Is Katie Holmes New Spokesperson for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics?

Update: This news is confirmed. Please see more news by visiting this link.

The writing is on the wall but is it true? According to WWD, Katie Holmes may just be the newest and first ever spokesperson and model for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Interesting right?

I think Katie embodies the brand very well as Bobbi Brown has always favored wholesome, down to earth, girl next door models for her looks and campaigns. Who better than the ultimate girl next door, Katie Holmes, to represent the brand?

What do you think?

Do like the idea?

Someone else you would have went with?

Do share!

image source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

  • 9/6/12 10:43 Icequeen81:

    I think she is great for it she is just normal and not a stunning one or plastic chick


  • 9/6/12 14:05 Kiss & Make-up:

    Her annoying little Joey-smile always kind of irritated me. She smiles with only one side of her mouth. Annoying. Other than that, go for it, Katie! :-p


  • 9/8/12 16:30 Millason:

    I think Katie is pretty, and I think it’s great that Bobbi decided to get a celebrity spokesperson, but I don’t think it’s a good match. I feel that Bobbi Brown has always been for the professional woman who wanted to look polished, and Katie has never struck me as intelligent or professional. Why couldn’t it be Natalie Portman or Mayim Bialik?


    • 9/12/12 0:49 dangster:

      Natalie Portman is already with Dior. As for Mayim Bialik, as awesome as she is, she’s not what most consider “conventionally pretty”.


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