazing giveaway too, of course:

  • 8/10/12 13:46 renae:

    Whoah! What an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 13:46 Katsue:

    Seriously? I read a lot of fashion and make up blogs all the time and this is the first time i see that kind of giveaway. It’s a great giveaway! Congrats!

  • 8/10/12 13:52 Rachel:

    Hi Muse- thanks for the opportunity!!

  • 8/10/12 13:53 kiwikiwidragon:

    Omg. Please pick me.

  • 8/10/12 13:54 Suzanne:

    I love your blog!!! Hope I win :)

  • 8/10/12 13:56 gemma:

    wooooooooooooooooow! i have been reading your blog for such a long time! enter me please! yaaay! x

  • 8/10/12 13:56 Linda:

    I want to win!

  • 8/10/12 13:58 Kim:

    Hi! I’ll miss your posts while on vacation! SO excited for this giveaway! YAY! I think you are ace! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 13:59 Ally:

    Wow! This is a huge giveaway. Thank you as always for sponsoring such great giveaways!!

  • 8/10/12 13:59 Bella:

    Hi, giveaways make me happy. So does MAC. :)

  • 8/10/12 14:01 Surmayee:

    Muse, I love you. Definitely one of the blogs I check out every day to keep a good eye on what’s what πŸ˜€ And this giveaway is awesome, so thanks! <3

  • 8/10/12 14:03 Bethany:

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway!! I have 3 sisters and a sister in law I would love to surprise them all with MAC goodies!! Nothing much this weekend but taking care of my family. Enjoy your vacation Muse been lurking your site for a while now but am finally commenting!!

  • 8/10/12 14:05 Courtney:

    Spending the weekend relaxing!

  • 8/10/12 14:06 SUSAN:

    Hi muse! Love your reviews and giveaways! Have a great weekend.

  • 8/10/12 14:09 Jessa Stromberg:

    I feel kind of like a butt following your blog for so long, and commenting for the first time, just to be entered in the giveaway. But! This blog is my homepage, so I get to check your site every day! Thank you!

  • 8/10/12 14:09 Sru:

    Spending my weekend with the boyfriend. :)

  • 8/10/12 14:10 Ilona:

    working this weekend :(
    love your reviews! wooo

  • 8/10/12 14:13 Anna:

    This is an amazing giveaway! Thanks!

  • 8/10/12 14:13 Abbi P.:

    I’m spending the weekend alone cause my honey is out of state, but I’m actually loving the alone time! Doing lots of lazy activities and catching up an all my fav beauty blogs, even doing some makeup looks experimenting for the heck of it, fun stuff!

  • 8/10/12 14:14 Katie:

    Muse! You can’t go on vacay, I will miss you too much!! (But have fun) ; )

  • 8/10/12 14:14 Moon:

    I don’t have a twitter account so I hope to win it here! I am going to a college graudation party and get a haircut this weekend!

  • 8/10/12 14:15 Kris:

    Will admitting that I’ve never used MAC products disqualify me from winning? I’ve always wanted to try some!

  • 8/10/12 14:15 Jessica:

    You’re so generous, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 14:17 susan:

    Enjoy your blog! Have a nice vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:17 kerstin:

    Muse- how do you get a song unstuck from your head? Ive had Katy Perry’s Wide Awake stuck in my head for 4 whole days now!!!!

  • 8/10/12 14:18 Amanda:

    wow incredible giveaway! fingers crossed!

  • 8/10/12 14:19 Justine:

    Wow, thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 14:19 Shaunna H:

    No plans for this weekend, but leaving for Myrtle Beach, SC next weekend for my vacation! Can’t wait :)
    I’ve never won a big contest like this, so here’s hoping. Love your blog!!

  • 8/10/12 14:21 Maria W:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway. I’ve never actually had any MAC products, so I’d love to win!

  • 8/10/12 14:24 Nina:

    I love you update your blog regularly! Have fun on your vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:24 Holly:

    I hate that there isn’t a MAC store in Utah! I hope I win!!! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 14:26 caroline:

    How cool! I am currently on a no buy month and this would be excellent!

  • 8/10/12 14:26 Teri:

    This is an amazing giveaway Muse. Good luck to everyone entering!!!

  • 8/10/12 14:28 Hillary:

    I have a blind date this weekend. Eeek!

  • 8/10/12 14:28 Sara Borene:

    This is an AMAZING giveaway! Thank you soooo much for the opportunity to enter! :-)

  • 8/10/12 14:29 Elizabeth S.:

    Oh my goodness, what an incredible giveaway! Thanks so much!

  • 8/10/12 14:30 Maria:

    I’m watching a movie on the computer, because my fiance has his best friends over… And tomorrow I’m going to a dolly meet, so I’m pretty excited!

    Hope you have a nice vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:30 Jenna Oksanen:

    OMG!! πŸ˜€ IΒ΄d totally love to win this πŸ˜› Awww πŸ˜€ I need to win this πŸ˜€ Thank you for this awesome giveaway πŸ˜›

  • 8/10/12 14:30 Lulubelle:

    Oh wow! I own absolutely zero MAC products – so wouldn’t this be the grand introduction! Thanks for the opportunity:-)

  • 8/10/12 14:31 Anne:

    whoa lots of comments
    :) anyways thank you for the awesome giveaway!
    i’m going to go to the beach with some friends this weekend

  • 8/10/12 14:31 Candice Nicole:

    I will be playing with my son at the pool this weekend but am soooo excited for this giveaway!!! Yay!!

  • 8/10/12 14:31 vanessa:

    Hi Muse! I love your blog. You completely turned me on to the asian bb creams and i thank you for that! I would LOVE to win some MAC stuff!

  • 8/10/12 14:34 Jenny A.:

    I just bought my first MAC products a couple weeks ago, while trying out products for my upcoming wedding, and I love them! I am planning on doing my make-up myself and this would definitely come in handy.

  • 8/10/12 14:35 Jenny Kim:

    Can’t wait for the third season of Game of Thrones to come out (:
    Nice giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 14:35 lucy:

    I want to win! Hopefully sleeping in and making brunch this weekend.

  • 8/10/12 14:35 Melissa R:

    Such an awesome giveaway!! Would LOVE to win this! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 14:36 Cassie:

    Holy crap, I just got home from a vacation and you’re doing this massive and generous giveaway!?!? You never cease to amaze me Muse :) Thank you for all you do and I hope you have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:36 Natia:

    WHOAH! Geez Muse, amazing giveaway! You’re spoiling us!

  • 8/10/12 14:36 yelena:

    wow i almost choked on my drink! thanks muse! wait are u doing this to keep us excited and entertained while you’re off on vacation while we are left wondering aimlessly when u will be back and what make up goodies u have found? ha! thanks anyway!

  • 8/10/12 14:36 Karen E:

    Wow, that looks great!

  • 8/10/12 14:38 Demi:

    Hey!! Thanks so much for this giveaway. You’re awesome! I just got a bike and I’ve been riding it everywhere. Its fun lol

  • 8/10/12 14:40 Alanna:

    Awesome! I love giveaways πŸ˜€ you da best muse <3

  • 8/10/12 14:40 Jiin-Yu:

    This giveaway is amazing! I’m not terribly familiar with MAC products, so this would be a great chance to get to know it!

  • 8/10/12 14:40 Sole:

    I went to talk to a potential employer today. He seems like a great guy and the job comes with housing! Wish me luck!

  • 8/10/12 14:42 Rebecca F:

    Your blog is one of my favorites! Thanks so much for this amazing and generous giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 14:42 Miriam:

    Amazing giveaway! Enjoy vacay!

  • 8/10/12 14:42 Lisa Brooks:

    How wouldn’t love to win $500 worth of MAC! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 8/10/12 14:43 Cassandra Z:

    I haven’t gotten anything new lately due to money issues, so I’ll try my luck. :)

  • 8/10/12 14:46 Brittany:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I would love to win it :)

  • 8/10/12 14:46 Angelica:

    Hey Muse! Thanks for the giveaway. You are amaaazing!

  • 8/10/12 14:46 Keli:

    Hey girl I love love love your blog! I look forward to checking it every day. I’m sad you’re gonna be away from us for a while but have fun on holiday! I’m working all weekend at my local hospital but next week I’m going to see two of my favorite bands In concert and I can’t wait!

  • 8/10/12 14:47 Erika:

    tweet has been twitted, comment is on its way, now all that is left is for me to win the $500 MAC Giveaway!!! YAY!!!

    PS. you are my IDOL!!

  • 8/10/12 14:48 Erin @ Aim High Erin:

    Ooh, great giveaway! I’m hoping to sleep this weekend, since it was my first week back at school.

  • 8/10/12 14:49 Jilli-Bean:

    Seems I’m not the only commenter with my usual moniker. I was confused as all get out scrolling through the comments…

  • 8/10/12 14:50 Phoebe:

    Wow! Thanks for the great opportunity for your readers. I’m stuck at work this weekend but it’s all good if I win this contest.

  • 8/10/12 14:51 Mimmi:

    Hi Muse! This is awesome! I will be working all weekend at a swedish amusement park. Hope you have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:52 anat schlezinger:

    i soooo want to win the 500$ mac giveaway!!! thank you so much!

  • 8/10/12 14:52 Ashley:

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Weekend plans are to clean in the house! :)

  • 8/10/12 14:53 katie:

    this is a really sweet giveaway.
    hope you’ve been having a nice summer thus far, college is about to start soon so my summer is almost over :c

  • 8/10/12 14:54 F Chu:

    awesome giveaway!!! Thank you!!

  • 8/10/12 14:54 hh:

    Playing ukulele this weekend!

  • 8/10/12 14:56 w:

    Cool, I don’t have any MAC yet. Going to try riding a bike after 10 years this weekend.

  • 8/10/12 14:57 neutralgirl:

    What’s up Muse! Thank you for the amazing giveaway and just in general for keeping me in the know about all the new beauty products. weekend plans are to possibly take my niece to the zoo because this is the first wknd i’ve had off in years. have a good vacation!

  • 8/10/12 14:58 Sakina Donaldson:

    No weekend plans this weekend, I’m babysitting my beautiful 4 month old niece, but come next weekend it’s Ladies Night with my girls.

  • 8/10/12 15:00 Karen Timme:

    Have a wonderful weekend…I’ll be working all day, then heading to spin the parties at the clubs (and never without wearing my MAC- HUGE fan of their products) xoxo

  • 8/10/12 15:01 Tiffany:

    Oh my gosh… This is amazing. ;A;
    I don’t have any weekend plans, but I’m thinking about going to the beach!

  • 8/10/12 15:02 Yvonne:

    My weekend will consist of working and packing so I can move. No fun here!

  • 8/10/12 15:04 shantrell hines:

    Hey! I don’t have any big plans this weekend…..because I have to work all weekend!

  • 8/10/12 15:04 Gabriellle:

    I’m going on vacation too!!

  • 8/10/12 15:05 Andrea:

    Muse, you have a fantastic blog and I would love to get in on this contest! Thanks!

  • 8/10/12 15:06 Sophie:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Hope you have a fantastic vacation!

  • 8/10/12 15:06 Rainbow:

    I’ve got nine days before first day of college classes start again, so it’s packing, packing, shopping, shopping, sleeping, sleeping, rinse and repeat for me! Have a great time on your vacation, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 15:09 Alicia:

    I will be celebrating my husband’s birthday this weekend!

  • 8/10/12 15:13 Tonya:

    Great chance to tell you how much I love your blog! I live in the middle of the forest in Labrador and your posts keep me up to date on all the latest beauty products so I don;t miss out on new collections! Walmart is our only store so I don’t get to swatch things for myself except when Im on vacation a few times a year even though I am as big a makeup addict as you are! haha

  • 8/10/12 15:15 Rosa:

    Hi, I will also be in vacation next week! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  • 8/10/12 15:16 Danielle:

    I love this! Thanks, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 15:18 Jen:

    What an awesome give away! Thank you!

  • 8/10/12 15:19 Karla Almanza:

    This is amazing! Im relaxing at home, I have 3 weeks left and summer school ends! 2 classes each during 5 week courses are crazy!

  • 8/10/12 15:19 Norwegian chick(en) calling :):

    Dear Muse! I am reading your blog And I must admit I am a little bit embarrassed I am leaving my first comment today – of all days..! πŸ˜›

    I won`t update you on my boring life, but rather send you a huge, heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU for giving all of us the benefit of all your hard work of providing us honest reviews and fantastic pictures and swatches! They have SAVED me from getting things I wouldn`t looked good in (crispy clear swatches = BIG HELP!)

    I have read you have a regular job on top of this blog, so thank you so much for doing this for us!!
    Yours truly with lots of love and care –
    ~Mona from tiny Norway :)

  • 8/10/12 15:20 Kaitlyn:

    I love your random additions to posts! The ‘vacation’ song made my day! :)

  • 8/10/12 15:20 Christina D:

    Great giveaway! It’d be a good way to start trying MAC products since I haven’t yet.

