Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set Review

Here’s a tasty little treat from Too Faced for fans of there “teddy bear hair” brushes. The Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set ($39) is an introduction of sorts to Too Faced’s ultra soft, plush teddy bear hair brushes. You get three essential eye brushes in a portable tin barrel.

Take a peek!

What exactly is teddy bear hair? No worries, no bears were harmed in the making of these super soft, cruelty free brushes. Teddy Bear Hair is Too Faced’s exclusive cruelty free, vegan friendly synthetic fiber. It’s one of the softest synthetic brush fibers I’ve come across in my travels. Seriously…like super soft!

The brush bristles are well made with soft yet dense bristles. I find they are almost fiber-like in texture due to the lightness of the synthetics used to create them. They have strong wooden handles, in pink no less, without absolute no issues with shedding.

This is a great makeup beginners kit with essential eye brushes and a small instruction guide telling you how to use each brush.

You get the following brushes:

  • Liner/Smudger
  • Lid/Smoker
  • Crease/Blender

Never tried Too Faced’s popular Teddy Brush Collection? Here’s your chance to check out three of those brushes in a single set!

Too cute!

Loves this.

Too Faced should really consider doing an entire collection of there brushes for Holiday 2012. I’d indulge!

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  • 8/22/12 19:09 Cindy:

    Part of me really wants to pick these up, they look like a very convenient and cute collection! But then the other part of me knows I already have equivalences of these in my makeup brush collection. I have such a soft spot for blending brushes though!


    • 8/23/12 12:02 the Muse:

      me too cindy, I can’t help but want brush sets/new brushes/etc even though I have SO many already!


  • 8/22/12 21:40 Jenny:

    I love the other Teddy Bear Hair brushes, these are really tempting! Soooooo soft. I wonder if softness/coarseness of brushes changes the application of products though. With powder brushes, I find the coarser ones pick up more product at once, but then, if you have to do two swipes with a supersoft brush, isn’t that nicer for the skin?

    Where’s my beret, I think I want to become a makeup Mythbuster and start experimenting!


    • 8/23/12 11:51 the Muse:

      jenny valid point, the softer brushes are better for color washing or darker shade definition! a denser brush with stiffer bristles does have a knack for picking up heavier color ;-D LOL!!!!!!! love it!


  • 8/23/12 0:43 sai:

    Muse, this is my current fav eye brush set!!!! super love the smudge brush. very soft to eyelid…..I love the teddy bear brushes(I also got the powder brush and the retractable kabuki brush). They are just so soft and pick up the powders nicely. But the powder brush and kabuki brush take ages to dry…….since they are so dense.

    I’m tempted to buy the flat top kabuki brush too…..that one is really too pricey:(((


    • 8/23/12 12:31 the Muse:

      i love the retractable kabuki sai! such a great brush ;-D I wish they’d do a complete set at a discount hehe ;-D


  • 8/23/12 7:24 Sarah S.:

    I love these! I’d definitely buy out all their brushes in an LE collection, too :)


  • 8/23/12 10:16 Kaitlin:

    Ooh, I think I need those!


  • 8/23/12 13:36 Sandi:

    I guess I’m the odd man out. I gave all my teddy bear brushes away. I found them so soft that they were not effective in applying makeup – just kinda flip flopped around. I was really disappointed because I thought I was going to love them. The softness is delightful but they were a fail for me in actual makeup application.


    • 8/23/12 13:45 the Muse:

      aw sorry sandi! do you like fibre brushes at all? these kinda remind me of them ;D


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