Bath & Body Works From Paris With Love Makeup Bag Set Review

I couldn’t resist the allure of the Bath & Body Works From Paris With Love Set I recently told you about.

The set includes three bags for $12.50 (although I used a 30% coupon and hauled them for a little less) in graduating sizes. A reader of mine tweeted me to say she got a few sets to give to her bridesmaids. How cute is that idea? Made me wish I was part of her wedding party!

Take a look!

Adorable right?

The material is a bit thinner on them and I wish they had an Eiffel Tower Zipper Pull but overall, they are cute as hell!

I haven’t seen them in any stores, maybe they are an online exclusive?

Either way, LOVE!

Def grab them if you are doing a Bath & Body Works online order soon.

Anyone get them with your latest candle haul?

Love ’em?

Do share!

Available at

  • 9/6/12 10:47 Moon:

    Ah….you already got yours? I am jealous!! I put my order in on 8/31 and still haven’t received mine. I hope it will come soon. Honestly I am a little concerned about the quality of these bags (as cheap as they are, probably made in China and we shouldn’t complain too much, considered we only pay less than $10 for all 3 right? 😉


    • 9/6/12 10:50 the Muse:

      got it all yesterday, both ordered Moon 😀 I thought it would be thursday-friday but it came yesterday. Hope yours comes soon! they are a thinner material makeup bag, not the best quality in the world but hey 3 for 10 not bad ;D I wish they had a little bling on them, the Eiffel tower with some rhinestones maybe?


  • 9/6/12 10:50 Mitheena:

    It’s so cute!!! 😀 I’d love to haul them if I see them in store since I don’t do much online shopping :)


  • 9/6/12 10:59 Moon:

    Great idea Muse! Maybe I will stick/glue some blings on the little fuzzy white glowing dots on the Eiffel Tower myself!


    • 9/6/12 11:05 the Muse:

      GOOD idea! I’m not crafty but I think it would look fab, like glittering lights!


  • 9/6/12 11:32 K.B.:

    I talked myself out of buying them when I hauled B&BW fall collection because I’m still annoyed from the last time I anxiously awaited one of their makeup bags that didn’t come close to meeting my expectations(it ended up being smaller than I expected and the canvas is too floppy/thin). Now I’m torn between regretting not buying these bags and not caring that I didn’t buy them because I talked myself into buying another candle instead. (Which was even cheaper than advertised because of my 20% off coupon. My version of “Extreme Couponing” is placing a HUGE order on B&BW’s website and saving 20%. If it’s 20% off AND free shipping, well, let’s just say there’s a lot of squee-ing involved. lol)


    • 9/6/12 11:40 the Muse:

      hey kb, these might be a little disappointed as well as the material is quite thin so maybe you did well getting a candle ;-D hehe that’s what I did, used 30% off coupon on a very big order ;D lol same here same here when it all arrived I freaked!


  • 9/6/12 18:53 Stellar:

    Ahh, I hope they aren’t an online exclusive! Shipping to Canada is murder on the wallet, I would have to resort to EvilBay.


  • 9/6/12 21:10 Nina:

    I am waiting for mine to arrive – hopefully in a few days. J’adore Paris! I asked about these at my local store, and they said they had them but they sold out right away.


    • 9/7/12 10:15 the Muse:

      I was curious if stores got them!


  • 9/7/12 20:17 Sandi:

    Oh, my goddaughter is just crazy for anything Paris! I think these would make a great stocking stuff for her (she’s 17). Time to start scoping out the website!


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