  • 8/10/12 15:20 Kathryn:

    This weekend’ll be attending a wedding, all the while hoping the weather stays as nice as it has, and doing a lot of chores and cleaning up the house! I’ve been working everyday for the past two weeks and today/ this weekend are my days off :) I’m so looking forward to it! Hope you have a lovely weekend aswell Muse!

  • 8/10/12 15:20 Lillian:

    This is a seriously awesome giveaway! This morning I was at the beach, but now I have to go to work, which is a total bummer, and this just lifted my mo a little bit…

  • 8/10/12 15:22 TK:

    Hey muse! My plans this weekend are to spend some time with my friends and my little corgi! I’m also going to spend some time reading my Ai Ore manga and some other books I need to finish! And hopefully if I can manage to find my crochet hook I’ll spend some time working on a blanket. Have fun on your upcoming vacation!

  • 8/10/12 15:22 Erika:

    WOW what an awesome giveaway! What would I even do with all that if I were to win?!

  • 8/10/12 15:23 Fran:

    Weekend plan: Unpacking and organizing, since I’ve recently moved. Blah!

  • 8/10/12 15:25 Ana TomΓ‘s:

    What a nice giveaway! As for the weekend… have 2 papers to deliver in September so guess I’ll be doing that…

  • 8/10/12 15:25 Rachel:

    This giveaway sounds awesome! I think I’m going to see The Campaign today and I’m driving 6+ hours tomorrow to be ready to go back to class on Monday.

  • 8/10/12 15:28 Anastasiya:

    Hello!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! =)))
    On the weekend I want to go out of town for a barbecue with my boyfriend <3

  • 8/10/12 15:30 Anjali:

    Awesome giveaway! Plan to get some work done that’s been piling up and hang out with my family :)

  • 8/10/12 15:31 Marcela Hanford:

    This is great!

  • 8/10/12 15:31 Kimmie:

    I’m going with the hubbie and his friends to dinner, then watching the Bourne Trilogy. Super excited about the movie! Aside from that, cramming as much knowledge as possible for my admissions test. I sure hope I do well on it. Crossing my fingers because I do not want to spend another few hundred to retake it. The money would be better spent on the upcoming holiday collections. This is such an awesome giveaway. I’m not sure I could give away makeup like that! I’m too attached to my lovelies! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 15:33 Nanou:

    I feel soooo lucky to be here tonight, typing that I am soo lucky to be here tonight…
    You’re so awesome ! and so am I…
    so, did I win ?

  • 8/10/12 15:37 dollie-d:

    love your blog muse!!! enjoy your vaca you deserve it!!

  • 8/10/12 15:38 Sarah O:

    Seeing Batman tonight then hanging out with family who are visiting from out of town.

  • 8/10/12 15:39 Cas:

    Very awesome oppurtunity! Thanks Muse for all you do! This weekend the hubby and I are going to the OC Fair without the children! Yay! Hope you have an awesome vaca. Can’t wait for the new posts!

  • 8/10/12 15:42 Grace:

    I love your blog – you have the best reviews :)

  • 8/10/12 15:44 chloe:

    awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 15:45 Kelly:

    Love your blog! Always extremely informative!

  • 8/10/12 15:49 Chloe VonPickles:

    I would perfectly ok with winning $500 of MAC ; )

  • 8/10/12 15:50 Peyton:

    rearranging my bedroom! le sigh.

  • 8/10/12 15:54 Roz:

    What better prize could there be for a die-hard makeup junkie?? It would be a dream come true!! Absolutely love your blog, btw :-)

  • 8/10/12 15:57 Southern Gorgeous:

    Going to spend all weekend rewatching Doctor Who and Torchwood to get ready for the new season!

  • 8/10/12 15:57 Amanda:

    Awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 15:58 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:

    woooo hoooo…maybe one day when I’m in the city you’ll meet me at Inglot to indulge…you know you wanna Muse!! LOL

  • 8/10/12 15:59 Christina:

    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks!! My weekend is packed full of wedding planning !

  • 8/10/12 16:02 Tiffany C.:

    WOW!! $500 in MAC?! muse you are so generous and this has got to be one of the best giveaways ever! Tomorrow is mine and the boyfriends 9 year together so we’ll maybe do dinner

  • 8/10/12 16:02 Dana:

    Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m going to spend the day tailgating before the Pittsburgh Pirates game and then watch us win. After that, fireworks and STYX…so not too shabby. My sister was married that weekend so this will be a nice unwinding:)

  • 8/10/12 16:08 Michelle:

    For someone who owns no MAC at all, winning this giveaway would be an excellent introduction into the joys of this makeup line. Hope I win! :)

  • 8/10/12 16:09 Leanne:

    fab giveaway!! i would love to be entered in to the comp! xxx

  • 8/10/12 16:10 Richelle:

    Great Giveaway!!!!

  • 8/10/12 16:10 Teresa:

    Wow!! Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway!!

    Sunday is my little girl’s birthday, so I have a cake to bake.

  • 8/10/12 16:12 Tiffany:

    I want to win too, I’ve been reading your blog for years and these past few years I have been being sooooo frugal with purchasing makeup because I’ve been financially helping out my parents, my grandmother and my husband’s family overseas (if you need proof, I can provide it). So I just look at makeup blogs, yours being my favorite and drool over goodies I can never own. This weekend, I’m working, as usual. :\ Please select me!! Thank you.

  • 8/10/12 16:12 Anna:

    Went to CCO today and bought a lipstick! Thanks for the giveaway Muse πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 16:18 Dianne Pana:

    Mahalo for all your “musings” Hope you have a great vacation!!!!

  • 8/10/12 16:20 Angela:

    Cabin bound for the weekend! MAC rubenesque paint pot, bronzer and some cremesheen gloss are my weekend must-haves up north.

  • 8/10/12 16:23 Karen K.:

    This past Monday was my 26th birthday. I spent it in a car, driving 8 hours back home from Chicago — where we were attending my sister’s wedding over the weekend. Very “Sixteen Candles,” huh? Regardless, it was a lot of fun! I treated myself to some FACE Stockholm nail polishes while downtown. :)

  • 8/10/12 16:23 Marcela:

    Hey Muse! Thanks for the amazing giveaway! If it doesn’t rain, I have a birthday party!

  • 8/10/12 16:27 Larie:

    Hope you’re having a fabulous vacation, Muse! The sun is out and we’re going to a BBQ today!

  • 8/10/12 16:28 anne:

    Have a wonderful vacation. Thanks Muse!

  • 8/10/12 16:29 Kristina m:

    Wow I think this has to be the best giveaway.. Tonight is a good friends wedding and this weekend we plan to spend it at the beach..

  • 8/10/12 16:35 Melissa:

    Finally seeing the Dark Knight!

  • 8/10/12 16:40 Dawn H.:

    Thanks for offering up this super giveaway! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! My exciting weekend plans? Moving my son back to college tonight and tomorrow night and my daughter back on Sunday. I’m not sure which way is up at this point and could use some “Calgon take me away” time. Hope everyone else has a great weekend! The weather is just beautiful here today!

  • 8/10/12 16:42 Leisa:

    This is such an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 16:43 Jenny:

    My weekend is going to be a little bit boring. I’ll just be home catching up on my TV shows and doing some cleaning. I’ll probably hanging out with my guy friend this weekend too which will be nice. I like having nice and chill weekends.

  • 8/10/12 16:46 Ashley:

    yippie….great giveaway.
    This weekend isnt much exciting for me it just means going to work.

  • 8/10/12 16:46 Mina Holliday:

    Ooooh wow! This is amazing! Thanks for doing this. Love ya Muse!

  • 8/10/12 16:48 Junie:

    This weekend I get to hang out with my husband he just got back from his trip back home…he was gone for 3 whole weeks

  • 8/10/12 16:51 Devis:

    I love your blog!!!

  • 8/10/12 16:52 Jan:

    Fantastic giveaway!! No plans for the weekend, just some shopping.

  • 8/10/12 16:52 Pamela:

    Love your blog! You rock!

  • 8/10/12 16:55 Kelly:

    I would like to win!

  • 8/10/12 16:55 Kelly:

    I also tweeted:

  • 8/10/12 16:56 Glitterati:

    Pondering the purchase of the vanity flair palette will be whats on my list this weekend. First I have to find it! Have a good vacation.

  • 8/10/12 17:00 Işık:

    WOW!! I want it… Be mine, please..

  • 8/10/12 17:00 Julia:

    This giveaway is making me kind of freak out. It’s insanely generous!! Whoever wins this is very, very lucky!

  • 8/10/12 17:01 Natalie:

    I love your website and all your makeup reviews! What an amazing giveaway! I will be heading to the farmers market this weekend.

  • 8/10/12 17:02 Brittney:

    What an awesome giveaway! No MAC for this girl, but I’d certainly be willing to try it out!

  • 8/10/12 17:03 Katia:

    Our neighbor is going back to Afghanistan… :( BUT we are sending him off in style with an awesome goodbye party!!

  • 8/10/12 17:04 Themakeupism:

    Can never have too much awesome make-up!

  • 8/10/12 17:05 Leena:

    Wow! $500 worth of MAC makeup! That’s insane!

    I will be working on the weekend… XD

  • 8/10/12 17:10 Petitez:

    Awesome giveaway!!!! I hope I win! :)
    The weekend is going to be simple. Just spending time with the bf, catch a movie and dinner.
    Enjoy your holiday! Have lots of fun! :)

  • 8/10/12 17:12 Heidi:

    Such an amazing giveaway!
    And I love your reviews and writing style.

  • 8/10/12 17:14 olga Pates:

    have been a loyal follower since i first found out about your website, I have definitely learned allot from you. thank you for all your research and knowledge . And the giveaway looks amazing!!!!

  • 8/10/12 17:15 mimi:

    have a wonderful vacation!

  • 8/10/12 17:16 Diana:

    Work work work for the weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 17:17 Federica:

    Happy holidays!

  • 8/10/12 17:18 Stacy Lamountain:

    It would be cool to win. Thanks for doing the contest, it’s very generous of you! :)

  • 8/10/12 17:19 Jennifer:

    What an awesome giveaway! :)

  • 8/10/12 17:20 Devin:

    My plans are to try to cut one of my cat’s nails before his vet visit on Monday.

  • 8/10/12 17:20 Sophie:

    Amaaazzing giveaway! Thanks Muse :) I washed my dog this morning. That’s exciting πŸ˜‰

  • 8/10/12 17:21 Jessica:

    Hey Muse! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. This weekend we’re celebrating our good friend’s 21st birthday! can’t wait!

  • 8/10/12 17:23 Michelle:

    Wow! Where has summer gone?! I go ack to work in two wks and new MAC makeup would make it so much more fun!

  • 8/10/12 17:24 Elizabeth:

    OMG!!! I’ve beening dying to try Mac but its out of my budget! My fingers, toes, eyes are crossed!

  • 8/10/12 17:24 Olivia Frescura:

    Awesome giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 17:24 Stephanie Y:

    What a great giveaway – almost makes up for no posts for the next 9 days…have a nice vacation.

  • 8/10/12 17:26 nikki:

    Wow! This is amazing! Would love to win this since I cant afford it!

  • 8/10/12 17:28 Jen:

    Would love to win! Thanks muse

  • 8/10/12 17:29 SatelliteDreamer:

    I <3 MAC and I <3 Muse!

    Happy weekend everyone!!!

  • 8/10/12 17:34 Emily757:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I am going to a summer (high) school graduation for a family friend, working, and then going on my vacation to Atlantic City!!

  • 8/10/12 17:35 Musebeliever:

    I’m iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ! >.<
    I also posted on twitter, I am Erika C…

    I will miss you. :'( I don't like when you go on holidays. Yes I'm kinda selfish sometimes. :p

  • 8/10/12 17:35 Wendy:

    Great giveaway!~~~(><)b

  • 8/10/12 17:37 Leslie:

    This giveaway is crazy, Muse! I’ve followed your blog for years now and I can admit I prefer it to the more mainstream Into The Gloss/Beauty Banter types.

    You tell it like it is, girl! <3

  • 8/10/12 17:38 Leandra:

    Wow! That’s a lot of makeup! No huge weekend plans, going to spend the night at my sister in laws and watch my nephews while they are out of town. Maybe take my son swimming. :)

  • 8/10/12 17:38 Julia:

    I never win these things, but can’t hurt to keep trying, lol!

  • 8/10/12 17:39 hiba:

    nothing planned for this weekend but i’m crossing my fingers for the next one (hopefully it’ll be better). great giveaway, hope to win

  • 8/10/12 17:40 Victoria:

    I am a recent follower of your blog and enjoy all the different products you review. I especially enjoyed you posts of american bb creams and now want to find an asian one.

