Kose Clear Turn Facial Sheet Mask Review

Kose makes a variety of Clear Turn Facial Sheet Masks for a very low cost. These are terribly tempting facial sheet masks since they contain 26 masks in a single package and run around $8.

They are actually fairly easy to find at smaller Asian shops and markets as well.

But here’s a tip, avoid them.

With a plethora of Asian sheet masks to choose from I urge you to avoid the Kose Clear Turn Masks. Don’t waste your money.

Typically these have a poor wear as they are either too large or too small with really large eye holes. I also feel like the cotton fiber is super thick which is poor for allowing proper absorption.

On top of the bad fit they are also incredibly dry. Don’t expect them to be saturated in a ton of essence because sadly they are not or at least they aren’t until you reach the bottom of the package. The ones further towards the bottom of the package are a little “wetter” but not nearly as saturated as I personally like my masks to be.

Facts is facts these come in a wide variety of formulas and are a great value housing 26 masks in a single package for as little as $10 bucks.

But sadly, those great perks don’t make up for the overall performance here and these are sadly lacking.

No likey!

They seem like a great value but do yourself a favor and skip ’em.

Used them?

Like ’em?

No way?

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 9/4/12 14:06 Kiss & Make-up:

    I’m not a fan of this kind of mask anyway, so I’m not really devasted by this review :-) I’m really boring when it comes to masks, I usually just stick to my good old green clay mask.


  • 9/4/12 15:51 sakex:

    I completely agree with you; these masks are a horrible waste of money. They were so dry that they did absolutely nothing for me; my skin would’ve been better off with some dilute lotion.


    • 9/4/12 15:58 the Muse:

      preach it sis!


  • 9/4/12 16:08 Tiffany Martin:

    Never tried these, always too worried that they were just TOO cheap to be worthwhile. I’d rather spend $1-$3 on a mask and use them twice a week than use masks that don’t provide a benefit.


  • 9/5/12 4:22 Saiba:

    Tried these before. Was sooo disappointed. I really should have known better I guess. Wish they would just saturate them in essence, then I could probably get past the way they fit. But I’m a fairly cheap person, a deal like that I could not pass up in my mind XD but sometimes it doesn’t pay to be cheap at all. Totally agree to skip them.


    • 9/5/12 9:23 the Muse:

      saiba same here, I love a good deal but the fit and the lack of essence was awful :( I prob could forgive ’em too if they were at least saturated well with product but ugh awful!


  • 9/5/12 4:38 Dcuky:

    I personally really like these masks – yes they are ginormous for my face but nothing that a little patience can’t fix when I tuck the mask in here and there.

    In terms of dryness, a tip is to turn the box upside down for a while before your first use so that the fluid redistributes! I don’t like my masks so wet that essence drips down my neck though, so this is perfect for me. I love how soft and bouncy my skin is afterwards too, and you can’t argue with the price =)


    • 9/5/12 9:01 the Muse:

      glad to hear you like ’em dcuky :-D!


  • 9/5/12 12:14 shwinlewin:

    I got this from a friend who bought one too many and I use this in the morning when my skin needs the extra drink or when I need a quick mask before going out all night.

    It’s not as good as other masks out there but for its price its not bad considering you get that box for 8.


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