Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover Review

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is a newly launched (few months now) jelly-style makeup remover that resembles a cleansing oil.

If you’re not a big fan of cleansing oils or you’re a bit of afraid of them (you shouldn’t be they are fab), Aqua Jelly might be for you!

This is a lightly fragranced makeup remover with a jelly-like texture that acts like a cleansing oil of sorts. Although it has some of the same application and removal techniques as an oil cleanser that’s where the similarities end.

You’ll apply this on a dry face full of makeup and gently massage it on. After you’ve massaged an equate amount on you can rinse with lukewarm water. It basically removes most makeup quickly, easily, and efficiently. That includes mascara and eye makeup if you like although I do prefer removing those with an oil based eye makeup remover prior to cleansing.

The texture is a thicker, gel-like formula which has a cool feel on skin. It doesn’t emulsify (turn milky) upon contact with skin and merely washes clean away.

I think it does a fabulous job tackling makeup remover and works just as good as an cleansing oil. Plus the formula seems to be very gentle on my skin never over stripping it or leaving it feeling dry and tight after use.

This one is a fabulous alternative to cleansing oil!


Available from AlphaBeautyUK on E-bay (not affiliated with this seller).

Muse Approved for purchase.

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  • 9/4/12 20:18 Josh :D:

    I would so try more asian beauty, but I’ve got to see a full ingredient list before buying something!


  • 9/4/12 20:41 Tammie:

    I’ll have to go to the Asian shops in my area looking for this…I need something to remove waterproof mascara in preparation for when it rains…I’ve been able to get away with wearing washable mascara for the time being, but I am not sure if I’ll be so lucky when it’s wet out.

    Also I need something a little more heavy-duty than my face wash for the makeup itself anyway…waterproof or not…but I can’t stand cleansing oil and I kinda want something I can use in the shower.


    • 9/5/12 12:40 Tammie:

      I couldn’t find this at any of the Asian markets :/, I’ll have to get it through eBay later. In the meantime I got Mu Tenka cleansing milk to try :). I use the Mu Tenka foaming cleanser already, and I know I like it. Nice and mild/moist.


  • 9/4/12 21:23 Icequeen81:

    Sounds good, want to try it.


  • 9/5/12 0:04 sai:

    I have also brought this and used a few times, I prefer my shu cleansing oil

    It does pretty good job in removing my makeup, including the eye makeup…..just I dun like its texture


  • 9/5/12 0:44 kitten:

    i don’t like using oils since i have super oily skin but this one sounds fab, adding to my ebay cart:)


    • 9/5/12 9:02 the Muse:

      let me know how it works out for you kitten ;D


  • 9/5/12 7:16 Kiss & Make-up:

    Interesting texture, I’d love to try it.


  • 9/5/12 10:41 Angela:

    This sounds similar to a product by Marcelle (in Canada). It’s a bit ‘interesting’ rubbing a gel into your eyes, but I find it to be pretty gentle and effective. The Marcelle version has a lash-building something or other in it so I don’t think it’s for the entire face :)
    Love your site!


    • 9/5/12 10:45 the Muse:

      interesting angela never tried the marcelle one, I haven’t been following marcelle lately really need to get back on it particularly with their new bb cream ;D aw thank you so much!


  • 9/5/12 10:42 Katsue:

    Asian cosmetics are great! I like Boiré, want to try it, sounds good.


  • 9/5/12 10:42 Cj:

    … but I just bought fancl’s cleansing oil :( Muuuuse stop making lemmings for me!


    • 9/5/12 10:45 the Muse:

      mwahhhaaaa :D!


  • 9/6/12 4:01 Tiffany Martin:

    I wanted something like this that was a cleanser (I mean the asian skincare style makeup-removing step) but not an oil cleanser. This looks like a must-have, thanks for reviewing!!


    • 9/6/12 10:11 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)!


  • 7/4/13 18:41 Denise:

    What is a cleansing oil that you recommend? Thanks ^ ^


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