  • 8/10/12 17:42 anne:

    This time, I’m going to win this! *fingers crossed*

  • 8/10/12 17:43 Casey moore:

    WooHOO! Winning this would be AMAZING!! I tweeted under @cptmoore!

  • 8/10/12 17:43 Peachy:

    Mars too?! I’ll have to make sure Curiosity is in on the news!! XD

  • 8/10/12 17:43 Danielle:

    Holy moly MAC collection! There’s so much stuff! It’d be fun to play with!

  • 8/10/12 17:44 Vi:

    I’m really excited for tomorrow. I’m going to finally have a girl’s night out which will be a little bittersweet since we’ll leave for college soon after!

  • 8/10/12 17:47 Donna Lau:

    Yay giveaway!!! Driving lessons over the weekend lol :)

  • 8/10/12 17:49 Betty:

    What an awesome giveaway! This would be perfect in helping me start on makeup and experiment with different products/colors!

    I think I’m going to finally have some time to enjoy the beach for the weekend!

  • 8/10/12 17:51 Ondina:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m going to Walt Disnney World next week! WooHoo!

  • 8/10/12 17:55 Van:

    I’ll take my dog to the vet for the routine checkup.

  • 8/10/12 17:58 Tinkibell:


    Sooo…hmm….weekend plans, laundry and the Olympics! lol I know, my glamorous, exciting life makes so many jealous! ; )

    Now you can see why I need a little MAC in my life!

  • 8/10/12 17:58 Joan:

    I would love to win! Hopefully Americans living overseas (military purposes) qualify :)

  • 8/10/12 18:01 Olivia:

    I absolutely love and am obsessed with your blog! Thanks for all the giveaways and advice, I love your stuff!!

  • 8/10/12 18:04 reena:

    amazing giveaway! hope i win! :) love ur blog muse!

  • 8/10/12 18:04 Priscilla:

    Oh my God, this is amazing. Hope I win. :-)

  • 8/10/12 18:06 Dia:

    You never cease to amaze me with your wicked awesome giveaways! Have a nice vacation!

  • 8/10/12 18:10 Katie McAllaster:

    Best thing I’ve seen all week! Thanks Muse for a fantastic giveaway! Very excited…

  • 8/10/12 18:10 layla:

    haha, i dont live as far as mars, but I think Kuwait is as far as they go :) Plans for the weekend? its every girl’s favourite activity -> Shopping! lol thank you for this amazing giveaway! If it were me, I’d be keeping it all to myself! :)

  • 8/10/12 18:12 evil168:

    You are awesome! Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been visiting your blog daily for updates on the latest makeup reviews. Thanks for the wonderful effort.

  • 8/10/12 18:13 Amber:

    I’m working backstage for a 6th and 7th grade kids’ show tomorrow where I do community theater. I’m super excited! The kids are adorable!

  • 8/10/12 18:14 Lollybug:

    Hey Muse!! I hope you have a great time on vacation, wherever you’re going πŸ˜€ I’m actually leaving on my vacation on August 17th, but hopefully the beach house I’m staying in has internet so I can check your page!

  • 8/10/12 18:15 Noel:

    YES! i’ll be sleeping all weekend dreaming of winning

  • 8/10/12 18:15 Stefanie Gladden:

    amaazing giveaway! This weekend one of my friends is having a bridal shower, I”m so excited for her!! :)

  • 8/10/12 18:20 Rachel:

    I don’t even know what I’d do with all of it! I’ve never owned MAC before! Haha.

  • 8/10/12 18:21 Catherine:

    I’m going to the lake this weekend….Would love to win some Mac!

  • 8/10/12 18:30 Alyzabeth H:

    Hey Muse, I’m super busy this weekend packing for college!

  • 8/10/12 18:31 Marina:

    Wow. AMAZING giveaway!!!! Love your site.

  • 8/10/12 18:32 nikii:

    I really want to win

  • 8/10/12 18:32 Tiffany W:

    This is amazing!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • 8/10/12 18:32 Sheri Matthews:

    Wow!! This is such a generous giveaway!! I’m from the UK so this weekend a big highlight will be the Olympics closing ceremony! I’m ebaying my little heart out this weekend too (trying to make some cash!) I hope youre well xxx

  • 8/10/12 18:33 Jackie:

    This is a fabulous giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 18:33 anna:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I’m going to a friend’s wedding this weekend. It should be a blast! Hope your vacation is lots of fun.

  • 8/10/12 18:33 Thais MagalhΓ£es:

    heeeeey! wow love this giveawaw! haha
    awun I go study so hard in my weekend but I don’t want talk about that. LOL
    Congratulations dear, you’ve a reader from Brazil! Good luck for everybody. xoxo

  • 8/10/12 18:36 Felicia:

    My weekend plans are to relax and read books, maybe find time for some Pilates =) Thanks so much for the giveaway! Enjoy your vacations!

  • 8/10/12 18:41 Molly D:

    this is an amazing giveaway!! have fun on your vacation and thank you!

  • 8/10/12 18:41 Saiba:

    Wow, that’s just wow! Amazing giveaway, would be awesome to win lol that would be my weekend plans XD but I’ll still go see a movie with friends hehe

  • 8/10/12 18:43 Ailsa:

    Wow! thanks for offering such an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 18:46 Ashley:

    I’m going to see my dad in sf and go to a wedding! School starts aug 20 so it’d be great to win!!!

  • 8/10/12 18:49 Hannah:

    Saturday I’m going to the mall for some shopping for my trip to L.A. on Sunday, and on Sunday, I’ll be at the airport at 4 A.M. and L.A. by 8 A.M.(: Thanks for the giveaway!!<3

  • 8/10/12 18:52 Jenn:

    What a crazy fantastic giveaway! I hope I win!

  • 8/10/12 18:54 Reema:

    This would make my year!

  • 8/10/12 18:54 Xero:

    I’ve never owned any MAC. :(

  • 8/10/12 18:54 barbara:

    holy shiz what a great giveaway! thank you!

  • 8/10/12 19:03 Genny:

    Oohh! I love MAC.

  • 8/10/12 19:05 Heather:

    Wow! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!
    My weekend plans are birthday celebrations- my sister’s and mine. I’m 3 years older but our birthdays are only 9 days apart.

  • 8/10/12 19:05 Shannon:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would live to win this. I would totally share with my bestest friends!
    Going to a baby shower this weekend for my sister.

  • 8/10/12 19:09 Sarah:

    Weekend plans are pretty mellow – going to the Bourne Legacy tomorrow night.

    Thanks Muse! :)

  • 8/10/12 19:12 tiny:

    Wow, this is a heck-uv-a giveaway! Thanks a lot Muse!!

  • 8/10/12 19:13 Becca:

    Wow! I’d love to receive that much MAC. Not sure where I would put it all, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t find a place πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 19:13 Patricia:

    Oh, Gosh!! $500 in MAC products!!!!!!!! It’s a dream!!!!!!!! Hope I win!!!

  • 8/10/12 19:13 Monique:

    I’ve always wanted to have a MAC brand of make-up, and this’ll be perfect! <3

  • 8/10/12 19:14 strawberryshortcake9:

    gosh is this HUGE!! so excited πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 19:17 Azyha:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I have to be honest… even though it’s summer, I still can’t get through the morning without a strong cup of coffee!

  • 8/10/12 19:19 Lolly05tmua:

    OMG! Thank you so much for the chance. I never won anything because I’ve never tried XD But I have to try this!

  • 8/10/12 19:19 jordan:

    This is so awesome! Wish me luck!

  • 8/10/12 19:19 MandyB:

    I’m entertaining the in-laws this weekend. Have a great vacay Muse!

  • 8/10/12 19:21 Lauren:

    Nothing to bring out non-commenters (*guilty here*) like a MAC giveaway! Have a nice vacation! I will miss the updates.

  • 8/10/12 19:22 Helen:

    Awesome Giveaway!!! Love your site. Always checking in to see what is up and coming!!

  • 8/10/12 19:26 Keyko:

    Hi Muse! Such a tempting giveaway you have there! This weekend i’m going to take my mom for shopping and buy her one or two anything she likes since i just got paid from my first job ever. So excited! Yeah i’m trying to be a good daughter here. :p

    Have a great weekend!

  • 8/10/12 19:29 chibicheeks:

    Muse is awesome! This weekend my fiance and I are going to register. Excited!

  • 8/10/12 19:30 Jinjoo Kim:

    Im going on vacation, too!! Yay, us!!!

  • 8/10/12 19:33 Jessa:

    Whooohooo,the amount of scrolling it took me to get down here.

    Looks like an awesome giveaway can’t wait till you announce the winner!

  • 8/10/12 19:36 Fweenix:

    I’m just going to relax at home!

  • 8/10/12 19:36 Emily:

    This would be the best giveaway for me to finally win one! Fingers crossed, but I won’t hold my breath :) this weekend I am catching up on the family time I missed due to this crazy busy work week :)

  • 8/10/12 19:40 Christy C.:

    I think i may be a hoarder of makeup but i love it anyways

  • 8/10/12 19:44 Katie Jarratt:

    I’m planning on doing some volunteer construction work this weekend. Its usually pretty fun but the hardhat makes my hair look really weird after…. oh well!! The giveway is so awesome! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • 8/10/12 19:48 Nina:

    I’m super excited for a chance to win this collection. I just wanted to say I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, and your reviews are always great! :)

  • 8/10/12 19:53 Jaime:

    I’ve never owned anything Mac. This would be awesome!

  • 8/10/12 20:01 Lucy:

    well my plans for the weekend are… get my hair cut as its getting too long now and I’m starting to get split ends.
    Try to find a job and to continue panicking about my exam results on August 16th. :(

  • 8/10/12 20:02 Sarah:

    What an awesome opportunity! Thanks! This weekend, I’m looking forward to milder temps for a change.

  • 8/10/12 20:08 Pilar:

    Hey, Muse!
    My weekend’s gonna be pretty boring – I might hang out with a friend and/or get a facial. I hope you have a fantastic time during your vacation!

  • 8/10/12 20:09 Heather C.:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance and for hosting this!

  • 8/10/12 20:13 Cara:

    Awesome giveaway!! :) I’m packing up for a trip to Disney world this weekend

  • 8/10/12 20:14 Haley C:

    oh wow! that’s so kind, it would be lovely to win! weekend plan are waiting for my boyfriend to come back home and doing my color theory project for beauty school. not too fun:(

  • 8/10/12 20:20 Jess:

    Going to gorge on some lovely macarons!

  • 8/10/12 20:21 Yennie:

    It has been raining here for last couple of days, quite gloomy until I came across this super awesome giveaway!! Thanks for brightening my day up! :)!!!

  • 8/10/12 20:22 kamala:

    I imagine winning this amazing collection, spreading it out over my bed and sitting in the middle swatching it all!

  • 8/10/12 20:24 Cassidey:

    This weekend, I’m going to see the new Bourne movie with my hubby! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 20:30 Rose:

    Oh my, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to win the hell outta that! It even made me want to open up a Twitter account just to enter twice…

    But since I still got a bad case of the flu I’m probably staying home tomorrow, but I might work up the courage to go out for a bit if it’s to break my diet though lol, I’ve been jonesing for ice cream all week!

  • 8/10/12 20:32 Nicole:

    I actually don’t own anything from MAC yet (crazy, I know), so this is exciting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 20:33 April D.:

    This is such an awesome giveaway Muse and I’m excited for the chance to win!

    I finally get to spend a weekend with my husband. He’s been in class for the past 2 months since he got back from being stationed away for 4 years. So I’m going to enjoy a nice weekend with him, especially since it won’t be scorching hot for a change. :)

  • 8/10/12 20:35 Crystal Ford:

    This is an AMAZING giveaway!!!!!

  • 8/10/12 20:40 Amber:

    Hiya Muse! Hope to win this, and if not, I’m looking forward to fall posts when you get back from holiday!

  • 8/10/12 20:48 R:


  • 8/10/12 20:49 Jessica:

    Wow, amazing giveaway! I’m planning on doing as little as possible this weekend! It’s all about bumming in my pjs!

  • 8/10/12 20:50 tink3rr:

    yayyyy , great way to start of a semester :)

  • 8/10/12 20:50 ShannoninBC:

    Hope you have a great vacation…while I work! Yup, that’s my plan for the weekend, work :( Feel bad enough for me to win this now? LOL I tweeted, too

    hope you have a fantastic vacation!

  • 8/10/12 20:52 Shey:

    Awesome giveaway! :)

  • 8/10/12 20:52 Sachiko:

    wow! what a giveaway! this weekend I’m finishing up the ravelympics and getting back to school shopping done

  • 8/10/12 20:54 Lori:

    It’s 110 degrees (literally) here so I plan to spend it in the shady pool!

