Bath & Body Works Good Witch’s Kiss & Wicked Witch’s Kiss Color Changing LipGloss for Halloween 2012

Welcome back to good little witches and wicked ones with Bath & Body Works Liplicious Color Changing Lipgloss for Halloween 2012.

Both Good Witch’s Kiss and Wicked Witch’s Kiss make a reappearance this year in new packaging for the Halloween holiday ahead.

Take a look!

Color-changing clear gloss turns lips light pink.


Color-changing clear gloss turns lips bright pink.

Both are available now at Bath & Body Works or online at

  • 9/10/12 13:07 Cindy:

    Oh these are just adorable! Reminds me of when I was a kid and I was obsessed with anything that was color changing… Does anyone remember those Hypercolor t-shirts that changed colors?


    • 9/10/12 15:53 Debster:

      I wanted one but I got uv reactive nail polish instead. Loved it!


  • 9/10/12 13:11 Kiss & Make-up:

    Color-changing as in “changes your lip color” or as in “changes colors while you wear it”. If the latter is the case, I’m sold 😉
    What? I have a lot of hope for the science of make-up… >.>


  • 9/10/12 15:41 Bethany:

    I was so hoping B&BW would do some more cute things like this for Halloween! Can’t wait to get a hold of these cute little lip glosses.


    • 9/10/12 15:53 the Muse:

      collection is a little small this year bethany :(


  • 9/10/12 16:24 Icequeen81:

    I just want the witch kiss gorgeous


  • 9/10/12 16:46 Lulle:

    The tubes are really cute! The Wicked Witch is calling my name :)


  • 9/10/12 19:14 angie:

    So excited to try these!!!!


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