Beauty Most Unusual: The Makeup Mouse

If it’s a legit product the Makeup Mouse could prove to be the ultimate techie gadget for makeup junkies far and wide.

Would it be terribly unusual to have some powder perhaps some blush stashed in your computer mouse for touch ups?

Bite Rebels reports that the Makeup Mouse is your average everyday run of the day mouse but silently, in the background, it stores powder, blush, or anything you want to put in it with a mirror as well for application.

No need to head to the washroom for a touch up, just flip your mouse open and inside is your powder and mirror so you can touch up and get back to work.

Beauty Unusual?

Maybe but I’d totally buy one!


  • 9/20/12 14:53 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Oh, I could totally get down with that!!! Powder for touch-ups in mine, please!


  • 9/20/12 14:55 Tiffany Martin:

    Newp. Lol. I wouldn’t. It’s funny, though!


  • 9/20/12 17:54 Cindy:

    I’m so weird with germs. You touch your mouse allll day. Even with the compartment, I’d still feel uber weird putting that on my face.


  • 9/20/12 18:42 Ali F:

    How much more work is it to reach into your purse to grab your powder? Haha an unecessary product but definately new age!


  • 9/20/12 19:01 Chynna:

    A cord? How very 2005.


  • 9/20/12 19:06 Debster:

    That looks so weird to me, but I’ve not used a ‘regular’ mouse in years. <_< /pcgaming hue hue hue


  • 9/20/12 20:37 Denise:

    cute. me likes it. I’m gonna store my fave blush there.


  • 9/21/12 0:01 Sun:

    Sounds like a really good way to get pink eye :-S


    • 9/22/12 17:08 Cristi:

      Quite possibly! But if there were no health hazards involved, it could be really cute for receptionists! Pretty sure I wouldn’t mind some De-slick in my mouse!


  • 9/21/12 8:56 Sarah S.:

    I’d buy one if it were wireless :)


  • 9/21/12 10:21 Kiss & Make-up:

    Haha, cute… :-)


  • 9/21/12 20:37 Brooke:

    I just keep my makeup bag and a compact on my desk … crazy, but it works. 😀


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