  • 8/10/12 20:57 Shamim de Varax:

    I’ve recently refallen in love with MAC. would love the chance to win this!

  • 8/10/12 20:59 renee:

    I must say ur becoming a very enjoyable all around blogger ( very first) that i follow. Keep up the good work..

  • 8/10/12 21:04 Aida:

    This is exciting :). Have fun on vacation!

  • 8/10/12 21:06 fatima:

    I wanna win Mac Makeup!!! lol :)

  • 8/10/12 21:10 Ali:

    This would be awesome, I’ve never owned any MAC before. Would make up for missing out on the gift cards they were giving away at the grand opening of the Sephora in JCPenney in my area because I showed up too late :(

  • 8/10/12 21:20 Helen Stockwell:

    Very excited for this weekend… have nothing planned so can do whatever I feel like.

  • 8/10/12 21:21 Kim A:

    I really need new mac makeup so I can look hot on my Friday night date watching movies with my cats! :)

  • 8/10/12 21:21 Helen Stockwell:
  • 8/10/12 21:25 KaylaK:

    This.Is.Such.An.Epic.Giveaway! Wow good luck to everyone in the contest! πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 21:27 Lulle:

    Now, this is a great giveaway :) Thank you!

    Of course, I’d love to win!

    I’d like to do stuff this week-end, like go to the beach, but it’s so hot here in San Diego that we might just stay on the couch, right under the ceiling fan…

  • 8/10/12 21:27 Jackie:

    Hi, Muse…I really enjoy reading your blog and would LOVE to win this giveaway! I just got into MAC about a year ago and I’m really enjoying it…

  • 8/10/12 21:28 marsha:

    love your blog girl, this giveaway is bomb

  • 8/10/12 21:29 Tatyana G:

    oh wow, exciting giveaway, just twitted about it. this weekend we will be taking my husband’s 90 year old grandma for her favorite food – pizza. Have a great vacation.

  • 8/10/12 21:29 Jenny:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! πŸ˜‰
    I’ll be working the entire weekend lol. I consider Monday my “weekend” as its my day off, going out with the bf xP
    The blog rocks! Keep up the fantastic work

  • 8/10/12 21:30 linh:

    This is such a great giveaway! I cant even fathom all of this!

  • 8/10/12 21:36 Suzi:

    Sleeping in! This weather has done me in….hot at the beginning of the well and freezing cold now. But, I am looking forward to a baby shower tomorrow! Have a fun holiday!

  • 8/10/12 21:36 JenAirz:

    Wow! A great giveaway! Even if I don’t win, visiting your blog every day is enough, and is already a gift from u to me :-)

  • 8/10/12 21:45 Jasmin:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!! Made my weekend which I am spending studying!

  • 8/10/12 21:46 Andrea:

    Wow!! what an amazing giveaway! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/10/12 21:46 Tammy:

    Great giveaway!!!

  • 8/10/12 21:50 Coindonk:

    I want 2 win this giveaway plzzzzz

  • 8/10/12 21:50 Monica:

    I’d love to win! Yay!

  • 8/10/12 21:57 estee:

    I’m so grateful when giveaways are open to international readers :)
    thanks muse!

  • 8/10/12 21:59 rebecca:

    Thank you for the giveaway! This sounds awesome :)

  • 8/10/12 22:00 hydramirage:

    ooooh… never one anything before, so I hope I get picked! weather is abysmal in the north east, yay for humidity…><

  • 8/10/12 22:01 Mimi:

    No plans for the weekend! What a great giveaway!

  • 8/10/12 22:03 Cory K.:

    Awesome give away!!! I really hope to win! Just relaxing at home this weekend with my wonderful family!

  • 8/10/12 22:04 Alisha Badillo:

    I loooooooooovvvvvveeee MAC!!!

  • 8/10/12 22:05 Taylor:


  • 8/10/12 22:10 Felis:

    I hope I win this for my birthday! I was going to post a video of myself singing karaoke, because my eye makeup was SO FIERCE, but I decided that would probably be a jerk move. :) So we’ll all just have to imagine.

  • 8/10/12 22:11 Melissa:

    Lol I think shipping to Mars would be more than the prize itself

  • 8/10/12 22:11 Jennyirv:

    Wow! What a great giveaway to kick of your vacation! Have a great time Muse! I hope I win so I can take this on vacation with me in my new makeup tote :)

  • 8/10/12 22:15 Gina G:

    Wow this is SO cool, have fun on vacation! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:15 Diane:

    I actually never tried mac! Winning this would be cool. Gonna be taking it easy this weekend. Have fun on vacay!

  • 8/10/12 22:17 Sarah:

    Ohmygoodness! What an incredible giveaway! Have a great vacation!!

  • 8/10/12 22:22 Rose:

    My goodness!!! SOOO MUCH MAC! in love with this giveaway! Have a great time on vacay muse :)

  • 8/10/12 22:23 Stacey:

    What an amazing giveaway!
    Weekend plans… I’m doing a winery tour, should be fun! Have fun on your vacay.

  • 8/10/12 22:23 Chris Edmondson:

    I’m a judge in a new Denver, Colorado based Singing competition. This would be PERFECT for the makeup artist to use on the contestants before their performances.

  • 8/10/12 22:26 Miyuki:

    omG I hope I win!

  • 8/10/12 22:26 Rebecca:

    I think this has to be the most exciting giveaway I have ever seen!!

  • 8/10/12 22:27 Michelle:

    It’s really warm here so my weekend is going to be spent indoors! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:28 Amy:

    I’m going to get thai with my sister, friend and my niece! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:29 Edie:

    Enjoying your blog. Especially that you are a concealer junkie…me too!!

  • 8/10/12 22:30 terri:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway. I need some luck on my side.

  • 8/10/12 22:35 Lucy:

    Love you, Muse!!!! Been following you for a while – adore your spunky writing and variety of reviews! Yours is such a happy, friendly blog – keep it up!!!!!!

  • 8/10/12 22:37 Lucy:

    And totally beyond fabulously awesome giveaway, by the way!!!!! I’d die of excitement if I won!!!

  • 8/10/12 22:43 Ariana:

    I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a make-up giveaway in my entire life. This is great!

    Hoping to win! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:44 Cheryl:

    It really puzzles me how you’ve the ability to hold such awesome (and expensive) giveaways. Makeup magic perhaps? Haha, anyway, have a great holiday, Muse!

  • 8/10/12 22:48 Valerie Pedersen:

    Wow what a great opportunity. Thank you for the chance to win this. I don’t own many MAC products but I hear a lot of people say good thing about them.

    Have a great vacation.

  • 8/10/12 22:50 Hannah:

    What a great giveaway! Thank you so much, I would love to win πŸ˜€

  • 8/10/12 22:51 Amanda:

    Best giveaway EVER

  • 8/10/12 22:52 Melanie:

    it would be amazing to win these products! i’m especially thinking of sharing with my roommate since she’s trying to break into makeup artistry.

  • 8/10/12 22:54 Kim Le:

    Yo quiero! I want! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:54 Sheva:

    Greetings from Mars! lol

    Hope you had a great vacation (as I’m sure it’s over by the time you read this.) :)

  • 8/10/12 22:59 Lin:

    omg, i’ve never tried MAC before. always heard good things about it but never go to a store and try it. LOL. maybe it’s my chance to score some? :p thanks Muse!

  • 8/10/12 22:59 Reema:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  • 8/10/12 22:59 Janet Shepherd:

    Have a great holiday! Hope I win lol

  • 8/10/12 23:03 Jen B:

    Muse! You have outdone yourself with this one! Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  • 8/10/12 23:03 Maggie:

    Fingers crossed for a win!

  • 8/10/12 23:05 Kat p.:

    Hey Muse, Big fan! Anxious to win the giveaway. Going away to the mountains camping in my vintage camper. Can I enter more than once here in the comments???

  • 8/10/12 23:05 Genevieve:

    I’m planning on grading final exams for my students this weekend. Exciting… But I want to win!

  • 8/10/12 23:07 colleen boudreau:

    tomorrow night I’m going to the bar with some friends, but tonight I’m staying in and relaxing.

  • 8/10/12 23:11 Amy:

    holy moly, Muse, you’ve outdone yourself. Also–long overdue, but–thanks for fixing it so I can see this on my android :)

  • 8/10/12 23:23 Melissa m.:

    This is fantastic. We’re spending our last weekend before our daughter starts kindergarten in Sarasota

  • 8/10/12 23:25 Gin:

    Wow muse! This is a gigantic giveaway! Thank you!
    Finger crossed to get it!!
    My weekend is occupied by a disaster medicine conference.. In fact I am attending it now haha(break time)! Love how it is very informative! We dot get a lot of exposure about disaster management and prevention in our country

  • 8/10/12 23:36 Rebekah:

    I’ll be trying to entertain my two young girls like I do every weekend! It’s so blasted hot here it’s misery outdoors!! I have a feeling nail painting and “makeovers” are in my future!

    I’d love to win the giveaway!!

    Have a great vacation!!

  • 8/10/12 23:40 Monique:

    I am loving watching breaking bad. Netflix rocks!

  • 8/10/12 23:43 Ruth:

    I’m going to go on a haunted pub crawl this weekend, yay! we drink beer and listen to ghost stories. also have to finish my homework. idk why i didn’t do this crap in my teens and 20’s, but actually really enjoying the learning process now that i’m older.

    i tweeted:

  • 8/10/12 23:45 Samm D:

    Potatoes and $500 of Mac products on a silver platter, please.

  • 8/10/12 23:59 Marina:

    Wow! Thanks, Muse!

  • 8/11/12 0:09 MuseRocks!:

    THANK YOU MUSE FOR DOING THIS! I’m working my weekend job which is retail this weekend. Nothing fun. OH! And register for classes :)

  • 8/11/12 0:10 Monique Robertson:

    This is an amazing giveaway!! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday :)

  • 8/11/12 0:11 Angel:

    Oh I would just die!!!! Hope you have a great vacation Muse, see you when you get back!!!

  • 8/11/12 0:14 Nicole J:

    my plans for this weekend are simple, try to sleep in, relax and maybe play some video games lol.

  • 8/11/12 0:17 Priscilla:

    Woohoo! Nothing like a great MAC contest to get the weekend started! Thanks for the generous giveaway, Muse! Love your blog and read it daily!

  • 8/11/12 0:18 Jennifer:

    Thank you for holding this giveaway, you’re so generous!

    I’d LOVE to win this, always need more color and MAC in my life~ <3

  • 8/11/12 0:19 Quinctia:

    Crazy giveaway, had trouble getting the page to load all the way! People must be excited. I wonder if there’s a bottle of MAC Strobe Fluid in there…keep meaning to try it, but haven’t been saving any of my makeup budget for it. (I keep buying all of the nail polish ever.)

    Tweeted a tweet under my normal SN! XD

  • 8/11/12 0:19 Justine P.:

    Hey, What’s up? I’m going out this weekend.. Probably have dinner with my family and maybe go shopping with my Mom :) It’s her birthday on Tuesday and I have no clue what to get her. I was gonna get her a red piggy bank because she likes pig figurines and her fave color is red. This is a really awesome giveaway. Thanks a lot <3

  • 8/11/12 0:25 Michelle:

    Gotta love a MAC giveaway!!!

  • 8/11/12 0:25 Naie:

    Just shopping for dorm stuff with my little sister for her first year of college.

  • 8/11/12 0:31 Dlcmommy:

    I reallly hope I win! Fingers crossed. Please please please I love your site. I’ve also never owned any Mac products. Love u muse

  • 8/11/12 0:31 Autumn Rush:

    I only own one Mac product, so this is kind of awesome!! πŸ˜€

    I’m spending my weekend packing and moving in to a new apartment. Woo? lol

  • 8/11/12 0:35 Steph:

    My weekend plans include watching my kids play hockey!! And getting ready for our family end of summer vaca. I would love to win.

  • 8/11/12 0:35 Aretsuya:

    Woah!!!!! Muse, how do you do it? I just went to Nordies to look at MAC for the very first time and it made my heart/eyes cry and my wallet cringe. Solution: save lotses of money for MAC’s holiday sets…(pretty limited edition skinfinish, one day you shall be mine!)

  • 8/11/12 0:38 Patty:

    i’m trying to not bake with the heat wave in pasadena, ca

  • 8/11/12 0:38 Jade:

    wow, this is amazing!

  • 8/11/12 0:38 Heather:

    oooooo, i want to win!!

  • 8/11/12 0:40 JL:

    wow, this is amazing!

  • 8/11/12 0:45 Gina Bertino:

    Woohoo a MAC giveaway….exciting!!!!!

  • 8/11/12 0:45 Chiaki:

    Gonna have to study for upcoming exams!

  • 8/11/12 0:46 Kiara:

    This weekend I’m going to a wedding!

