L’Oreal Project Runway Fall 2012 Colour Rich Lipcolour The Queen’s Kiss Review, Swatches, Photos

L’Oreal will be launching their Project Runway Fall 2012 Collection shortly. Already reader’s have been telling me they have seen it in stores. I haven’t yet but my search continues!

Along with the collection four shades of L’Oreal Colour Rich Lipcolour will be launching in limited edition packaging and shades. Monday I wore one of those shades, The Queen’s Kiss, here’s a little review and some thoughts!

The L’Oreal Project Runway Colour Rich Lipcolours come in special black packaging with the Project Runway logo printed on it. This is L’Oreal’s traditional Colour Rich Lipstick formula so nothing has changed and there isn’t any reformulation of the lipstck.

I like Color Rich Lipcolour overall but I’m not a fond fan of the taste and fragrance. It’s kinda perfume-y for lack of a better description and has a knack for sticking around through the wear. Outside of that it always offers an excellent color experience with full color pay off and a formula that’s nice and moist. It does run a bit thicker so it’s not entirely weightless however, it has a nice smooth finish and doesn’t suck moisture from my lips during the wear. I own a few shades of Color Rich Lipstick and I’m always quite happy with them scent/flavor aside.

The Queen’s Kiss is a off magenta shade. The color reminds me of something Maleficent would be quite comfortable wearing. It’s a bit cooler for my tastes in all honesty and I didn’t really love how it looked on. It has a faint metallic finish with hints of purple, berry, and magenta.

Overall, L’Oreal’s Project Runway Collection is a very exciting launch for Fall 2012. So far I’ve been very pleased with the pieces I’ve tested even though the Queen’s Kiss didn’t quite work out for me. The limited edition packaging combined with the sales you can get at drugstores makes this collection quite a great pick for Fall wardrobes.

What do you think of the Queen’s Kiss?

Is she your color?

Available shortly at drugstores.


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  • 9/13/12 13:44 isabella:

    I stay away from L’Oreal lipsticks due to the taste and smell, it is very distinctive and doesn’t go away.

    Just waiting for the the other colors in this line.


    • 9/13/12 13:56 the Muse:

      same here, I owe a few, love the formula, taste really throws me off, what exactly is it?! estee lauder also has a taste I dislike :(


    • 9/15/12 1:13 Ruthless:

      Ditto about the smell, although this colour is gorgeous and I want it


  • 9/13/12 14:08 Icequeen81:

    the shade is pretty, dont own any loreal so didnt knew abou the taste. indeed something like that we dont need


  • 9/13/12 17:13 Danii:

    It’s a pretty color! I’ve never used a L’Óreal lipstick but I’ve used NYX and love it.


  • 9/13/12 22:57 cat:

    Ooo. This looks great on you and it sounds like my kind of color. I don’t mind the L’Oreal taste or smell. It’s Revlon that I can’t stand. How was the shimmer for someone who needs to stay far far away from frosted lipstick and glitter?


    • 9/17/12 16:47 the Muse:

      wasn’t really shimmer cat but more metallic…!


  • 9/14/12 3:27 Quinctia:

    I’d try this if it were a little more sheer!


  • 9/14/12 12:41 Majick:

    I have a LORAC color that looks just like this, kind of a metallic or foil bright pink. It’s pretty. I’ve always liked L’Oreal but I have not experienced them in a long time.


  • 9/14/12 16:29 Lisa:

    I hear a lot of complaints about the L’Oreal l/s scent, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Yay because I love the formula! xo


  • 9/14/12 16:51 Isabella:

    I’m at Harmon right now and they
    Have the displays out


  • 9/26/12 5:47 Valerie:

    I really love how this color complements you though. I skipped on the shade because I couldn’t swatch it to see if it matched me. Since they don’t make testers, and I hate it when people open it and test a new one then don’t even buy it.


    • 9/26/12 11:07 the Muse:

      god that drives me bats valerie hate that as they ruin the entire display :(


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