Yankee Candle $1 Tart Sale Fall 2012

It’s not beauty related I know but I’m a big home fragrance person so thought you’d like to know that Yankee Tarts are on sale for $1 today.

It’s so rare they have their dollar tart days lately, I think the last one was in Spring?

Now is a great time to stock up!

Shop it at www.yankeecandle.com

  • 8/30/12 12:37 anna:

    Do you know if this sale is also in store too?


    • 8/30/12 12:38 the Muse:

      yes anna it is from now until Tuesday I believe.


      • 8/30/12 12:49 anna:

        Thanks a bunch!


        • 8/30/12 12:51 the Muse:

          np! :)


  • 8/30/12 15:10 Kimryan8:

    Anna, yup. It’s at the stores too. Thanks to Muse, I’ve dropped a bunch of cash on my lunch hour again. My house is gonna smell great, I got all the pumpkin and Halloween stuff. WOOOOO


    • 8/30/12 15:13 the Muse:

      yayayayay have fun burning kim! My friend always says I’m burning money when I drop a tart in, I don’t care, money smells good burning with pumpkin and cinnamon in it ;D


      • 8/30/12 15:38 Kimryan8:

        Smells even better when its a dollar!


        • 8/30/12 15:39 the Muse:

          aw HELLS YES! haha high five! ^5!


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