  • 8/11/12 0:49 Heidi Huang:

    This is an awesome give away! Have fun on your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 0:52 Sara Elisabeth:

    Headed to the beach this weekend.

  • 8/11/12 0:58 totoro:

    Hi Muse! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • 8/11/12 0:59 Kim:

    What an amazing giveway! Thanks!

    This weekend I will be having dinner with an old teacher and high school friends. And then I will be going to a “going-away” party on Sunday

  • 8/11/12 1:01 Melanie:

    Hope you have a great vacation girl, you definitely deserve it!!!Thanks for the oppurtunity (fingers crossed!!LOL)to win this awesome giveaway prize too!!:)

  • 8/11/12 1:02 Vanessa Garcia:

    Wow! Probably one of the best giveaways ever! Crossing my fingers and hoping and praying! Hope you have a some well deserved R& R on your vacay!

  • 8/11/12 1:06 Mia D.:

    Hey Muse! I’d love $500 worth of MAC! I’ve been into make-up since I was about 5yrs old. As a teen my older sister caught me many times stealing chapstick to foundation and more from her collection. Sadly I have not had the money to invest in quality products. I am now 26yrs old and finally went out to buy my first high end foundation. I returned home with the MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. I love it so much. I’d love to slowly try other MAC products but it’ll be work in progress. Maybe once a month I might be able to scrap up $30 to play with one or two products. Money has always been tight for me and I only work a measly factory job. For now. It’d make my year to win this!

  • 8/11/12 1:08 Lesley Rain:

    Ms Muse, you wouldn’t happen to have a ‘Little Fairy Godmother’ that will magically wink my acne and various other blemishes into sad mere memories, hiding in that mysterious box of treasures, now would you? I think I may just strain my fingers from all the crossing and hoping.

    Have a beautiful vacation Hun and do not feel guilty if you happen to be blessed with any delicious mischievousness. After all, what is a vacation without them? Be assured that I will be appropriately ‘green with envy’.

    Ms Muse is on vacation! I can not stop myself from picturing it as one of those sinfully clichΓ©d plots in a romance novel where the unassuming heroine embarks on a relaxing vacation, only to find that it is not so relaxing to be hunted by a gorgeously, incredibly genetically spoiled, Alpha Male who knows his way around a women.

    Do try to not fault my imaginings as maybe they will be strong enough to clue the Universe into sending that ‘hunk of male perfection’ in your direction! Hah, I rhymed….

    But in all seriousness, if you do happen to meet Mr Drool Worthy, you must absolutely not forget to ‘throw a girl a bone’ and send her a picture with his shirt preferably not on his chest! Because if you think about it, it really would be too cruel not to!

    Wishing you the most thrilling vacation you could possible imagine,(I almost did it again..)

    Lesley Rain Walker β™₯

  • 8/11/12 1:08 Jane:

    I imagine that the makeup will arrive in a really big box :)

  • 8/11/12 1:08 Ashley:

    My weekend plans are boring & very family oriented this week. I wish I were going on vacation like you Muse! *envious*

  • 8/11/12 1:11 Noelle:

    Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway :)

  • 8/11/12 1:11 T:

    Yearning for this! Can you believe I only own a few e/s shades and that’s it from MAC? Sephora’s just way easier to get to!!!

  • 8/11/12 1:14 Jerilyn:


  • 8/11/12 1:15 Jackie Duggan:

    Such an awesome giveaway!
    This weekend is dropping a motor in the work truck! Sleep tonight though yay!

  • 8/11/12 1:16 Jenna:

    Hopefully relax some before school starts on Monday. I’m a teacher.

  • 8/11/12 1:17 Joyce:

    love your blog muse! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/11/12 1:18 Soohyun:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I don’t have any Mac products but always read great reviews about them, so it would be amazing if I won!

  • 8/11/12 1:18 Jessie:

    Holy crap what a huge giveaway!

    Here is my comment: Today I have eaten a lot of hummus.

    I have also tweeted for an extra entry :)

  • 8/11/12 1:19 Monica C:

    Hey Muse, my plans for the weekend are to finally get everything settled in my room after my vacation =) thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 1:40 Jzaenna:

    My plans for this weekened.. To have a very romantic date with my girlfriend we’re ceLebrating our7th anniversay.. And i want this to be so memorable and special. First we’ll be going in a nature park 3hrs. Drive from our home. There we ate some crocodiles meat, choose what kind of cook you want, my friends says its a must try. We ride zipline together, ride a horse together, that we haven’t done before, its all a first time. And at nigh ill bring her at hill top, where you can see the whole city, at the compartment where i put a little suprise, full of red roses petals, kisses chocolates, candles, her favorite cake and a bouquet:) there, we talk about our selves and everything we that we can do. Im so excited this weekend! Hopes she loves it!

    Btw, she does’t know about this. I’d borrow her ipad this morning, when i open the safari your website is the one in it. I know she’s crazy and loves make up. And always talk about MAC COSMETICS how popular and good. But i know she doesn’t have even 1 item of mac. Because we don’t have in our city, and also very expensive. Hehehe! I hope i could wi, so that she will be so happy, exagerately happy in her life, that she will have a mac items. Thank you! Have a good and happy vacation!.. -kboy(philippines)

  • 8/11/12 1:48 claire:

    I love me some mac =) Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 1:50 Teresa:

    Awesome! I’d love to win. I hope that you have a great vacation.

  • 8/11/12 1:56 Stace:

    Awesome giveaway! Spending the weekend in CA to escape the bad weather in NY!

  • 8/11/12 1:57 J.L.:

    WOW!!! Now that’s what I call a haul!

    I’m returning a MAC brush that the MUA recommended but didn’t work for me (188). Haven’t been to Sephora in a few weeks — gonna check out what’s new. Then just gonna do chores and enjoy Shark Week!

    Have a great time!

  • 8/11/12 1:58 FadBurger:

    My weekend plans that I know of now are a mixed bag haha. Tomorrow is Korean food and BBW for freebies then Sunday is probably just taking my car in and discussing insurance with my husband.

  • 8/11/12 2:04 Jennifer:

    Thanks for having this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  • 8/11/12 2:24 Larissa Braga:

    My weekend would be better if I won! πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 2:28 jessica:

    I plan to go to a concert and chill this weekend,should be fun!

  • 8/11/12 2:33 ritika:

    awesome giveaway muse………i have plans to visit my aunts place and have fun there…what about you!!!

  • 8/11/12 2:42 Shayna:

    My plans for the weekend are to go to Hollywood. πŸ˜› Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 2:58 Kmmyp:

    Never had any MAC products!!!! It’d be…. a dream to win!!!
    Twitter: @Lontre

  • 8/11/12 3:18 Melissa:

    Going to the movies this weekend!

  • 8/11/12 3:26 Reti:

    I really love your site, I think it’s great! MAC is probably my favorite make-up brand.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  • 8/11/12 3:31 Sabrina:

    gonna do my favorite thing over the weekend~ staying at home at rot all day with a novel in my hand! πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 3:57 Lily:

    Awesome, thank you!

  • 8/11/12 4:13 Monica:

    Very excited and pleased to enter!

  • 8/11/12 4:17 Fanny:

    Not gonna lie, this is a pretty freaking sweet giveaway you are doing. Thank you for this and all the other giveaways!

    I don’t really own any MAC (only a fluidline in the basic Blacktrack) so I’d be ecstatic if I won!

  • 8/11/12 4:20 Jessi:

    Weekend plans- work, work, and more work. Bleh! Thanks so much for the opportunity Ms. Muse!

  • 8/11/12 4:25 Vanessa:

    Oh boy! This is like a dream giveaway. Who wouldn’t love to win $500 worth of MAC! :)

  • 8/11/12 4:41 susan:

    Wow, just a few comments! Lovin’ your work as usual

  • 8/11/12 4:50 Nat C:

    so exciting!!!! always love your giveaways! :)
    have a good vacation!!!

  • 8/11/12 4:58 shaimaa:
  • 8/11/12 5:03 Sarah:

    Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! I just found your blog, but I am finding all of your beauty insight helpful, and interesting!!

  • 8/11/12 5:13 Sara:

    Wow. All I can say is thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • 8/11/12 5:15 Thao To:

    I love your site! I check it everyday :)

  • 8/11/12 5:32 Chasie Poo:

    Hey everyone! So it’s freaking awesome this giveaway is so amazing! Fingers crossed! Oh and Musie Poo, hope you have a fantabulous vacay! πŸ˜‰ cheers from Oz!

  • 8/11/12 5:34 Kelly:

    Listening to Spectrals – I love retro distortion!

  • 8/11/12 5:37 Megan:

    This is the best Giveaway ever MUSE! Anyways, I have no plans this weekend just staying at my home and watch movies and series. I’m having my final interview for this job I am applying to this Monday. Wish me luck! :)

    I really want to win this one. :)

  • 8/11/12 5:38 Deb:

    Hey Muse, enjoy your vacation! I’ll miss you!

  • 8/11/12 5:50 Rachel:

    I love your blog and i’d love to win this!! Have a great holiday!

  • 8/11/12 5:53 Marta F.B.:

    Oh my God!!! I want it!!!! I hope to have luck this time!!!

    XOXO Marta.

  • 8/11/12 6:21 Frou:

    Hey muse! I have nothing exciting planned, so I’m problably just gonna sleep the whole weekend πŸ˜‰ Have fun on vacation!!

  • 8/11/12 6:27 Nia:

    Have a great vacation :)

  • 8/11/12 6:34 Samantha:

    Wow, this looks amazing! I would love to win, because I have never used any MAC products before. This weekend I’ll probably just kick it with my mom and watch some really cheesey movies! Anyways I hope you have a great vacation and thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • 8/11/12 6:36 Patricia:

    Hey! I want to win! Yup! ^^

  • 8/11/12 6:50 Mia:

    Fingers crossed

  • 8/11/12 6:58 Joana:

    Wow that’s awesome. Just Bought my first MAC product yesterday, been looking for I good concealer a after reading you talking about MACs pro long wear I had to buy it. Hope I can win this one. Kissies

  • 8/11/12 7:24 Petra:

    WOW, it is amazing..Hope i win! Have a nice day.

  • 8/11/12 7:29 Melissa:

    Hi! Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to explore MAC products! You’re awesome! <3

  • 8/11/12 7:34 GREG’S girl!!!!!:

    ALL HAIL THE MUSE!!!!!!…………

  • 8/11/12 7:42 Laura R:

    wow, this is crazy awesome, Muse! THANKS FOR THE ENTRY, ENJOY YOUR VACATION.

  • 8/11/12 7:48 Amy Amethyst:

    No weekend plans. I’m turning into a hermit lately. Plus I have a headache that won’t go away and wants to turn into a migraine.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 7:49 TwirlyGirly:

    Along with thousands of others, I would LOVE to win this giveaway! (Does it matter I don’t own ANY MAC cosmetics? Do I get an extra “sympathy” entry??? )

    Weekend plans? None. I’ve come down with an icky sinus infection and one side of my face is all swollen. I can’t even stand to look at myself in a mirror – I certainly don’t want to subject the innocent public to this image! So, it looks like it’s gonna be a stay-at-home-and-watch-movies kind of weekend.

    Enjoy your vacay!

  • 8/11/12 7:49 Ann Marie:

    OMG my mind can’t even PROCESS how awesome $500 of MAC would be! I’m in love!!!

  • 8/11/12 7:51 TwirlyGirly:

    Darn it! Forgot to put in the link to my tweet:

  • 8/11/12 7:58 Amanda:

    I can’t wait for the summer to be over!

  • 8/11/12 7:59 chocmon:

    this weekend…… didnt win the uk Β£146 million lottery so hoping im way luckier with this draw xxx

  • 8/11/12 8:03 Alexis:

    Wow! I hope I’ll win!

    I’ll be stuck at home doing my thesis this weekend :/

  • 8/11/12 8:07 Jessica:

    Awesome giveaway!! My weekend would be spend studying and watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony :)

    • 8/11/12 8:16 Jessica:

      Oops, spent I mean!

  • 8/11/12 8:15 Lorraine:

    This weekend I’m going to sleep…need some serious beauty sleep!

  • 8/11/12 8:18 Celine:

    This is great! I guess I will be catching up on my dramas this weekend.

  • 8/11/12 8:22 whitney:

    Wow! I only own one MAC lipstick, I would LOVE to win this!

  • 8/11/12 8:23 Vivella Zapparoli:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity, and also for being a great resource of info!

  • 8/11/12 8:25 Robin:

    My weekend will be spent sorting, packing and generally getting ready to move into my new school on Monday! Summer went by in a blink. What an awesome back-to-school giveaway, Muse!

