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Chanel Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection Eclats du Soir de Chanel

News of the new Chanel Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection entitled Eclats du Soir de Chanel flew across my desk today. Oh no more lemmings…!

It’s a stunning collection that embraces soft beiges, pinks, and deep red for lips and tips.

Take a look!


Beauty Most Unusual: The Makeup Mouse

If it’s a legit product the Makeup Mouse could prove to be the ultimate techie gadget for makeup junkies far and wide.

Would it be terribly unusual to have some powder perhaps some blush stashed in your computer mouse for touch ups?


Philosophy Deep Fill Fix Instant Line Filler

No deep lines yet but Philosophy Deep Fill Fix Instant Line Filler will be on my wishy list should they develop. I absolutely love what the Philosophy Miracle Worker products have done for my face so I’m all about anything else they create lately.

Philosophy Deep Fill Fix Instant Line Filler ($34) is an instant deep fill fix and longer-term wrinkle smoother according to the brand. This targets and provides long term benefits for lines and wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases.

The velvety, flexible formula instantly fills in and softens the appearance of lines, while light-diffusing technology leaves skin with a soft-focus finish. A unique botanical complex helps support natural collagen and elasticity for long-term improvement of wrinkles.

P.S. Has anyone played Sims Supernatural yet? I haven’t had a chance to install it! It’s been sitting on my desk for weeks.


New Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush Shades Dazzled, Charisma, Peaceful, Achiote

There are four new Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush shades you can indulge in at Sephora ladies (and gents). Well, not technically new. The shades have launched in QVC Gift Sets so check your stash if you’re a Q shopper as you probably already own these gems.

If you’re not one for shopping QVC these are all new colors.


Stila Convertible Color Trio Palette

I swear to the Makeup Gods that Stila Convertible Color was the $h1t a few years ago. I loved those things. This is prior to realizing how much I enjoy powders versus cream.

But fact, seriously, don’t you agree that Stila Convertible Color has some crazy wear time? Love how they just stick around all damn day.

A few years ago I’d have been delighted they are now doing Convertible Color Trios.

Alas, all good things must come to an end though and I’m not terribly excited about this launch but if you’re a fan I’m sure you will be.

I am however, excited about the Hobbit coming out soon (total excuse to embed this video in the post, enjoy the ear worm).

Jump for more deets on the new Stila Convertible Color Trios.