It Wouldn’t Be Halloween Without A Little Candy

Particularly Cadburys from England! Nom! Get in my belly!

What’s in your candy bowl?

  • 9/25/12 20:41 Tiffany Martin:

    Oh man, want! So delicious looking. Also cute!


  • 9/25/12 21:09 Icequeen81:

    nice kids have something to get trick or treat by you . 😀 are u planning to get something else?


    • 9/26/12 12:46 the Muse:

      these are MINE icequeen lol! I typically do little halloween baggies for the kids with kit kats, snickers, etc…and I make caramel apples/pop corn balls as well. It’s about the only time I cook anything as I tend to burn boiling water haha!


  • 9/26/12 8:49 Sarah S.:

    I hoarded these from the UK when they weren’t sold here… mmm Cadbury Dairy Milk fruit & nut!


    • 9/26/12 10:04 the Muse:

      they aren’t made the same here sarah! you must get them from the UK ;-D


      • 9/26/12 11:09 Sarah S.:

        I haven’t bought them in ages b/c I could have sworn they “weren’t as good as I remembered”… this makes a lot of sense. Thanks, Muse :)


        • 9/26/12 11:21 the Muse:

          cadbury in the US isn’t even made my cadbury it’s by hersheys :( there’s a bit more sugar in it as well which, for me, gives it an odd taste. so yeah…that’s why you might be feeling it tastes off or odd. It’s far milky and creamier from the UK. I seriously won’t touch cadbury in the US, it’s just not the same chocolate. also avoid purchasing from duty free around US Virgin Islands. It’s also Hersheys. If you visit non US islands you’ll def be able to get the real deal at duty free but US virgin island duty free almost ALWAYS carries the US/Hersheys variation. Just check the label prior to purchasing. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with british chocolate lol!


  • 9/26/12 10:39 Renee W:

    That is just so wrong, now I must have chocolate! Lol! Have a “sweet” day.


    • 9/26/12 11:07 the Muse:

      lol renee ;-D I’m making myself hungry looking at it ;D


  • 9/26/12 11:34 Majick:

    OOOOooooooooh it’s almost that time! Halloween Rules!


  • 9/26/12 12:08 Iris:

    That’s too bad they’re not sold in the States. We have them here in Canada, and they’re delicious.


    • 9/26/12 12:16 the Muse:

      Canadian cadburys are indeed delicious iris 😀 agreed. we have them, it’s just not made by kraft though :-/ hersey’s produces them in massive bars and they just don’t taste the same :-/


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