  • 8/11/12 8:26 Viola:

    Hey, Muse! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and have a great holiday! :)

  • 8/11/12 8:27 Anne Colt:

    OMG this is freaking amazing!!!! Thank you for this huge giveaway :)
    Nothing special for this weekend as Im still sick :(
    I keep my fingers crossed,I really want to win this as I still haven’t tried any MAC products :(

  • 8/11/12 8:32 Lacey J.:

    Doing laundry at 6 in the morning. Still half asleep and I see this. So happy I’ve made muse one of my daily blog rounds!

  • 8/11/12 8:32 Evgenia:

    Ooooh, please, let it be me! :)

  • 8/11/12 8:35 Jessica:

    Hey! I’m currently dealing with these muscles this weekend for our upcoming practical and long tests. Hopefully I could win this thing! Really looking forward to this! Sending you great thoughts! :)

  • 8/11/12 8:35 Nicole O.:

    WHOAAAA! This giveaway is amazeballs.

    The only plans I have this weekend are to go thrifting later on today. I love getting unique items for an awesome price! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for the chance! :0

  • 8/11/12 8:35 Veronica Corey:

    Good Saturday morning Muse! Hope you have a great vacation :) I’m gonna freak without my daily dose of you while you’re gone!! I’d looooooooooooove to win, but either way I LOVE your blog, you’ve helped my make some serious product decisions πŸ˜€ lol have a good one & thanks for everything

  • 8/11/12 8:37 NinaS:

    This weekend I have to buy a wedding-present :)
    IΒ΄m also have to decide which dress IΒ΄m going to wear and thatΒ΄s no easy tast because the weather is changing fast in the middle of Norway πŸ˜‰

  • 8/11/12 8:43 Holly:

    Have a great vacation and thanks for the MAC giveaway opportunity!!

  • 8/11/12 8:47 Ariane:

    wow amazing contest! I wouldn’t mind winning πŸ˜‰

  • 8/11/12 8:48 Judit Monostori:

    Hi Muse! πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 8:51 Kathy:

    MAC! im excited!!

  • 8/11/12 8:51 JanT.:

    REally want to win!

  • 8/11/12 8:52 Krissy:

    Wow this is great! Thanks for putting this together!!

  • 8/11/12 9:07 Gloria Ly:

    I’d love to have this collection since I’m just starting my makeup collection.

  • 8/11/12 9:10 Katie:

    Ohhhhhhhh, pick me, pick me!!! Such a great giveaway! And have loads of fun on your vacay!

  • 8/11/12 9:17 Amber:

    I would love to win something and thanks for making this not just on twitter. I don’t do twitter so I was very excited to see I could enter a giveaway! :)

  • 8/11/12 9:17 Nicole:

    omg i want that *_*

  • 8/11/12 9:20 Gala:

    WOW! I really want!!! thank you

  • 8/11/12 9:23 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Hiya Muse, what a lorry load of comments already! My weekend plan is going to a funeral sadly. My brother’s best mate, poor guy, too young. But after that we will all get together for a good old Irish booze up to talk about the poor fellow. I will of course be the sober one :)
    You have a massive heart to be doing such a massive giveaway.

  • 8/11/12 9:26 Nancy:

    Muse, love your sunscreen advice!! Weekend plans include the pool!

  • 8/11/12 9:34 Mel MB:

    I would LOVE to win! I will give all of those to one of my friends who is starting in the world of fashion and runways. He does some hair fashion shows in our hometown and he is a hair stylist for people with a low income (who cannot afford to go in a salon). He would love to start doing makeup in his shows.

  • 8/11/12 9:34 Kaitlyn G:

    It’s so nice that you’re doing this giveaway!
    I would love to win ^^

  • 8/11/12 9:40 Nancy:

    What a great way to make you feel better about yourself! Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 9:46 Ann:

    I’ll be spending the weekend at home with my family.

  • 8/11/12 9:58 Dawn:

    I’m nursing a back injury this weekend, so watching some Olympics and dreaming about your giveaway! Have a great vacation!

  • 8/11/12 10:04 Jess:

    Going to a local brewfest with my besties and then going to see my favorite band play tonight. All signs point to awesome.

  • 8/11/12 10:05 MMM:

    Holy crap what a fantastic giveaway. Thanks! I plan to be glued to the Olympic events all this weekend.

  • 8/11/12 10:06 Andrea:

    What I great give away …………….I just got back from vacation and I want to go back already. One week of work and I am fried already. Weekend of catching up on everything.

  • 8/11/12 10:06 Rebecca:

    Holy dream come true! lol! Last night I out with some friends and today I’ve got work. I’m tired of working in a kitchen in the summer, it’s time for me to find a desk job lol.

  • 8/11/12 10:14 Stephanie T:

    This is an awesome giveaway, I would be ecstatic if I won! Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 10:20 Stephanie C.:

    Lovely contest!! This weekend were celebrating lots of birthdays and anniversaries so it’s been super fun! Today’s plans are dim sun and well… BBW event lol!

  • 8/11/12 10:21 Carrie Martin:

    Wow what a give away, a girls dream come true. Well I would love to win, but I imagine it will probably go to the most deserving girl. And what a loser I am, I have no twitter account. Lots of love.

  • 8/11/12 10:22 Rosemary:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Have a nice vacation!

  • 8/11/12 10:24 Danielle:

    I will be attending the WI state fair and eating everything they offer on a stick.

  • 8/11/12 10:24 Patti:

    Hi Muse, I read your blog daily, and if you don’t approve something, I don’t buy it. I have had a rough year, having beat thyroid cancer, and having to go through massive mood swings while regulating my medication, and it seems as though even though the year has been rough, I have found out what is really important. Your blogs make me laugh, as my daughter has converted us all into Dr. Who fans, and you have so much in common with her, it makes me laugh. She is 24, an English Lit major, who is going to Exeter in the fall to get her masters. Though I will miss her terribly, I am so excited for her to have an “adventure”. I am sure she will be converting my beauty stash by recommending beauty products from across the pond. Anyway, thanks for your consideration, I hope I win! If not, I hope someone who needs some luck (and great beauty products) does. : ) THanks! PS, have a great vacay!

  • 8/11/12 10:27 Hamster:

    Is it possible to consider oneself a makeup addict, yet never try any MAC products? If so, that’s me! I went into the MAC store once, but the sales people weren’t very interested in helping me. I’d love to win this just to get a chance to finally try MAC products!

  • 8/11/12 10:28 Kristin:

    Hi Muse!
    No big plans for me this weekend. Get to go grocery shopping today by myself, but me being a stay at home momma during the week, getting to go grocery shopping alone is kind of like a mini vacation!! Hope yours is 100x better than mine, lol!

  • 8/11/12 10:34 Barbara Horne-Draper:

    A&m volunteering at my local Kitty-Rescue place…lots of love to share and receive. Great thing to accomplish to help them and make THEIR LIVES better and find forever homes. Looking good myself helps me care for them on an even higher level. And I’m sure they would appreciate some new colors on me;and so would I !!! Appreciate the opportunity to enter your wonderful sweepstakes. Hugs & colorful wishes. TheCatsMomma/Barbara.

  • 8/11/12 10:35 Taylor:

    WOW…that’s is an awesome giveaway!!!

  • 8/11/12 10:36 Caroline:

    I’d love to win this Muse!

  • 8/11/12 10:36 Sharon:

    celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday!

  • 8/11/12 10:41 cinthya d:

    Today is my day off , i’m watching the olympics soccer game: Mexico-Brasil, Go Mexico!! :) and after i’m going to rest all day and watch movies with my husband,Thank you for the giveaways,

  • 8/11/12 10:42 Dodie:

    Super give-away! I’ll cross my fingers!

  • 8/11/12 10:42 Tess:

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 10:43 Teri Blincoe:

    My weekend plans are to take my son shopping for clothes and school supplies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 10:43 Shery:

    This is amazing!!! thank you for this giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 10:46 lisa:

    This is he Mac Daddy of all Mac giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope your vacation is good. I’m going antiquing.

  • 8/11/12 10:46 Sue – MakeupMew:

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ll be baking salty cheese muffins this weekend. I’m on a lip gloss hunt for the perfect nude pink with spf.

  • 8/11/12 10:46 Jennifer P.:

    I’m going to graduate from college soon! Yay!!

  • 8/11/12 10:46 SB:

    Hi! Who doesn’t love $500 worth of MAC makeup! I enjoyed reading your review of the Josie Moran set also, thanks.

  • 8/11/12 10:50 JJ:

    Great giveaway, this weekend i’m celebrating my third wedding anniversary.

  • 8/11/12 10:54 Victoria:

    Hiya Muse, hope you have a blast. This is relaxing weekend for me, pizza, wings and a movie :)

  • 8/11/12 10:55 Joy:

    I will be in art class!

  • 8/11/12 11:05 Michelle A.:

    Hello Muse =) You are so generous!! I have been following you for a long time and I love that you are a fellow New Yorker!! Anyway,I don’t have any plans this weekend. I will however be with my baby boy,so I don’t need any plans he keeps me busy,LOL!! Sorry for the long schpeel,have a great weekend!!!!

  • 8/11/12 11:11 Laura:

    I am going to lounge my weekend away on my couch with a good book and my laptop tuned to beautyblogs for some catching up, I NEED the chillax moment! Love your work so keep it up!

  • 8/11/12 11:15 Michelle Miller:

    Amazing giveaway! So excited!

  • 8/11/12 11:19 Olivia:

    Whoever wins this giveaway will be one lucky guy or girl! I have the weekend off, but I’ll be spending it doing schoolwork!

  • 8/11/12 11:23 Vickie:

    Not a lot planned for the weekend caz I am sick with a summer cold. YUCK!!! Have a GREAT vacation. Love, IWANNA!

  • 8/11/12 11:24 Nat:

    Yay, finally a giveaway that doesn’t require facebook! Good luck to everyone! πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 11:29 Emily:

    thanks for this giveaway! I love your blog because you review such a wide range of products! Keep up the good work and enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 11:30 hminnesota:

    I am working this weekend which is extremely unusual..hate it.

  • 8/11/12 11:31 Donna:

    I love the one Mac item I now own, blush! I would love to try some more, and would share the package with my 16 year old grandaughter!!!

  • 8/11/12 11:33 Shan D:

    This weekend I’m starting to prep from my hubby to come home in two weeks from this Saturday after 9 month away.

  • 8/11/12 11:33 Baba:

    Now you see how many of us read your beauty reviews!!

    I love the variety of MAC cosmetics. To win 500 pieces of makeup would be such a creative treat.

  • 8/11/12 11:35 Jean D:

    Not only do you have an amazing blog but great contests! Enjoy your vacation. I will be home cleaning, shopping, and watching the Olympics.

  • 8/11/12 11:37 Yvonne:

    Woah, thank you for the giveaway~! My weekend plans consist of studying, studying, and more studying. Exam next week, so nervous but reading your blog calms me down lol.

  • 8/11/12 11:38 Toni:

    Great giveaway. I, like everyone, would love to, nay…NEED to win! MAC has such great quality pigments in their products. As does Chanel, but you know, it can be far too much look and money. I am black, so colors change etc, and I have found the quality of pigment is almost everything. MAC is so versatile too! So many options for us chics with color. I finally stopped in after waiting forever, and I want it all. Plus there are some local women’s shelters that could benefit too. Share the love, I may change my mind though. :-) This is so exciting! Eeeeee! If I win I want a Rupaul make over, as in Rupaul doing my make-up. My horse face fixes up well, but needs a lot help. I wrote the most, so I should win?

    • 8/11/12 12:11 Toni:

      Okay a couple of things here. I have not written the most I confess. The last thing that I wanted to do was invite more contestants! But it did, very cruel of you. More important is that I have never tweeted before, I just read my followings. I have no idea if I managed to do it successfully! Stupid apps. I did follow you. And posted on Facebook and Google+. So I say we skip the Twitter thing. :-)

  • 8/11/12 11:40 Christina:

    Ohh wow. What a great giveaway :)This is so exiting X

    • 8/11/12 11:46 Christina:

      I’ll have to work all weekend, but that’s ok. I love my job β™₯

  • 8/11/12 11:42 Gina Marie:

    i never win anything! haha

  • 8/11/12 11:51 JAG:

    This is a fantastic giveaway. I hope I win!

  • 8/11/12 12:03 Megan O:

    OMG this is amazing! I hope I win!

  • 8/11/12 12:05 Rachel:

    Wow Muse! This is beyond generous of you! Thank you for giving all of us a chance!

    My weekend, like every weekend in recent months is a combination of trigonometry homework, spanish homework, and a whole lotta coffee. Thrilling, I know!

  • 8/11/12 12:08 George:

    Oh, man. There will not be enough coffee in the WORLD today, haha.

  • 8/11/12 12:15 Roxie:

    Hoping to win :)

  • 8/11/12 12:16 Donna:

    Enjoy your vacation! I’ll be working on a summer-long project of working putting a patio in!

