Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Eye Illuminating Kit Review, Swatches, Photos

Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Eye Illuminating Kit Review ($32) is a new all in one, easy to apply eye palette from Benefit that includes six products for giving eyes a wide awake look!

Take a peek!

This portable palette contains essential shades of shadows to illuminate, highlight and contour in a trio of complementary shadows that wake tired eyes. It also includes Benefit Eye Bright as well to complete your bright eyed, bushy tailed look!

Benefit’s been favoring a ton of different “How To” Palettes lately and this is testimony to that. Simple, easy, step by step instructions are included with this set to get the look. It’s also super portable so if you can take it with you to the boyfriends for a quickie eye look in the AM or as a travel companion.

Shadows are fab! They have a buttery formula, excellent pigmentation, and a velvety finish that’s quite pretty without being overly frosty (sometimes Benefit’s eyeshadows fall victim to a frosty finish). They apply and blend quite nicely. I also love having Benefit Eye Bright in a cream formulation versus the eye pencil format. The well it comes in also has snap close lid which guarantees it’ll remain fresh and not harden up over time. You also get two brushes for application.

Two issues though…!

I seriously can’t get the look down correctly. Applying the lovely brown shade in the crease with the pink on my lid ends up making me look like I’m trying to hard to cut my crease. It seems like the rich chocolate of the brown also goes a little gray on me as I blend it. I guess chalk it up as my lack of application skills but I was disappointed that something so simple turned into such a fiasco to apply.

Secondly, it’s a little tiny at $32. Ouch! I can think of a number of palettes that would cost a little more and would gain you oh so much more selection. Benefit needs to shave some off the price tag to make it feel a little more reasonable and tempting yes?

Overall, Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Palette is a cute little palette for a quickie look however, the price tag isn’t particularly friendly and you need to bring your crease application A game here less you end up with a muddy eye look like me.

It’s available now at Sephora as well as Benefit Boutiques and counters.

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  • 9/18/12 17:40 Winni:

    Eh. No likey. Kinda boring. I’ll be pitting my $36 towards the Vice Palette. :)


    • 9/18/12 17:42 Winni:

      Oops…$32 :)


    • 9/18/12 18:39 Debster:

      Agreed about the vice palette!!!! I would want the eye bright in a sealable container (my best friend bought the stick version and we both hated it) but it’s not a justifiable reason alone. =\


    • 9/18/12 18:53 Tiffany Martin:

      Yeah, Vice would be a good one!


  • 9/18/12 18:59 Cindy:

    Ehh, it’s a cute idea, but that’s a hefty little price tag for not a lot. I’ve got plenty of shades similar to those in the palette already though!


  • 9/18/12 22:28 Allie:

    I’m no expert, but your application looks pretty good to me!


    • 9/19/12 9:14 the Muse:

      aw thanks allie, it’s quite messy :-/


  • 9/19/12 9:14 Jeanne:

    I do wish Benefit’s sets like this were a little bit cheaper considering they’re mostly deluxe sample sized products. They are a great way to try out a variety of Benefit products before purchasing them full size, but when they’re all sets of tiny products for $30+, they don’t really feel like a good value.


  • 9/19/12 9:35 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Ouch! Put this closer to $25 and we’ll talk!


  • 9/19/12 10:22 JoElla:

    I guess I have been spoiled by the little 12.00 kits, but this looks like it should be one too.


  • 9/21/12 13:51 Icequeen81:

    loveb the pink shade


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