L’Oreal Project Runway The Wise Mystic

L’Oreal Project Runway The Wise Mystic is one of four new color collections available for a limited time from L’Oreal for Fall 2012. Along with the Wise Mystic L’Oreal has collaborated with Project Runway to create three other color collections entitled The Enchanted Queen, The Arty Muse, and the The Seductive Temptress.

Each collection features its own display with a complete color story made up of products for eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails.

Take a look!

The Wise Mystic is a selection of shades to create a “futuristic look” according to L’Oreal. However, don’t let that sway you as there are some nice smoky shades here and fabulous purples for deeper skin tones.

The collection is available now at drugstores.

  • 9/17/12 13:16 Stacie:

    I seriously went on a MASSIVE hunt for this stuff this weekend and came up empty handed! I went to CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart, Meijer, Target and Ulta. *le sigh*


    • 9/17/12 13:20 the Muse:

      keep trying stacie! check harmons or bed, bath, and beyond :)


    • 9/17/12 14:39 Gabby T:

      My local Walgreens got it this weekend! Keep looking!


  • 9/17/12 16:57 Glitterati:

    The people at walgreens and rite aid probably think I’m slightly mad because I am drop in every day on my walk to see if this has landed yet! It’s hard waiting.


  • 9/25/12 17:28 Majick:

    once again the nail decals have it! 😀


  • 11/1/12 13:05 IamSweetViolet:

    I found Loreal’s Limited Edition Electric Fantasie Collection at Rite Aid. My favorite from Project Runway was, ‘The Wise Mystic.’ It seems to be the most popular as some individual selections were virtually gone. I managed to get everything, however, I skipped on the mascara. 😉


  • 11/1/12 13:10 IamSweetViolet:

    I’m going to look for more individual items from, ‘The Wise Mystic’ Collection at other Rite Aid stores for future use. The eyeshadow is beyond compare.. Such rich, bold colors! I also liked the lip gloss. There was an extra bonus as the lip gloss was flavored. Yummy


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