  • 8/11/12 12:22 Cheryl Loring:

    Thank you for holding such a great giveaway. I would love to win. Enjoy your vacation.

  • 8/11/12 12:26 yadira:

    i will be working this weekend over night from 12am-8am in the morning.

  • 8/11/12 12:26 Amanda Sakovitz:

    insanely awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance!

  • 8/11/12 12:29 Lily:

    I have my first date with this guy tomorrow! Very nervous (who doesn’t get nervous)! Have an awesome vacation Muse!

  • 8/11/12 12:30 Danie:

    WHAT? I’m stunned by the amount of stuff here. My weekend plans include… erm… sorting makeup. Shh.

  • 8/11/12 12:36 Anam:

    would love to win this! this weekend i was going to visit my parents for the weekend but all the friday flights were cancelled so i’m bumming around this weekend. ):

  • 8/11/12 12:38 Lauren W.:

    Woaah, this is AWESOME! I’ve never tried MAC before… Thanks Muse!

  • 8/11/12 12:41 Sadi:

    Wowww thats such an amazing giveaway !!! I actually don’t own anything from MAC yet , so this is exciting.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 12:43 Susan:

    Thank you for the opportunity of such a huge giveaway. My weekend plans are the very last wedding I’m going to photograph. I’m retiring after 20 years! Woo Hoo! Have a wonderful well deserved vacation and I’m looking forward to your upcoming news! xoxo

  • 8/11/12 12:43 ShiShi:

    Hi, nice giveaway!!!! I have never tried anything from mac before, I would like to try that lo!!!

  • 8/11/12 12:56 Anne Taylor:

    Have a brilliant vacation! This weekend will be spent watching the rest of the Olympics, especially the Closing Ceremonies! A drive along the waterfront is a possibility as well!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • 8/11/12 12:57 Anne Taylor:

    Follow you on Twitter and Tweeted

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • 8/11/12 12:58 MiMi:

    I will be doing laundry, grooming my baby Luna (claws are dangerous!) and lazing about. On second thought the laundry might not get done – oh what’s that? A Dr Who marathon? Oh well I just can’t say no to that πŸ˜‰

  • 8/11/12 13:02 Hillary:

    I’m fantasizing about all the wonderful things that would be in this haul! Fingers crossed that I’m the lucky one. :)

  • 8/11/12 13:15 Somayea:

    oh my gosh. the AMOUNT of comments! It’s great you’re doing this giveaway! πŸ˜€
    My plans? PACKING MY LIFE AWAY FOR COLLEGE. I move in on the 19th! YAY? maybe. have fun at your weekend Muse! :)

  • 8/11/12 13:26 eliza:

    Hi Muse!
    I’ll be making jewelry and working!

  • 8/11/12 13:32 Soraya:

    Omg that’s a lot of makeup!!! I have no plans. Just getting mentally ready for one of the hardest semesters of my life!

  • 8/11/12 13:32 Samreen:

    I love Mac makeup.thanks for being so generous:)


  • 8/11/12 13:34 Aruvinn:

    Been a while since I checked your site, and suddenly I’m greeted with MAC giveways? This must be my lucky day :)

  • 8/11/12 13:38 Jenni:

    Just got back from an AMAZING trip to the Farmer’s Market :) Picked up a lot of goodies and it feels good to support local farmers!

  • 8/11/12 13:43 Panna:

    I love all the reviews on this site! I wish you would compile some “Best Of” articles. Like, “Best Drugstore Concealers” or “Best High End Blushes.” Or maybe just a list of your favorites! Maybe you already have these, and I just haven’t found them yet….anyway. Have fun on your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 13:46 Maggie:

    Hey! spending my weekend at a starbucks studying for the dreaded LSAT. Wish me luck and have fun on your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 13:51 Leeann:

    :) sounds fabulous!

  • 8/11/12 13:58 Cindy A.:

    Thank you so much for offering such an amazing giveaway! My weekend plans are pretty boring… I’ll be cleaning the apartment, organizing closets and washing/vacuuming the vehicle.

  • 8/11/12 14:02 kris:

    Love your site! What an awesome giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 14:05 Ingrida:

    Inter bonos bene :)

  • 8/11/12 14:27 Frankie:

    I will be writing my resume.

  • 8/11/12 14:32 Jordan:

    I’ve never owned anything by MAC, so I’d be pretty ecstatic if I won!

  • 8/11/12 14:42 Chelle:

    Amazing giveaway!! This weekend will be spent with hubster watching the Olympics(again!) and catching up with shows we missed during the week. Too hot and rainy to do anything else lol.

  • 8/11/12 14:42 Katelyn:

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I love checking out your site to find out all the latest info on new products, to see swatches, etc. I’m going to be a senior next year in high school, and I have recently just started getting into makeup!

  • 8/11/12 14:44 Laura:

    OMG!! I hope I win!! iΒ΄ll be thinking on this all weekend!!

  • 8/11/12 14:48 Ann:

    Vacation! Well, I guess this weekend marks the end of my vacation.
    Post-grad blues :(

  • 8/11/12 15:00 Casey:

    Wow, well…what’s one more entry to the thousands?! Awesome!

  • 8/11/12 15:19 Emily:

    I don’t own any MAC products! bad me!

  • 8/11/12 15:23 Noa:

    Awesome giveaway!!! Yay!!!

  • 8/11/12 15:24 Sarah:

    This is a great idea! I’ll be, well, I can’t say what I’m doing this weekend, it’s also top secret! :p

  • 8/11/12 15:24 Alykat:

    Love your site and love this giveaway!!! I hope you’re having a fabulous vacation. I wish I was on vacation too! However, I’m working the weekend away but it’s all good. After I’ll be off to spend the rest of the evening with my love and my precious kitty Char Char :)

  • 8/11/12 15:28 Sarah:

    hey Muse! count me in! Have a great weekend :)

  • 8/11/12 15:28 Gabrielle Smith:

    Most awesome giveaway ever! This weekend, I’m going to a baseball game with my entire family!

  • 8/11/12 15:32 Eliza:

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 15:32 Rendon:

    It cool $500

  • 8/11/12 15:32 Nicole:

    I just bought my first MAC product this summer and look forward to trying more!

  • 8/11/12 15:33 Deb:

    Wow! Enjoy your much needed vacay.

  • 8/11/12 15:41 JessiaH:

    My weekends are packed with driving lessons!! I never knew driving is this hard and super dangerous, such as a jerk in the right leg from a bug bite…

  • 8/11/12 15:42 M. Rose:

    This giveaway is SUPER exciting! Thanks!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 15:46 Leigh:

    Whoever wins this will be the luckiest girl alive! Fingers and toes crossed!!! :3

  • 8/11/12 15:48 Chrystal Gayles:

    I would love to win $500 worth of MAC Cosmetics! My weekend pretty much consist of the olympics :-)

  • 8/11/12 15:55 Chris:

    Hey! Enjoy your vacay! I’m going to enjoy each day to the fullest! Thanks!

  • 8/11/12 16:03 Michelle:

    This weekend we’re house hunting..we’re adopting and need a little more room :)

  • 8/11/12 16:06 Paige:

    This is such an exciting and generous giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 16:08 Christal:

    Beautiful picture!

  • 8/11/12 16:09 Kelly:

    Awesome giveaway! Hoping you have a great vacation! :)

  • 8/11/12 16:28 Heather:

    Oh wow! It’s the mother of all giveaways! Thanks girl!

  • 8/11/12 16:30 Daze:

    Hi muse :) I can’t believe this is actually my first comment on your blog! Been a loyal lurker since… 2008 I believe? That’s the year I became a crazy makeup addict and it’s all been downhill from there. (I blame your blog in part ;p)

  • 8/11/12 16:38 Reehana:

    I’m spending my summer catching up with my family and having a mini reunion, would love to win this and share it with my three sisters!

  • 8/11/12 16:45 Tracey:

    Have a good vacation and who wouldn’t want to win $500 worth of MAC goodness??

  • 8/11/12 16:47 Renee:

    What a great giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 16:50 Lauren:

    I love MAC, so this weekend I will be organizing my closets and drawers

  • 8/11/12 16:53 Jessica:

    Enjoy your vacation! I would love to win this great giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 16:54 krystle (Baking Beauty):

    Best giveaway ever, thank you for the chance!!

  • 8/11/12 16:59 Pinkty:

    OMG ! This is a huge giveaway, thank you ! Well, my weekend plans… just finished to build some Ikea furnitures :-)
    Hope you enjoy your holidays

  • 8/11/12 17:07 Lemony Licks:

    As much as I would like to do nothing, I think I might have to start preparing for school in the fall D:

  • 8/11/12 17:09 Kinoko:

    I want it so much !!!!

  • 8/11/12 17:10 Gail:

    Thanks for the giveaway – what a great one – just got back from the Gap Body – 30% off everything – good deals – cooked eggplant for sandwichs for the beach tomorrow and now off to make a fun dinner for Hub & me

  • 8/11/12 17:13 Gail:

    Just tweeted

  • 8/11/12 17:16 Stacie:

    Just got back from camp-I was a counselor. I plan on hunting down the new L’Oreal collection and catching up on kdramas-currently watching I Love Lee Tae Ri and Prosecutor Princess.

  • 8/11/12 17:22 Allison:

    This is an amazing giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 17:30 Kim:

    The Muse is awesome.

  • 8/11/12 17:34 Joy:


  • 8/11/12 17:44 Thalia:

    Lovely giveaway. I would love to start my make up collection this way!

  • 8/11/12 17:50 Karrie Bowers:

    What a giveaway, whew! The highlight of my weekend was shopping, I hauled a MUFE Aqua Rouge in #9, a blingy Nails Inc polish and some of the new Sweet on Paris stuff from BBW, pretty decent weekend.

  • 8/11/12 17:52 Susan K:

    This is spectacular! Oh what fun it would be to play with that!

  • 8/11/12 17:52 Liz:

    I’ll be watching the Olympics.


  • 8/11/12 17:55 Fahmida R:

    I’d love this haul πŸ˜€

    Eid would be much more special and this haul would make those special days oh so much more special .. Forever and ever :)

    Thank you for the chance!

  • 8/11/12 18:04 Nicole:

    Hey ! I like your blog and I live in France ! Can I win, please !! please !
    it’s summer here (finally) so I’ll go to a parc and do nothing, kiss

  • 8/11/12 18:08 Ness:

    What an amazing giveaway! Wow! Throwing my name into the hat too :)

  • 8/11/12 18:26 Tina Renee:

    We are going to a haunted bed & breakfast in Savannah, Georgia in a couple weeks!
    I simply cannot wait! I’d love to look fabulous while I’m sweating and shaking!

  • 8/11/12 18:31 Sam:

    I’m no doing much over the weekend. Just getting ready to go back to school on Monday :( Yeah, that’s right, this upcoming Monday. I am so not looking forward to the end of sum me.

  • 8/11/12 18:49 Lauren:

    Amazing giveaway! Thanks for this opportunity! πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 18:50 joette:

    I LOVE your blog….. This is a awesome give away. i will be spending my weekend out on the golf course!!!!!!!

  • 8/11/12 18:50 Tabitha:

    Hey muse! This weekend all I’m doing is working :( college has to be paid for somehow

  • 8/11/12 18:53 Adriana:

    This is a makeup lover’s dream. Hope you have a great vacation!

  • 8/11/12 18:56 Emilie:

    awesome giveaway

  • 8/11/12 19:00 Autumn:

    Awesome, that’s crazy generous, thanks for the opportunity for freebies! Don’t forget to go outside tonight and watch the stars fall, and have yourself a great weekend!

  • 8/11/12 19:11 jia:

    Hi Muse :] how u doin’? ;D
    I’m hanging out with the family today then tomorrow I have work. Darn T~T

  • 8/11/12 19:12 Tina:

    I’ll be spending the weekend in my garden :-)

  • 8/11/12 19:13 sara:

    Keeping cool this weekend! It’s 105 here in Cali!

  • 8/11/12 19:19 Rebecca:

    Have a wonderful vacation, Muse.Hope you enjoy every minute of it!

    As for my weekend plans, I’m knee deep in last minute wedding planning. Getting married in 3 weeks!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 19:25 Iliana R:

    I would love to win! Thanks for giving all of us a chance at this giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 19:25 Ivette:

    Hi Muse, I love, love, love you and MAC – what an awesome combination!

  • 8/11/12 19:27 Iliana R:
  • 8/11/12 19:36 Joanna:

    Will be doing some sight seeing for the weekend and hopefully catch up with some Drop Dead Diva :) Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway and best of luck to all.

  • 8/11/12 19:49 Barb H:

    Amazing giveaway!

