Pur Minerals Holiday 2012 Gift Sets

Looks like Pur Minerals has some very nice Gift Sets releasing for Holiday 2012. One of which includes their new Lip Gloss Sticks that I’ve been meaning to try!

Now’s my chance!

Pur Minerals All that Pops Lipgloss Collection $24
A four set of Pur Minerals Gloss Sticks in a variety of day and night shades. Each stick is a conditioning gloss with a hint of tint.

Pur Minerals All that Smolders Eye Pencil Collection $24
A five piece set of Pur Minerals Eye Definer Eyeliners including their number one best selling shade, Onyx.

These sets are available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

I’m playing with the idea of picking up the Pops Lipgloss Collection. I know I have a ton of balm sticks already but I use them so often a few more can’t hurt right?

  • 9/25/12 16:53 Debster:

    All I can think of is Flynn’s ‘the smolder’ scene. Lol!


    • 9/26/12 16:56 the Muse:



  • 9/25/12 17:54 LINDARRAGNAR:

    those chubby pencils look fun! I’ve never tried pur minerals items.
    Oh muse I have to tell you a horror story!
    My sister was looking at my butterfly meterorites and she DROPPED it, from like 8 feet in the air, it opened up and all the balls exploded on the ground! ;'(
    it smells good in the house atleast…(sniff, tear)

    LOL now I have an excuse to buy the dragon pearls or another pucci one


  • 9/25/12 22:28 Icequeen81:

    that purple that bronze and I guess the one is black? something wanna see, If u try them Im gonna love to see looks in these shades.Sometimes is hard to make your eyes pop when they are so dark as ours.


  • 9/26/12 8:03 Me:

    Deff gonna put the lipgloss on my Christmas wishlist(: except I don’t like the dark color..


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