  • 8/11/12 19:52 christina:

    ooh, im so excited about this giveaway (:
    well, i just discovered your blog and im spending my weekend reading it :p

  • 8/11/12 20:02 Dee:

    I’ll be spending the weekend meeting up with my friends and enjoying funnel cake at the local fair :)

  • 8/11/12 20:04 cw:

    I won’t buy Mac, but I would take all of this without a problem. πŸ˜€

  • 8/11/12 20:04 Anna:

    Wonderful giveaway! I’m moving to LA this week!

  • 8/11/12 20:05 Dina:

    Have a great vacay!

  • 8/11/12 20:08 Yesennnia:

    I want to win $500 bucks worth of MAC Cosmetics!!!! Great prize for going back to school!!!!!

  • 8/11/12 20:17 Anne:

    I wouldn’t leave the house for a week if I won this giveaway – I’d be too busy trying out all the makeup. The weekend is half way through – have just got back from a friend’s wedding in beautiful Bath and tomorrow the plan is to lie in, eat m and m s and read the papers. Have a great holiday!

  • 8/11/12 20:18 Mermaid:

    I hope I can win cosmetics! Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 20:20 Jbatty:

    I had a family reunion. The weather was great. Mac is my favorite brand!!!!’

  • 8/11/12 20:21 ShopGirl:

    I love MAC more than any brand :) I’m watching the Olympics now.

  • 8/11/12 20:30 Sara:

    I’ll be spending time with my family. (:

  • 8/11/12 20:36 Dee:

    Hi Muse~
    I think I have a problem. You see…i’m addicted to your blog.

  • 8/11/12 20:37 Steph:

    What a great giveaway! I’m not up to much this weekend, just relaxing. Enjoy your holidays!

  • 8/11/12 20:38 darcy:

    Wow!! I’m an older youngin and rediscovering my beauty, so would love to update my collection with this woncerful prize!! pick me, pick me!!

  • 8/11/12 20:42 Jenn:

    WOW Muse, this is amazing. You are so generous!

  • 8/11/12 20:53 Jess:

    This is amazing!!

  • 8/11/12 20:56 Yvette:

    LOVE your site, would love the M.A.C too!
    Enjoy your vacation :)

  • 8/11/12 20:58 Cathy:

    Enjoy your vacation! I will be so bored while you are gone I come to your site several times a day! I would love to win some MAC make up!!!!!!

  • 8/11/12 21:04 Anne:

    i love MAC, it’s fun, creative and cool and good quality, like the cool limited edition things :)

  • 8/11/12 21:15 Sang:

    Dude, that’s a lot of makeup! I’m crossing my fingers, but pick me!! :)

  • 8/11/12 21:28 Ivy:

    Hi Muse,
    first of all I want to say a humangous thank you for this opportunity. I am a newbie in make up, and just started getting obsessed. It would be nice if I get picked in this amazing giveaway!
    To be honest,the first review that I read was the mario badescu vitamin c serum.From then on, I was hooked! I had no idea which review to read first. There were so many review to choose from. Then I started to read them by category.
    Again, this is such an amazing giveaway! And you are an awesome person for doing this and for doing what you do best! thank you! And goodluck to everyone

  • 8/11/12 21:29 Catherine:

    You’re the best, Muse :)

  • 8/11/12 21:29 Melody:

    Hey Muse, thanks for this giveaway! Love your blog!

  • 8/11/12 21:36 Melissa:

    Hey, what’s up? =P

  • 8/11/12 21:41 Tamara:

    This is such an awesome giveaway. I’ve been sick for the past few days, so this weekend I’m going to rest more and then I also have work. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 21:43 Carolina Marques:

    OMG, I love MAC products!

  • 8/11/12 21:45 Bookish in a Box:

    I’m organizing–including my makeup drawer! It’s looking a little bare. :-)

  • 8/11/12 21:48 Holly:

    I’ll be going to see The Campaign tomorrow.

  • 8/11/12 21:49 Shakirah:

    Ohmygoodness this is amazing. I will love you forever and ever if I win this :).
    Hope you have a great vacation! (That sounds odd. I’m used to saying holiday haha)

  • 8/11/12 21:49 Alex:

    I want this! You’re the best, Muse.

  • 8/11/12 21:53 Kathy:

    awesome blog awesome give away!

  • 8/11/12 21:57 Aimee:

    So amazing! Enjoy your vacation!

  • 8/11/12 21:58 Michelle:

    My plans are to stay home & cuddle up with the kiddos since school started back Thursday:( Love all your reviews!!! Have a great vacation:)

  • 8/11/12 22:03 Lindsay:

    My weekend? Watching The Olympics, of course!!

  • 8/11/12 22:10 D-tan:

    Hope you’re having a great vacation right now! I just finished up summer school and have a whole week off before I start my 21 unit Fall semester, eek! But it’ll be worth it since I’m graduating a semester early ;D

    Also, I’m housesitting for a friend in LA and taking care of their corgi dog. I also went to the summer festival at the Mitsuwa over here and nommed on takoyaki and many other foods!

  • 8/11/12 22:11 Cindy:

    wow..that’s a really gracious giveaway!
    Thank you!

    I love your posts but hate it as well..why? because i find myself going out to purchase the cool stuff you post! πŸ˜‰

  • 8/11/12 22:12 Tatiana:

    it’s my birthday this sunday, so I’ll definitely celebrate ir with my friends and family. it’ll be a nice weekend.

    just saw you’re going on vacation.
    have a safe trip, sweetie, and have fun.


  • 8/11/12 22:17 Robin B.:

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been using MAC cosmetics for years and LOVE them. No big plans this weekend but going to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan in 2 weeks , for a much needed vacation.

  • 8/11/12 22:32 Chloe Nusbaum:

    I’ve never tried any Mac products before. I only splurge on makeup if I’ve read like a billion reviews on it and I know that I’ll love it. Does anyone have some product suggestions from MAC?

  • 8/11/12 22:39 Melody:

    Hi :) This is a wonderful giveaway. Have fun on your vacay! :)

  • 8/11/12 22:39 Trisha O:

    So glad I came across this site! I’ve got some serious reading to do here! πŸ˜‰

  • 8/11/12 22:44 Linda:

    I’m planning to just relax and rest this weekend, maybe clean my house a bit. Hope you’re having a great vacation! :)

  • 8/11/12 22:57 Gaby:

    I cant wait to watch magic mike on hd! lol πŸ˜›

  • 8/11/12 23:00 new:

    my very first time entering in an giveaway. :)

  • 8/11/12 23:00 Kelly:

    Going to take my new kitty for her first vet appointment tomorrow morning!

  • 8/11/12 23:01 Lisa:

    I’m too broke to afford any MAC so this would be a dream come true for me!!!

  • 8/11/12 23:02 Traci:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I really appreciate your honest reviews.

  • 8/11/12 23:19 Wendy:

    Hey! Hope you’re not having a hard time packing up all of your makeup goodies to go on your trip! It’s hard fitting those big BB cream containers into a tiny ziplock bag :(

    This weekend I’ll also be packing for my trip to Floridaaa!

    Have fun and crossing my fingers for a win!

  • 8/11/12 23:20 Kat R:

    Amazing giveaway! This weekend, I am staying local with hubby.

  • 8/11/12 23:20 Brenda Frey:

    my [plan for this weekend is to win lots of makeup;)

  • 8/11/12 23:21 Tracey:

    Wow! That’s impressive! Sick this weekend (boo), but giving me a chance to catch up on my blog reading!

  • 8/11/12 23:25 Alisha:

    i’m home for the weekend; i went to yogurtland with the family and was so excited to see their hello kitty collaboration!!! so cute

  • 8/11/12 23:35 Nichole Marie:

    What a awesome giveaway, my weekend plans consist of cleaning up the house and yard and installing new speakers in my car with the help of the bf :)

  • 8/11/12 23:37 Lauren McF:

    Thanks for this chance at MAC beauty. Smashing!

  • 8/11/12 23:39 Leeta:

    Holy carp — that is an EPIC giveaway!
    As for my weekend?
    Well, I’m meeting the boyfriend’s mum for the first time.
    Fun times, hehe.

  • 8/11/12 23:42 Maria:

    Hello there!

    This is an AMAZING giveaway and I’d love to win. Trying out my luck here, I never win ANYTHING. Well, thanks for giveaway. Sending lots of love your way.

  • 8/11/12 23:54 Helen:

    This is an amazing give away, I really hope I get it!!

  • 8/12/12 0:04 Aqilah Jafari:

    best weekend: breakfast in bed, sit in front of laptop and relax the whole day!

  • 8/12/12 0:07 H.c:


  • 8/12/12 0:20 Renee:

    Hello! I’m spending the weekend with my family. My birthday is coming up soon (Sep. 16) It would mean a lot to me if I win. I love makeup, but I can’t afford any good brands like Mac. I’ve entered a lot of giveaways but I never win sadly, but I hope I win this one! :) I hope you read mine!

  • 8/12/12 0:23 Sierra:

    I love this site, I read it almost everyday, so this is exciting!

  • 8/12/12 0:27 Maria Oller:

    thank you amazing giveaway!!!
    my tweet:

  • 8/12/12 0:35 Casey:

    Oh man this is incredible. *Fingers crossed* Have a great time on your vacation!

  • 8/12/12 0:42 Natalia:

    I want to try too!

  • 8/12/12 0:49 Kimberly Poston:

    I am getting ready for a trip next week to Hershey, PA for MixTape festival. It’s going to be so fun!

  • 8/12/12 0:53 Lindsay:

    What an awesome giveaway,would love to win! Good luck to all.

  • 8/12/12 0:53 Tiffany Martin:

    Awesome giveaway!!

  • 8/12/12 0:57 Jamie:

    Wow, how awesome would this be?! I think I might cry if I won, lol. =)

  • 8/12/12 1:12 Lindsay:


  • 8/12/12 1:25 Caroline:

    Wow! What a great giveaway!! Thanks. And enjoy your vacation! :)

  • 8/12/12 1:26 laatschness:

    Thanks Muse! I’m going to see The Campaign tomorrow with my mom.

  • 8/12/12 1:28 zang:

    Hey, hey! Anyeong! have a great time on your vacation! This is a wonderful giveway!

    Take care! and I recommend Gakistal and A Gentleman’s Dignity and I do, I do; if you wanna catch up on some if those K-dramas!

    See you!

  • 8/12/12 1:34 Rita:

    OMG this giveaway is mind-boggling, Muse!! I hope I can win! *__*

  • 8/12/12 1:43 Monica:

    This weekend, I’m planning to eat at a Korean restaurant and spend the rest of the time studying for my GRE (exam). Thanks for this giveaway Muse, and hope you’re having a great time wherever you’re vacationing!

  • 8/12/12 1:44 Katie:

    Ahhhhh omg this is awesome! Coolest giveaway ever!

  • 8/12/12 1:47 chava:

    no way!!!! insane giveaway! oh gosh it would be incredible to win!!!!

  • 8/12/12 2:00 Natalie:

    What could be a better weekend, hang out my girls and have fun. PS: hope I can win this fabulous giveaway

  • 8/12/12 2:01 Carolien:

    My this weekend plans are boring but my next weekend plans are a doctor appointment, meeting up with a friend and getting dinner, staying overnight at a different friends house, and going to a concert with another different friend. Woooo social lives for once haha

  • 8/12/12 2:07 Lindsey:

    OMG this is so exciting!!!! EEks!

  • 8/12/12 2:09 Lily:

    I work all weekend but it’s not bad because the building is air conditioned! Beating the heat! Thanks Muse!

  • 8/12/12 2:10 Patricia Roque:

    Medical board exam looming in the next two weeks … I need this! :-)

  • 8/12/12 2:54 Sara:

    wow fantastic giveaway! I’m spending my weekend sleeping during the day and go out at night…it’s holidayyyyyyy πŸ˜‰

  • 8/12/12 2:54 E:

    Thanks for the giveaway Muse! Made my weekend that much more exciting!

  • 8/12/12 3:00 Liz:

    $500 worth!?!?! yikes! Someone’s getting an early Christmas gift!

  • 8/12/12 3:09 Ashley:

    Fingers crossed! I’m just getting started working with make-up (a little late in the game as i’m almost 24, haha) and $500 work of MAC would be awesome!!!

  • 8/12/12 3:32 Telcy:

    I’ll be staying in and catching up with some shows.

  • 8/12/12 3:33 Cindy:

    i went to see the meteor shower!! it was a pretty sight to see with my lovely bf <3

  • 8/12/12 3:48 Jinjutha Vasinsukon:

    What a awesome giveaway! I want it.

  • 8/12/12 3:49 jamie g.:

    How are you?(: Sadly I’m working all weekend, BUT I have my attractive boss to keep my company and to take my mind off work hahaha.

  • 8/12/12 3:54 Mandie:

    This is one of the most generous giveaways I’ve ever seen! I’m so excited to have stumbled upon this website! Not only is your giveaway awesome but the site in general is very well done. I’ll be coming back here a lot!